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  1. TonyStalloni

    Carl Pelini takes over at Bowling Green

    Lock up the wives and daughters.
  2. Pissed that one down our leg.

  3. TonyStalloni

    CB Shilo Sanders

    It depends on the kid but I'm about burned out on sons of former well known players. We want team players who are emotionally sound and mature. They rarely fit what we want here.
  4. TonyStalloni

    JUCO OT Myron Cunningham

    He seems pretty athletic and mobile. Going up vs BIG10 DE's would be a little different than the talent he sees currently.
  5. TonyStalloni

    Former Husker DC Bob Diaco Named Oklahoma Linebackers Coach

    Bobby D must like the pomade they sell in Okie City.
  6. TonyStalloni

    When will the penalties stop?

    I'll have to watch the replay of the game but it looked to me at least on one of the holding calls that the defender realized he was not going to get to AM in time and clamped down on Farnioks arm then fell to the side to make it look like a hold. The flag came out immediately. I know DL players are taught to make it appear like a hold. Obviously not all the holding calls were for this reason.....but I remember that particular one. Plus I saw Wisky hold at least twice in the first half that weren't called.
  7. TonyStalloni

    Well hello there Justice Kavanaugh

    I wouldn't trust a CNN poll on who should be the dog catcher.
  8. TonyStalloni

    WR Bryce Childress

    I hope he sees how Spielman is used in this offense.
  9. TonyStalloni

    Stivrins Name B1G Co-Player of the Week

    Daughter of Alex Stivrins, former Lincoln East B Ball star, Creighton player and European Pro basketball player.
  10. TonyStalloni

    Why is Nebraska *This* Terrible

    This is what I'm seeing. The D many times does well on 1st and 2nd down then gives up a big play on 3rd and long. The O line isn't giving the Qb and Rb's time to let the play develop.
  11. TonyStalloni

    OT Bryce Benhart

    I saw a pic a few weeks ago where he and Brant Banks were standing in close proximity to each other. Banks is listed at 6'7 and 250 and that is probably close. In another pic Banks was standing beside Frost at the trophy case and he was at least 4 inches taller than Scott. Benhart looked several inches taller than Banks. Banks even commented that he rarely has to look up to anyone but he did to Benhart.