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  1. Purdy would never step up into the pocket. Especially in the first half. If I'm a tackle I can't be expected to block an angle 10 to 15 yards deep. If I'm an end I'm drooling over the qb with happy feet and a predictable pattern.
  2. The Wisconsin game is also listed in Peacock on the 18th as a night game. Haven't seen that anywhere else and I don't like where this seems to be heading.
  3. Mostly rounding issues as each number is tiny. Win out is going 7 for 7 to close out the year. Winning the conference assumes we lose can again, still win the division, then pull a miracle.
  4. Overly simple but I always think of if they are being commented on for things happening in front or behind the line of scrimmage.
  5. Trying to buy recruits only works if they think they can still get where they want to go. Nebraska hasn't been successful enough at winning or even putting kids in the league. Until that changes the NIL probably won't be a deciding factor for high level kids.
  6. That opens so many ugly doors it might not actually ever happen. Unions, workers comp, individual state labor laws. Even having to pay taxes on their current scholarship would be a huge shift.
  7. To someone, yes. But this information is being provided to everyone. Not the same thing.
  8. This take doesn't make sense to me. An athlete isn't allowed to gamble because they have inside information or the ability to alter the outcome. There is no rule about an athlete tweeting that they "won't be playing this week for X reason". Just like athletes, conferences can do whatever they like so long as it doesn't break NCAA rules. If everyone knows who is/not playing then no inherent advantage is had. Of course revealing this information is all for the gamblers, and is something I don't care for, but this isn't hypocritical at all.
  9. i just find it comical that during the last round of expansion all we heard was mandatory package deals. No Washington without Wash State, no Oregon without Oregon State, etc. Now that things are getting serious I don't hear a peep. Weird how that works...
  10. Don't worry. It will all even out eventually(said every other B1G team)!
  11. That doesn't mean it is an infinite piggy bank. We also have nothing but speculation that it has anything to do with NIL at this point. A lot of people are making educated guesses. Unfortunately, putting 2 and 2 together is harder when you are bad at math.
  12. We can't pay for any more travel. The school is still limited to ~56 officials per year.
  13. Unless they also uncap the amount of official visits a school is allowed to have in a year this will be bad overall. Just top tier kids getting more visits than they need with mid/lower tier kids losing out. I think the current limit is 56 and you can roll a few unused over to the next year.
  14. There isn't an obvious right answer. Far fewer small injuries but the severe ones are worse. Essentially, when the brace fails all of the force that it had taken gets transferred into the knee at once.
  15. The NCAA pays for all "championship" travel as a way to ensure that poor school athletes still get to compete. At least for D1. Don't recall if it was for all levels.
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