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    Ran distance events in track and wrestled varsity in high school. Ran cross country in college. Learned the game of basketball in intramural at college and played noon ball at the local YMCA for about 28 years. Still play softball in the summer. Started running sprints at seniors meets around the country about 5 years ago. I have 6 grandkids that I love dearly.

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  1. Diaco moves from La Tech to Purdue.

    1. Redux


      I can't wait to feel the Strain in next seasons opener!

  2. I was thinking the bolded on Saturday. The difference between 5-7 and 9-3 was 21 points in those 4 games. 17 would have tied it and and 1 more point would have won each game. A defensive stop or one more touchdown or even a couple FG's that we were hesitant to try would have changed the perception of this season.
  3. It hasn't happened to me in more than a week.
  4. Corcoran will have the benefit of being here for the spring semester and participating in winter workout, spring practice and spring game. Benhart wanted to wrestle so he didn't enroll till last summer.
  5. The first one I posted was back tonight at 10:18. First time all day.
  6. While I am all for giving kids 2nd and 3rd chances, I'd hate to see us expect great things and have him mess up early in the season then get booted. It messes up the whole year when we expect him to contribute then is gone.
  7. This one also pops up. https://sl7.admedit.net/advertise/?adown=919&cmp=2833&cid=15765575591196797748156040246737586&pubid=2502239-416050487-0&acsc=186122104
  8. Desktop. This is what shows up. Everytime I open the HB page I am redirected to this and one other site warning me I am out of date and make sure I download Adobe Flash Player. I use it on a few games I play and have not gotten the warning from them. This is a royal pain in the a$$. https://launchdevelopedintenselyproduct.icu/QfK4SSOQyLcK56zJVeHO8H0yeh-0C0QVpI7e2IJljQ8?cid=dv19e5581c207311ea8ee51232e49436518430fc2b83b54fa5aa2d2e2c1b539efa04346611f539b55180&dom=huskerboard.com&qs1=Adobe Flash Player
  9. It is great to see these new recruits playing at a high level for teams that know how to win. Both winning and losing are infectious and we have done enough losing to last a century. It may be hard to see right now but the culture will change even though we are doing baby steps right now and falling down a lot. These coaches aren't head cases or old and tired. Players who love to win are seeing the light and signing on. Yeah I did just drink the KoolAid again!
  10. If we get a few injuries we'll have to recruit some walk ons from the intramural teams.
  11. These full page pop ups that keep telling me my pc is out of date are getting really annoying. I really have doubts these are coming from the right source.

    1. HuskerInLostWages


      Pardon me sir/ma'am, your computer is highly out of date.  We recommend sending all of your bank data to HuskerinInLostWages and purchasing 3 of the 1000 dollar gift cards.  Once you purchase these gift cards please contact me immediately so I can remote into your computer and install a rootkit, err virus scanner to make sure your information is safe.

  12. I know they don't play the same position but it would be great to find a disrupter like Epenesa from Iowa. The way Riley's weight is spread I could see him having some quickness.
  13. Given our propensity to declare the backups as better than the starter, I hereby declare Logan the starter from day one. Just getting that out there.
  14. Congrats on a great season. Glad to see Joplin doing well. My in laws were from there and I've spent many holidays and summer vacations there. They lived just south of I -44 on Main. As to the original post lets go after this kid!!
  15. Whenever I watch these top 10 teams play I feel like my Huskers go into a gun fight with water pistols. The speed of the running backs and wide receivers, the size and quickness of the D lineman is nearly depressing.

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    2. Danny Bateman

      Danny Bateman

      Yep. Some combination of our talent and development consistently blows goats.


      I'm pretty sure it's harder to recruit NU than a lot of schools we'd like to be competing with but we've also has pretty crappy results with a lot of the high-caliber recruits we get.

      The silver lining I guess is that most of the best players on the team this year were guys Frost recruited. SO there's that.

    3. TonyStalloni


      After seeing the teams in the BIG 10, none of them beside OSU recruit at an elite level. Penn St and Michigan get solid talent most years.  The rest of the teams recruit to a system and do the best they can with player development. Wisconsin does very well. Iowa most years is 9-3 or 8-4. Illinois, Indiana and Minnesota seem to have turned themselves around and are heading in the right direction.  Mich St, Purdue and NW have taken a step back this year. Rutgers and Maryland have a ways to go with facilities and recruiting.  My hope is Nebraska can climb the ladder and bring in the kids who fit the system and we learn to develop them like Wisconsin. 


      On a side note it seems every football announcer who does LSU games has to spill the fact that Joe Burrow wanted to come to Nebraska twice in his career.  It is sad that OC Beck under Pelini was such an a$$ and Frost already had his Qb when Joe decided to transfer.  

    4. 4skers89


      I was watching an Oregon game and saw a play we run.  I was thinking wow, that's how it's supposed to look.  The biggest difference was the speed it was executed at.  Our players looks like they are playing in mud.


      Wisconsin does a very good job developing players but they also get them to play hard.  They had to play a freshman DB against Minnesota and held his own against Minny's WRs.  He wasn't big and didn't appear to be overly fast.  He just played with a want to attitude.  Sometimes I get the impression that our players aren't willing to make a play out of concern for injury.  That wasn't even on the Wisconsin freshman's mind.



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