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  1. Really...Last I checked, Clemson got mudholed about as bad as we did and that was to a 5-5 team. The difference between us and the rest is that we lost to a RANKED team. Only OU and Texas can claim that also. sh#t happens and we as Cornhusker fans should know about that. I did not know NW was ranked?
  2. need 21 others just like you!
  3. I am mad now after the debacle in Michigan today. what a complete meltdown in every facet.
  4. even Callahan beat Michigan for whatever it is worth.
  5. Likewise, I've probably defended them as much as anyone, but today, they earned what they will receive. Yep. This one stings and what makes it much more painful is I work with a guy from Michigan and he talked smack all week and I dread going to the office on Monday. Really bites. Maybe I am just having a nightmare and I am still sleeping and I will be getting up here soon to start the day over. Pinch. nope i am awake and the nightmare is reality.
  6. Really? Yes Really. It would prove to everyone that he has no clue about coaching. Get your starting Qb injured in a blowout for no reason. Come on.... Really?? Yes really. Continue being obtuse though. Its just hard to believe anybody but a child would jump to the conclusion that Bo can't coach. Do you honestly believe Bo can't coach? It is not whether he can coach defense or not it is a question is he a head coach and can he recruit athletes?
  7. Well I stand corrected when I said earlier today that the receivers would show the world that they could get the job done. They have proven me wrong since they cannot catch. Really let down after they had talked about the drops all week and made it a focus.
  8. Ok, then what was the excuse for the Northwestern debacle?
  9. And here come the sunshine pumpers. This year like last is a bust!
  10. The Huskers have talent. All poor of course but talent. !@#$!
  11. Not mad. enjoying the heck out annoying you
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