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  1. Hey knapp, I sincerely hope that you and all the Husker fans here are doing well. Plz don't ban me, I'm a good boy now. I've mellowed a lot since those, dark, early days.
  2. I don't know what the Big Ten's rules are on this but plenty of teams are having games postponed or cancelled without it counting as a forfeit. The following games were postponed or cancelled due to COVID: Postponed ND @ Wake - postponed to 12 Dec 2020 Cincy @ Tulsa - postponed to 5 Dec 2020 Houston @ Baylor Rice @ Houston North Texas @ Houston Tulsa @ Arkansas State Central Ark @ Arkansas State - Postponed to 10 Oct 2020 and played SMU @ TCU FIU @ UCF Marshall @ ECU USF @ FAU Oklahoma State @ Baylor - postponed to 12 Dec 2020 Louisiana Tech @ Baylor Rice @ Marshall Georgia State @ Charlotte FIU @ Charlotte FAU @ Southern Miss Jacksonville St @ FIU - postponed to 23 Oct 2020 and played UAB @ Rice BYU @ Army Southern Miss @ UTEP LSU @ Florida - postponed to 12 Dec 2020 Vandy @ Mizzou - postponed to 12 Dec 2020 Troy @ South Alabama FAU @ Georgia Southern Cancelled Charlotte @ UNC New Mexico @ Colorado State Old Dominion all games UConn all games New Mexico State all games UMass all games I'm going to go out on a limb and say that "postponed" games without dates set will likely turn in to cancelled games. None of these, postponed or cancelled, have been counted as forfeits. But I get where you're coming from and if it's just three players then I'd like for the game to be played, third string QB and all. Football is better than not-Football, and no matter how we may feel about it this whole season is probably going to end up with a gigantic asterisk next to it.
  3. Yea you're right, forgot about the foot thing. Well the line should move quite a bit now. I'm not even going to get mad about these cruel turns of fortune, having football this year was a gift as it is so whatever happens happens.
  4. How do you figure? If just Mertz has it and it gets cancelled I'd agree but that's not going to happen. If all the starters get it this week or something than IMO it should be cancelled. It's also not the end of the world for UW if the game is played without Mertz, Coan is his back up and was decent last year. He won't light you up but he'll do well enough.
  5. It should be an interesting game. You guys kind of got dealt a bad card drawing OSU in the first week. I'm excited to see how Mertz looks against a team with a pulse as opposed to Illinois. Our run game was pretty anemic last week so that's another thing to watch from UW's perspective. I wouldn't put too much stock in Vegas lines or experts this season as anything can happen in 2020, the only consistent teams so far seem to be Alabama and Clemson. There is no outcome to this game that would surprise me.
  6. Long time no talk jaws, hope you're doing well. Ohio State played a hell of a game today.
  7. Sup huskers, I came here to be miserable with you. 

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    2. NUance


      Ha ha!  Good to see you.  I'm still in shock over that thing that happened in Champaign last week.  

    3. Excel


      Good to see you all too, I'm doing well, not considering football but so goes life

    4. Redux


      No worries, you'll have plenty to cheer about in a few weeks....

  8. So you're quoting the Nebraska Football's official twitter? Ok, I'm not a Nebraska fan so that carries no weight with me, I don't care what their twitter says. They're also pretty far from being objective on this issue. I have a very clear conscience on this particular issue. UCF had a heck of a year, but it was not CFP worthy. Good luck in the future, I think you all made a great hire and I'll be rooting for your program.
  9. What? That just simply is not true. UCF played Ohio State in 2012 and Stanford in 2015. Just this year AAC teams played games against Oklahoma, TCU, and two games against Notre Dame. Last year AAC teams had games against Penn State, Florida State, Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Oklahoma....and in both of those seasons I'm just listing P5 opponents that ended the regular season in the CFP top 15. UCF and AAC teams definitely do have the ability to schedule quality P5 teams but instead you scheduled Georgia Tech and Maryland. You have nobody to blame or complain to but yourself. They make way more money that way. If I'm a large school and I book an FCS school for a one off and pay them $1 million I get to keep whatever profit from ticket sales I have except for that $1 million, and then I get to do it all over again next year. If I schedule a 1 for 1 with an AAC school I'm loosing an entire game's profits for that away year. It doesn't make financial sense. It has nothing to do with being afraid to play you and everything to do with money. Your solution for that is to go to them or schedule neutral site games, you're in Florida, there are plenty of good neutral site venues and three prestigious power programs within a few hours drive of your campus. Make it work. The bottom line is that you guys went 6-6 last year as a G5 school. String together a 10+ win seasons and play some good teams and your chances improve. You did not deserve to be in the playoff this year.
  10. I'm not saying G5 teams have no chance, just that they have very little chance. If you want a shot at that chance you have to have multiple seasons of sustained success and a willingness to schedule quality P5 opponents as your out of conference opponents (see what Boise and TCU used to do). GT and Maryland are two tiers beneath what you would need to schedule. Most of the criticism was based on SoS, I saw very little of that talk you're citing. I'm sure it happened and you can link it, but at the end of the day they're the same argument and it's still valid. You didn't play nearly a difficult enough schedule. ...and of course there's a P5 bias, look at the committee composition. G5 schools/conferences have nobody at the table. It was your Super Bowl and their consolation bowl. Malzahn has a history of under-performing and coaching letdown games, even in a good season like they had this year they still had Mercer and LSU games...but congrats just the same.
  11. And your strength of schedule was terrible. Your ranking should have been higher and you played a great game today but you did not deserve a playoff spot.
  12. UCF still didn't deserve a playoff spot. It's been posted several times today.
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