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  1. Anyone else witnessing the meltdown on the rivals board... give you one guess who is behind it, board is a mess

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    2. ADS
    3. Landlord
    4. Skers95711


      There is a 5 page wifi thread going on the MB if any of you have access


  2. Wifi is trying to make his own forum/message board

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    2. Creighton Duke

      Creighton Duke

      @LLMS: Taking those steps to make the Nelson Mandela impact already, I see...

    3. ADS


      I need to be a member of his board.

    4. knapplc


      I just looked up @LLMS on twitter. No tweets, not following anyone, but has eight followers.


      Then I realized who Creighton Duke was talking to and I felt kinda silly.

  3. Who's the best fantasy pickup on a horrible squad... MJD has to be for me.. Who you got?

    1. husker07


      Don't play fantasy anymore, but Josh Gordon has been beastly for the Browns. Andre Johnson same.

  4. Huskers.com- Ron Kellog's presser worth a listen

  5. Only thing I can recall was in the off-season or fall practice, they would enforce push ups for fumbles... Believe it was Coach Brown speaking on the matter. Obviously they should re-evaluate.
  6. Two commits in about two hours... I'll take a third and a win and my weekend is set. Thanks

  7. I'm very high on TA, but give RKIII a break. Three weeks ago he saved TA's butt. Such short memories around here. I agree though... It is time, just stick with one already, because as of right now with all the rotations it seems like we are scrambling and desperate to find somehting
  8. This is as bad as 07.... no question about it... just took a little longer to get there. Same doubtful hope I had then watching games as I have now... People argue it's not, but IMO it is
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