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  1. I still think it is a great job. I'd take it! Then I'd hire four or five fine coaching know-it-alls from this board and we'd be winning Nattys every other year. Two in a row some times!
  2. I'd agree. I'm not in the place of thinking anyone of the coaches need to leave, yet. But I sure am in the place where I think ALL of the coaches need to do some serious study and learning this off season.
  3. I wonder if some posters on here watch "The View" and mimic their whining and nagging negativity.
  4. That was McBride's adopted philosophy. It took a few years of having the Florida States of the football world torch us before T.O. had Charlie and the other coaches go to clinics, one even hosted by FL State. Then the light went on and our defensive make up changed. Hopefully the current Husker staff can be flexible and learn too.
  5. I can definitely understand. After Minnesota stomped Wisconsin and solidified not only a great season, but also their spot in the BIG Championship game, who could be blamed for......oh, wait. Never mind.
  6. On a couple of threads I've rather joking posted that our defense kept Iowa out of the redzone the entire game. Of course they scored 3 touchdowns from well beyond the red zone. One thing Frost has talked about, a lot, is that as bad as thing look at the end of the game, it has normally come down to just three or four bad plays per game, when people were out of position, or blew assignments. Big plays are usually evidence of just that...somebody blew it. So defense could shine. The only concern I have is reflected to me from the media, talking about losing so many seniors on defense this year. Guess we'll see. If I'm not always a glass half full kind of guy, I am always a "damn I'm glad I have a glass" kind of guy.
  7. Absolutely. But he is a Nebraska legend. And the blatant failures of the last 3 coaches have left this program in shambles. He's learning on the job, no doubt. I feel bad for folks that expected him to come in and replicate his success at UCF. From the start of his hire, I felt the 7 years would be needed to get this program back to respectability. I still think that. In the mean time, seasons may and will suck.
  8. By saying they are Juniors next year, you mean to say they were sophomores this year, the only year by which they can be judged. And, they were a class for which Frost had about 20 days to assemble. A good portion of his recruits are not playing this year. Now, Frost himself has a lot of growing to do as a coach. A lot. But don't go making vague, unsupportable rants about things that don't, at this point, matter.
  9. But, but, our defense never allowed the Herky-Jerks offense into the red zone. Not even once during the whole game.!!! :-)
  10. I would, at great sacrifice, be willing to occasionally do testing on their lettuce, just to see if it is laced with some potent chemicals other than THC. Just researched based mind you.
  11. Nope, alcohol free all my life. Tobacco free since Christmas of 77. Plus, I've heard people say that egg nog is somewhat akin to moose snot in terms of texture.
  12. Oh goodness, I probably just did all those things didn't I? My bad.
  13. My prediction is that you will be scolded for making such a long, drawn out post. You will be reminded you are a new poster and should watch your place. And you will be admonished that this topic has a million other threads to which you could have added.
  14. We had a great, day delayed Thanksgiving Dinner today. My granddaughter is truly beginning to understand football and my grandson looks like he's in Devo when we put a red bowl on his head. All very encouraging to me. Oh, I think we have some young guys on the Huskers that will shine next year. That's encouraging too.
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