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  1. grandpasknee

    1966 Huskers

    I remember selling our tickets when I was in school, then rushing in at half-time. Seems there were small metal risers on the north side of the east sideline that were kind of first come first serve where we'd go stand. We'd get in on the NorthEast corner gate and quite often the old dude there would let us in well before half time.
  2. grandpasknee

    Illinois Post-Game Pressers

    I really like some of these guys. A lot. Surely do wish we had Devine and Stanley another year. For a true freshman Martinez sure says the right things. He deflects compliments to those around him.
  3. grandpasknee

    *** Official Illinois Game Thread ***

    Are the ear holes on our helmets adjustable? Some look open and some look closed
  4. grandpasknee

    *** Official Illinois Game Thread ***

    I am a Grandpa, and I clearly see the ball not under control till his foot touches out of bounds.
  5. grandpasknee

    1966 Huskers

    People then were posting this picture and asking what changes could be seen. Oh, wait, I guess they weren't posting anything, except letters at the post office.
  6. grandpasknee

    1966 Huskers

    Could probably make a two page list for just the stadium changes, much less the surrounding area.
  7. grandpasknee

    NU Alternate/Throwback Unis for Illinois

    I agree..that is my only complaint. Must have the N I think.
  8. grandpasknee

    That Talent Question Again

    I think this coaching staff has shown the ability to coach up players. Perhaps not as fast as we'd have liked, but if you look at Lamar Jackson, Bootle, the Davis gang, and others...they aren't all conference players, but they are playing at a much improved level from the first of the year. Same for the offensive line. It has been hard for me to hold back criticism of Chinander because of how bad the defense looked for the first several games. And they still have troubles, but I thought in general, the D had some shining moments against OSU that just weren't there earlier in the year. If one sees the coaching staff has the ability to coach up players, and the process brings in more talent over the next few years, then I think the future looks very bright. I've been pretty vocal about giving Scott all 7 years if needed, and still hold to that. It's just now, I'm feeling like it won't take that long. On a fun side note, I watched the Husker/OSU game in Phoenix at a Husker bar/grill. There were some OSU fans there as well (well behaved group), but when they started in with their "O-H" >>> "I-O" echo cheer, I started shouting "WHO?" after the "O-H" part. Wish others would have joined in. So much fun being at the watch sites down there.
  9. grandpasknee

    Martinez Top-Rated B1G QB This Week

    I think he's got a NorthWestern helmet in his avatar area...
  10. grandpasknee

    Best Memegifs of husker football board.

    Is that invasion caravan here already? And to think, I was against it all the time! Now I'm pleased.
  11. grandpasknee

    That Talent Question Again

    I can see the strain....
  12. grandpasknee

    Martinez Top-Rated B1G QB This Week

    Dad gummit this is just exciting. Wow!
  13. grandpasknee

    What did we learn: Ohio State

    I am not a technical observer, but it seems the offense has been expanded quite a bit since the first game. I feel like that is a sign of very good coaching.... bringing your team along as they are able rather than throwing everything out there in desperation.
  14. grandpasknee

    Special Teams

    Who is hiding behind emojis? I must have missed something.
  15. grandpasknee

    Special Teams

    After a 5 second "WTH" moment, I winced thinking about that poor kid. I knew he'd be on ESPN and will be ridiculed harshly for quite some time. I do feel bad for the guy. I know he doesn't go out there trying to whiff. Speaks more about our recruiting than him I think.. If he's the best we got?