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    Ran distance events in track and wrestled varsity in high school. Ran cross country in college. Learned the game of basketball in intramural at college and played many basketball tournaments, city leagues and noon ball at the local YMCA till I was 65. Started running sprints at seniors meets around the country about 9 years ago. I have 7 grandkids that I love dearly.

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  1. Wisconsin is trying hard to sign Luke Fickell today. Sounds like they may be close to a deal.

  2. Fred recruited a point guard but so far he hasn't seen the court. We have a 3 playing the 1 spot while one guy tries to find a screen and three guys stand around. Blaise is a decent rebounder but if he gets an offensive rebound he never just goes back up strong and dunks....he just puts up a weak little 4 footer that usually misses. I just checked and it seems Fred didn't recruit a point guard, just a shooting guard. Why not Fred. Did you not realize all your point guards either left or graduated?
  3. Zane Flores is easily the best QB to come out of Nebraska in many years. The fact it took so long to see his talent just reeks of incompetence by our coaches.
  4. If I never hear these two announcers again it will be too soon. Their ability to make it all about themselves should be against the law.
  5. I hope he still enrolls and shows his best Doug Flutie imitation.
  6. Are we to the point where the best we can do with all our Big Ten money, fantastic facilities and "the best most loyal fanbase" is a third rate coach with "Pelini, Riley, Frost" type assistant coaches? Heaven help us if this hire goes south. We could be staring at "We have become Kansas scenario."
  7. Just for fun let's go back to see how every coach since Bob Devaney was chosen. Ole Bob picked Tom O as his choice. Tom all by himself picked Frank to be his successor. Peterson screwed the pooch when he fired Frank without a clue what he was doing then hired Callahan as a last resort. Then Tom came back, put his finger in the air to test the wind and saved the day by hiring Bo. When Tom left the AD position our admins took the word of Barry Alvarez who was more than happy to recommend Shawn Eichorst knowing full well he would be a puppet. When Bo kept stealing Eichorsts lunch money he made it unbearable for Bo who was happy to take his buy out. Eichorst then picked "Sprinkles Riley" to lead this program. The next choice for AD was "Wild Bill Moos" who would have been hung in a grain bin if he had not hired our last coach who shall go unnamed. Now we have Trev Alberts who has consulted with numerous other coaches around the country and used a top notch search firm to narrow down the list. For me it has nothing to do with Trev being a former Husker. He acts like a professional CEO which we haven't had for 47 years. I have met Trev and he was more than gracious to talk and joke with this nobody. I feel he is an honorable man.
  8. I trust Trev A has done his due diligence in finding our new coach. It has been a minute since we have had an AD who doesn't appear to be a figurehead with his strings pulled like a puppet by the chancellor or so close to retirement he wouldn't put in the work necessary. It pains me to say it but the Huskers have been bottom feeders for too long. There are two or three coaches in the pool that I could live with. Hoping Trev and his choice can lead us out of this wilderness.
  9. Maybe all the recruits visiting were from Florida or the deep south and the administration didn't want them to get frostbite in the bitter cold?
  10. "Nebraska is no longer hosting official visitors for this weekend's game. Recruits were told very recently. Take that FWIW." Parker
  11. One or more of the networks has already penciled in those games and advertisers have committed their money. The Big Ten, Iowa and Wisconsin would file suit. We could get voted out of the Big Ten conference. Trev would be fired.
  12. These are games the Huskers have to win and get the game time reps for a lot of players. Much is made of our three point shooting deficiencies. I think it stems from practicing in a smaller gym where the back wall is 12' away from the backboard and white but when they go into PBA or any arena it's like playing in outer space. Odd because some high school kids seem to shoot well there during the state tournament.
  13. Between Smothers and Purdy I think I would take Smothers as well. If I think outside the box I'm going to give a shot to Matt Masker. The problem is I doubt he has thrown more than a half dozen passes in practice to any of our better receivers. Another kid who might step up is walk-on Jarret Synec. He can both run and throw.
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