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  1. I have an extra ticket, sec 15 row 59, you'd be sitting with 7 Husker fans!!!! Our tailgate won't be huge, our group and then I have friends that are UCLA fans that will be there as well. Shoot me a msg if interested.
  2. Ahhh the memories!!!!! Fantastic years to be a Husker fan!!!!!
  3. I'll be in section 15 row 59. 8 of us total. Can't wait!!!!! Gonna be a lot of RED there!!!!!!
  4. I live in L.A. and will be at the game. Just got my tickets ordered this week thru a UCLA alumni. 8 of them. LOL. I would avoid the bike thing as well. Just because the speed limit is posted as 30-35, no one will adhere to the limit. Also as mentioned before you will not want to be riding back in the dark. I don't know where all the gang/blue/red talk comes from anymore, that sh#t was in the 80's/90's. Gangmembers now days where all sorts of clothing. I wear red stuff, blue stuff and I don't have any problems. I think you'll be ok. Otherwise have fun!!! GBR!!!!
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