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  1. NCAA just needs to grant a waiver. Happens a surprising amount of the time.
  2. I get the husker/huskie misspelling but he spelled it wrong and has the wrong emoji. Did our mascot change to a corndog and nobody told me?!?
  3. They are raw from a technique standpoint and not great at identifying what the defender is trying to do until it is too late. Hopefully they guess correctly. Here is a something that might help. 13 minutes total but minutes 1-4 do a nice job demonstrating high level concepts for off/def lineman techniques and how it is a chess game. Whole thing is pretty good though. Watch this, then your clips again, and it will be pretty apparent what is going on.
  4. Look into the Brave browser. I haven't seen an ad in years.
  5. I learned that 'Big Mick Energy' lasts about 10 minutes
  6. The tagging off was the result of getting a lot of injuries early in Frost's tenure. Apparently that change never went away.
  7. I'd be concerned about him growing too tall for football. But you are right, both parents are shot putting royalty with multiple world championships and Olympic medals/appearances between them.
  8. 1996 draft pick "wide receiver" ?!? That o-line really was ridiculously talented
  9. Good news everybody. With the realignment it's just a matter of time until Ohio State is announced as back on the Nebraska schedule for 2024/2025! And here I was worried they wouldn't find a way to screw us for a few years...
  10. My guess is that the Houston facilities are just not good enough compared to the rest of the Big 12. When your coach donates $1M he clearly wants something to move in that direction.
  11. So did Louise Pound grow corn, eat it in record breaking fashion, or what?
  12. Maybe. They have 15 3 stars. No 4 or 5 stars. They just tend to sign a bunch of kids early.
  13. I think we've always done that. Just seems more prevalent lately as we are been hitting up loaded high schools. Just my take
  14. How the alternate color turf runs North/South in the stadium but the backdrop is West Stadium?
  15. "Jones' father Dave Jones played at Nebraska and he has grown up in the state and following the Husker program."
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