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  1. I've been a life long Laker's hater, but I've always kind of had a respect for them as well. This is just a kick in the gut. So sad, and so real. Life goes on, till it doesn't.
  2. Sadly, when I first glimpsed this thread title, I thought it said "Returning Talent Big Ten Worst". I assumed it meant us, and I wasn't the least surprised. Really sad.
  3. When I went to my son's graduation from Air Force basic training, we had an 'intro' meeting with a couple of officers, basically telling us the expectations they had for our kids. "You got concerned when you gave them the keys to the family car. We are going to put them in charge of multimillion dollar aircraft and systems. We don't worry about them, we don't have time. So we train them and teach them how to live with expectations." I was Army way back in the day, and we were as rowdy as any 18, 19 year olds. But when on duty and it 'mattered', we were absolutely professional, dependable and motivated.
  4. Hmmmm. Imagine that. If only it had happened Yesterday.
  5. Seems like not to long ago we were hearing about how this coach or that coach made assistant changes last year and how it lead to much better seasons this year. So I'm excitedly optimistic!
  6. I like to speculate as to whether or not the mods will merge this thread at some point!
  7. I think it would have been nice to get Burreauxs out of high school. He'd have still had less than top grade players around him for the nost part, so hard to tell what success he might have brought. As far as getting him after he transferred out of tOSU, after some thought, I'm glad he didn't end up here. He seems to be an upgrade from our current QBs, but next fall, we'd be back at square zero. At least now we have three guys who seem serviceable and should know the system, as well as a top QB recruit coming in. It just feels that having Burrows here would have been another delay toward true program development, Final comment...it was truly a fun thing to watch him play this year. That kid is great, and has a great team around him.
  8. I'll be the numbers version of the Grammar Nazi. If a team moved down -10 spots, that means they moved up 10 spots. They either moved down 10 spots, or had a -10 outcome with respect to their initial ranking. Tomorrow...probability and statistics or matrix theory. You choose.
  9. Saying things, even if you really, really believe them, does not make them true.
  10. I should apply. Lots of folks find me rather offensive from time to time.
  11. I'll have to bookmark this and read it right after the Spring game. I ain't even hearing this pump up jam right now. The season is still to bitter in my mouth. Come Late April though, I'll be right there!
  12. Ouch! Just hearing the name Wildflecken gives me mild frostbite in my toes and fingers. Understand it is beautiful in the summer, but only went there for training in Jan/Feb. Anyway, thanks for your service.
  13. Mid 70s. Rode with the 11th Cavalry guarding the West/East German border in the Fulda Gap.
  14. Hey, hey, hey!!!! No more of this intellectual discussion in this thread. That is hijacking! gifs ONLY please!!!!
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