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  1. Sorry, knapplc, I'm going to pass on spending time providing you with links when all you have to do is open your eyes to what's REALLY going on in our country. I've got MUCH more important things to do. I just thought I'd drop in and let all of the Hillary apologetic people and enablers know that they're a bunch of flaming ruh-tards. That's all I've got for today. Thanks.
  2. You tell people to turn off CNN and MSNBC, but you spout off all of the right wing media talking points. I don't watch the media. These are all verifiable facts if you do anything other than watch MSNBC and CNN. So there's probably a reason that Fox News talks about it if they are. BECAUSE IT'S TRUE...
  3. "Should I continue?" You could start by providing verifiable facts for each of these allegations before continuing. Then, for fun, you could do the same research on Trump's foundation, his bribery of Attorneys General, his income taxes, his constant flip-flopping on every topic, his failure to pay contractors for work provided... Should I continue? I mean, you want to decry Clinton, fine. She's a crummy candidate. But you push Trump like he's better, but he's done everything you hate about Clinton and worse, yet here you are, still Trumping it up. It is to laugh. I'm
  4. If Hillary Clinton were worth even considering for POTUS, her health issues might be of importance. But as it is, people ought to be more concerned about: -her foundation being a ponzi scheme for self-enrichment -her pay-for-play as SOS (which is proven) -her working with the DNC establishment to rig the primary (proven) -stealing billions from Haiti that was meant for disaster relief (well documented and true) -smashing a dozen phones and ipads which contained info from her email scandal which obviously is an enormous red flag that she's hiding something terrible -the fact that whist
  5. Yes that is what got the hair on the back of my neck to stand up long ago- his 'solutions' revolve around unconstitutional, authoritarian actions. Like tearing down the unconstitutional and over-reaching policies of the Obama admin? Bringing power back to the states? Reducing taxes and government spending, corruption, and wasteful spending dramatically? Auditing the federal agencies? Supporting law enforcement? Actually taking action instead of using political rhetoric to dance around issues? It's more alarming that in the times that we're in currently of extreme government corrup
  6. There is such a thing as "tongue-in-cheek" in case you people don't get that. It really doesn't matter what Donald Trump says, people will spin it the wrong way and try to bash him for anything. It's gonna be painful for all of you when he's elected.
  7. And I heard most people on this board deflect credible information that would be inconvenient for them to believe with jokes and hyperbole.
  8. LOL! Media classic. Post a ridiculous article, people take it as word, they gain views, and money comes rolling in. There is absolutely no way that actually happens, even though Ivanka is impressive. Trump has been very clear and consistent from the beginning that he wants someone as his VP who has experience in law-making and politics. I believe it will be The Newt, but who knows...
  9. Can you prove this is true? Can you prove it's not? The "Proving Non-Existence" fallacy. That's swell. Sorry, didn't have time to respond and go hunt down proof, and still don't. Gonna have to pass on that one, and you all can do your own due diligence to learn this yourself. It was apparently the first time you've heard it, so at least now it's out there.
  10. Such as secret service members writing about their personal accounts with them? I'm not sure if you've read those or not, but if not, you need to. One (maybe more) even wrote a book about what he saw and heard during the Clinton presidency, and it paints an ugly picture. For all the people who call Trump the egomaniac and the one who lacks temperament (which I disagree with personally, but whatever) between the two, Hillary is WAY worse than anyone would care to believe...
  11. Can you prove this is true? Can you prove it's not?
  12. You gonna answer the question? Or try to prove to me that it's not true? Because it is.
  13. Never once did I say that or make any reference that would hint of that. Yes, you absolutely have. How else would we "protect (not harm) American businesses so they can compete."? Meaning if we trade with Mexico on products that American companies also produce, and the difference in labor costs, currency exchange, etc. figures up at 23%, then there ought to be a tariff or trade tax on those goods of 23% in order to protect our businesses. I'm not worried about passing a little cost onto consumers, because the strengthened economy and job market that will resul
  14. I'm taking the wait-and-see approach. I HIGHLY doubt Trump will bring Christie along for the ride because he offers him nothing. Right now, I'm thinking Gingrich, but I could see Trump pulling a name that no one has talked about so far, as he has been really tight-lipped up to this point.
  15. That is absolutely inexcusable. If people are not a fan of Trump, there is a perfectly viable candidate representing the Libertarian party who would represent the country with integrity and intelligence, and would stand up for the constitution. Gary Johnson deserves peoples' votes a million times over above Hillary Clinton.
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