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  1. greenmonkey51

    The Flood of 2019

    A good half of the snow in the Dakotas is in the Red River watershed. That snow is not the major threat for flooding.
  2. greenmonkey51

    Is the Electoral College Doomed?

    That is what the senate is for. If 75% of population lives in the densely populated areas how is it fair that their votes count less than someone in nowhere nebraska?
  3. greenmonkey51

    Trump's Tax Plan

    Question, with the budget fight coming up this month, why aren't the democrats saying if this tax bill passes the government will shutdown. I know they have other issues, but this would seem to be the one to really go to the mat over.
  4. greenmonkey51

    ***Official Purdue Game Discussion Thread***

    They sure aren’t helping.
  5. greenmonkey51

    ***Official Purdue Game Discussion Thread***

    He might if he wasn’t worried where the next hit was coming from. He’s pretty good considering he has to dodge the entire front 7 and then lay the ball in a receivers hand in order to get any positive play.
  6. greenmonkey51

    ***Official Purdue Game Discussion Thread***

    Guessing their fans aren’t calling for the coaches head or calling the players worthless. Lot easier to play when there’s positivity around the program.
  7. greenmonkey51

    ***Official Purdue Game Discussion Thread***

    Everyone wants to fire the coaches and start over, why should the players give a crap about this season. What do they have to play for.
  8. greenmonkey51

    Coordinator Hate

    Except he's never been a coordinator.
  9. greenmonkey51

    Coordinator Hate

    Just wondering if there's a coordinator that husker fans haven't hated on. Somehow every single one is a bum who doesn't a thing about coaching. I truly want to know what they'll be happy with.
  10. greenmonkey51

    Bad Goats

    If it's purely about notifying the union then it's the union doing their job. Employers like to get away with anything they can, the union is simply holding their feet to fire in regards to following the contracts they likely have.
  11. Participation awards are likely a good thing considering 3/4 of life is just showing up.
  12. Millennials aren't loyal to companies because companies have repeatedly shown not to be trusted.
  13. I have my dad's old 78 starcraft 14' boat. Its served its purpose well, and really its a good boat, but its ugly. I want to paint it up and looking good. I'm going to power wash it good and run a wire brush over the whole thing. Then I'm going to use POR metal ready which should provide a good base primer. I'll paint is using Rustoleum professional gloss. Finally I'm thinking of getting some cheap gold metal flake and throwing it in rustoleum automotive clear coat and trying to see if I can get a sparkly paint job. I'd prefer throwing the metal flake in the regular paint and not doing the clear coat. Anyone have any suggestions?
  14. greenmonkey51

    Government Agency Leaders

    I will start this by saying I work for a state government agency in the environmental field. A daily discussion is about what qualifications should agency leaders have. Our little division has about 300 employees and a annual budget around 50 million dollars. Our head is a career scientist who had zero training what so ever in running essentially a multi-million dollar company. This has been reflected in lack of communication, budgets, and long term planning. I've thought about this when people complain about school administrators and also federal agency cabinet picks. What philosophy should we have? When do you want that big picture person with field expertise and when do you want the nitty gritty businessmen who could operate a large company.
  15. Very disappointed CNN reported this. With something like this the sources and story better be rock solid. I'll consider this in the category of fake news until something truly credible comes out.