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    Ran distance events in track and wrestled varsity in high school. Ran cross country in college. Learned the game of basketball in intramural at college and played noon ball at the local YMCA for about 28 years. Still play softball in the summer. Started running sprints at seniors meets around the country about 5 years ago. I have 6 grandkids that I love dearly.

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  1. Executives sitting in a bubble in Chicago making policy for a conference spread from the east coast to Lincoln with no interest in finding the pulse of any of its members.
  2. Nice work by the Huskers to stay in it for 40 minutes. A couple made free throws by Banton at the end and we get our first win. A question I have for the refs. How does Oudrago get called for the foul on Cockburn when Oudrago was nearly bulldozed out of the lane?
  3. I agree with you! Unfortunately I think so many of the kids who transfer are the ones who were catered to all through high school and AAU ball. They get told what a great NBA player they will be and how talented they are. Fundamentals may be taught but fundamentals can't be downloaded into their heads so they don't practice them till they are automatic. I do hope you are wrong about Trey M and his brother. I also thing Fred would be better off recruiting high school kids and molding them. 2 years of transfers have gotten us no where.
  4. I realize I have been very negative recently toward the Husker basketball team. Granted they probably would be better if the 3 plus week lull hadn't happened. The way this team plays however bears little resemblance to anything close to good basketball. Mistakes and tendencies that should have been weeded out of a Div 1 player early in high school are still being repeated over and over. The announcer last night kept commenting about the time the Huskers had a two on one fast break and the dribbler went right down the middle of the lane and into the defender instead of splitting the lane to ma
  5. I've heard some chatter that this kid is the real deal.
  6. This can't be good on Fred's heart. I can't name one player on our team that does anything well. No one can make 3's. We are always out rebounded. Our defense is poor. Free throws are atrocious. One thing I guess we do well is act shocked when we foul and stare down the ref. I keep hoping we will win a game but I doubt we win even one. Maybe we could squeak one out vs NW. That will be the game NW makes 15 three pointers and look all world. Banton is not a point guard. Tre has disappeared. Thor has lost any semblance of confidence and still gets a few hustle baskets.
  7. FTA PCT 1 Michigan 14 179 233 0.768 2 Ohio State 19 335 439 0.763 3 Minnesota 18 327 433 0.755 4 Wisc
  8. https://bigten.org/stats.aspx?path=mbball&year=2020
  9. With no fans in the stands it should be a perfect year to make free throws. The 7' kid from Purdue was making his free throws in the game before with beautiful form. Do we even practice FT's?
  10. We look like they grabbed an intramural team and flew them to Lansing. I've seen middle school teams with more basketball sense. I don't think I could play with Teddy.
  11. Thomas Fidone Mikai Gbayor Henry Lutovsky Randolph Kpai Koby Bretz Weaver or Buckley
  12. Twenty years ago it would have been inconceivable that a school like NDSU could have even a fraction of the sway that Nebraska has. In 2021 and the national success the Bison have had I could see where a kid might be tempted to commit. I remember when they played in the same conference as South Dakota, SD St, UNO and Morningside College from Sioux City (now a dominant team in NAIA).
  13. The big ten is bound and determined to turn the conference into another Mid American Conference. The sheer folly of allowing teams to travel to other cities with fewer restrictions than most Big Ten towns, eat in restaurants and sleep in motels all serviced by strangers while not allowing member teams to play local rivals within driving distance who have on their roster kids that many of our players grew up with.
  14. First off I hope the coaches, staff and players recover quickly and with no lasting effects. This will probably shorten our season just at the time D Walker is making a difference. It will be 2 weeks before enough players are covid free and their conditioning allows them to play. One more struggle to overcome!
  15. Big Brother must have something going down if they pulled out the "aliens".
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