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  1. Me too. Also I loved Sons of Anarchy series (remove Netflix) Though I can't handle Peggy Bundy (SOA lead actress) . Seriously, Katey "Peg Bundy" Sagal nice singer ..... numerous SOA background KS songs. Had no idea she could sing!!! She's come along way since Peggy.
  2. You ever watched Netflix Ozark series? Pretty good IMO. It reminds me of Marty Byrde and Walter White, both money laundering and drug cartels ..... though just the opposite, wives. Anyway perfect cast, Julia Garner (Ruth). Only strange thing for the entire series, Ruth still lives in trash trailer despite lots of money. Plus numerous Ozark subplots vs. Breaking Bad. How about you?
  3. Any major FBS schools without Spring Games? Gophers supposedly spring game but no fan attendees because inside practice field ... Anyway I really don't like QB green jersey ... touch football. I remember Bo's era, no green jersey in spring games.
  4. Good chance Rodents (5W-7L) made bowl. APR. B1G Bowl eligible, Wolverines, Bucks, PSU, Terps, Rutgers, Hawks, NW, Badgers and most likely, Gophers (9 teams) Pack the Bags ..... Hoosiers, Boilermakers, Spartans, Illini and Huskers B1G tie-in bowls: Las Vegas, Quicklane, GuaranteedRate, Pinstripes, Music, Orange, Reliaquest (former Outback) and Citrus
  5. Made Bowl: Bucks, Wolves, Lions, Terps, Hawks, Rutgers, Wildcats, Badgers Eliminate Bowl: Hoosiers, Boilers, Spartans, Illini, Gophers, Huskers
  6. Perhaps so. And $Rhule$ was worse than 1st year Callahan and Mike Riley.
  7. Well no O.T. .... delayed death. Save my ticker. Same as NU @ UW this year result
  8. We should accept a bowl given the chance ..... NO. Though 2015 Foster bowl, Huskers 5W-7L beat UCLA Anyway, B1G eliminate bowls, 4 teams so far, Hoosiers, Boilers, Spartans and Huskers ..... and perhaps, Illini (tomorrow game vs. NW) and Rodents (tomorrow game vs. UW).
  9. Grade report card: Defense .... B+ Offense .... WD ST .... D+
  10. 2017 Bright Spots From The Season 2018 Bright Spots From The Season 2019 Bright Spots From The Season 2020 Bright Spots From The Season 2021 Bright Spots From The Season 2022 Bright Spots From The Season 2023 Bright Spots From The Season
  11. Maybe $Rhule too. #9 list .... https://coacheshotseat.com/
  12. I built a doom day HTML/CSS HuskerBoard future signature (Nov 24) ...... ...... backup: https://schersdd.tripod.com/sig2023_Copy_2.html Of course I hope will destroy this !! Back to https://schersdd.tripod.com/sig2023.html
  13. Ditch Chickens already clinch Big Ten West title
  14. Looks like junior high school shop class. And football on the top ..... I believe plastic
  15. Coaches Poll Ditch Chickens, #19 Massey Composite (52 inputs so far): Iowa #19 Huskers #72 Hmmm ..... Odds as of November 19: OddsShark --- Nebraska by 1.5 points !! Myself, Dirty Birds are OVERRATED.
  16. Probably so but the Wikipedia sentence .... "It was also revealed that the NCAA investigation remained ongoing"
  17. November 18: Added Badgers and Northwestern ..... bowl bound. And Iowa, West champs
  18. (wiki source) Partridge allegedly participated in the destruction of evidence regarding the Michigan Wolverines football sign-stealing scandal. Next, forfeit all 12 games .... Wolverines: 0W-12L. And no bowl. NCAA gods said so ... Ohio State fans are happy as a lark
  19. Six consecutive years NO BOWL. I hope no seventh. Any bowl ....
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