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  1. We lost, sucks but considering the dumpster fire Riley & lesser degree Pelini/Callahan were; it's not a big surprise. Team LOOKS physically much better IS getting better but the results aren't coming yet. We did essentially start a 3rd string QB.. walk on no less. Y'all true fans can keep the faith. you fairweathers: GET OFF THE BUS!! Next year will look a lot better it's all up from Riley (putz) GBR!!!
  2. Many choices.....Brisket, Ribs, pork or grill up some Home Dry Aged Ribeyes. It's gonna be a good eatin season!! Ribs would go on in the morning, the brisket or Pork the night before.
  3. I live a few blocks away, may see you there....unless we snag a last minute flight back to NE, GBR!!
  4. "Aww Shucks, we just couldn't match up with them. We knew they were going to run it right at us." Fire him now, this dude is in sinking into the abyss. While I had hoped he could get it together, I don't think eternity would be long enough for him to grasp power football. It's just not him. GInger/Harvey Faccked us good
  5. Amen. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt but this is soft A** Pac 12 crap. Bring back some toughness
  6. Made it to Madison yesterday, not impressed with our showing, but gameday is always fun at Camp Randall (grad school in Milwaukee). Wisconsin enjoys their beer, as do I, so I was fully prepared to see more trash talking, etc. Gameday in town & a huge night game after drinking all day? Didn't have a single problem though. Yeah, students are vulgar & there was the guy throwing food on people & yelling profanity, but you'll find that everywhere/anywhere so it wasn't unexpected. Sorry to hear that people had a bad experience. We're the new kid in the conference so I would expect all Big 10 teams ready to "welcome" us. Starting a whole bunch of new rivalries so I am excited! I'm hoping Bo & co can get back on track, would like the opportunity to have another chance at Bucky!! Matt
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