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  1. grandpasknee

    Martinez for Heisman

    Does anyone remember Wendell Wooten? Probably not. He was the next big thing (well before internet days)...they had the catch phrase "There Won't be No Hootin' till there's Wooten". Sadly, all the hype caused him to come down with leprosy, pleurisy, hypocrisy, pharisee and Sadducee I think, not to mention several other lethal syndromes. If the internet and chat boards had been around, he probably would not have survived!!! (Your point is well taken though...) :-)
  2. grandpasknee

    Martinez for Heisman

    Let's get to at least 9 wins before this hype gets any wind in its sails. He led a 4-8 team last year. He did well, but slow the roll a little bit for goodness sakes!
  3. grandpasknee

    2019 Spring Game - April 13 @ 1:00 CDT on BTN

    Help me out here...what is GoT?
  4. grandpasknee

    Your Most Fun Time At A Huskers Game

    Two come to mind. First one was when Mike Rozier was playing. He broke a 40+ yard run through half the defense and scored on a fantastic play. After the wild cheering faded away, I heard one old businessman from Grand Island tell another "Hell, that's worth a B+ in any English class" Second, we were absolutely demolishing either New Mexico or New Mexico State, like 77 - 7 or such. They had maybe a dozen fans in the Southwest corner of the stadium and their poor cheerleaders were basically cheering to themselves. A big group of us crowded the fence in that corner and started doing their cheers with them. They obviously loved it and it was a real fun time.
  5. grandpasknee

    Hoiberg Introductory Presser

    Listened to a lot of the presser. Pretty evident that Bill Moos is a closer, get him some coffee! No where near the slam dunk a lot of people were claiming it to be. Once again, Bill played the low key, "when you are ready to talk, we are motivated" role. I don't care if he has a drink or two with local Huskers....Bill Moos is the real deal in my opinion!!!
  6. grandpasknee

    Fred Hoiberg To Be Named Next Nebraska Coach

    I"ll be honest, I hadn't paid much attention to Husker Basketball since they were rocking in the Nee Joint! Tim Miles renewed my interest in Husker Hoops with his character and attitude. Obviously he didn't get the needed results on the floor, but he elevated the program and my interest in it. With this hire, I suspect I"ll be going to games and knowing the names of at least the starting five now. Pretty darned stoked! But I have to give Miles his due for sure.
  7. grandpasknee

    Spring Practice Notes

    What the heck, they are hitting each other in practice!!! Who even knew that was a thing?!!
  8. grandpasknee

    Tim Miles Officially Fired

    Exactly my feelings and thoughts. I look forward to a change, but if Miles had been retained, I wouldn't have given it much thought either. I did like him a lot.
  9. grandpasknee

    Husker Offense Looking for "Plus Twos"

    I'm no where near an expert, but I wonder if moving a defender a couple of yards back, or left or right isn't more effective in some ways than just knocking him down. If you can move him two yards away from where he wants to be, you might also be causing congestion that prevents other defensive players from their assignments. Kind of like battlefield strategy. If you kill a guy, the other side is minus one guy. If you wound a guy, the other side loses two to three guys that have to help the wounded one.
  10. grandpasknee

    Husker Offense Looking for "Plus Twos"

    That's where I was going...the +2 will be huge on 3rd and / or 4th down situations. Can't say how many times I've complained the last 10+ years that we couldn't just line up and get a first down when it was 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1. Hope that ends.
  11. grandpasknee

    Replacements for Miles

    My thoughts precisely. I love the Tim Miles persona. But I doubt Moos is making his decision based on the Big10 tourney, nor the possible NIT appearance. He has seven years of data on which to base his decision. I'd like to believe that the decision was made prior to the Big 10 tournament.
  12. grandpasknee

    Replacements for Miles

    Well, it does seem like that. I feel like Moos probably has enough pocket change to cover the cost of changing tickets if that were the case. And, in an interview, Tim Miles said he completely understands, and that if he had a son playing in a Spring game, he'd definitely want to be there too.
  13. grandpasknee

    Cam Jurgens NOT injured again

    Jeez...I hadn't read this thread yet, so came to the last page first. Is Cam Jurgens actually mentioned earlier on? Has he become a sous chef or what?
  14. grandpasknee

    Before we fire Miles.....

    Mute or moot...or mooooooos?
  15. grandpasknee

    DL Coach Mike Dawson Takes Job with Giants

    Oh Jeez...that made me feel the strain a bit. Can you see it!!