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    Ran distance events in track and wrestled varsity in high school. Ran cross country in college. Learned the game of basketball in intramural at college and played noon ball at the local YMCA for about 28 years. Still play softball in the summer. Started running sprints at seniors meets around the country about 5 years ago. I have 6 grandkids that I love dearly.

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  1. I understand that sentiment. I'm ready for a change too. I also liked this group of players we have and want to see their careers go out on a high note.
  2. TonyStalloni

    OG Xavier Hill

    Lets have the All Xavier/Zavier team this recruiting cycle!
  3. Great game for this team!! Johnny T is the everyman on the floor we can all root for. Who knew he was the key for us to win games in the BIG 10! They have an uphill battle but they earned the win tonight.
  4. TonyStalloni

    Fighting Erstads at Baylor - Games 13-15

    I honestly don't know. Most of the strong baseball programs are in the south and southwest and they don't really need a facility like that. Oregon St and Washington were in the CWS last year. Thats the biggest reason northern schools want the season moved back several weeks or a month. So were aren't always playing catch up.
  5. TonyStalloni

    Fighting Erstads at Baylor - Games 13-15

    Probably they could find a place to take ground balls individually but they need to practice a live game to simulate the action of hearing the pop of the bat, getting into position, fielding the ball, having runners sliding at your feet and making the throw to the base. I don't know what those indoor surfaces are. Fielding off of a fake grass floor over concrete or carpet over concrete doesn't give you the same experience as a dirt infield
  6. TonyStalloni

    Fighting Erstads at Baylor - Games 13-15

    I heard one of the coaches say this week that they get very little if any live infield or outfield practice in Lincoln since the field has been snow covered. Even at the warm weather games they have had sometimes their only practice was the warm up before the actual game. Spring just needs to get to the midwest.
  7. I know....it's just fun to bag on the Husker fortunes right now. Depending on who coaches I wonder if this young man ever plays in Lincoln now that the NCAA is letting kids transfer if their recruiting head coach leaves.
  8. Figures.....our top shooting recruit goes down with a knee injury.
  9. TonyStalloni

    Before we fire Miles.....

    If and that is a Huge IF, all the underclassmen came back next year, then add the recruits coming in, Roby is I believe the only player taller than 6'6", We thought this year was a mess, see what next year would be. It might be a mess for whoever is coaching unless he can get about 8 immediately eligible transfers.
  10. TonyStalloni

    Changes on offense 2019

    Can the season just start already!!!
  11. TonyStalloni

    WR Khi Mathieu

    With highly talented kids like him we just need to throw our hat in the ring and see what happens.
  12. TonyStalloni

    Replacements for Miles

    Ya'll forgot to include the emoji? 84 year old Billy T and Billy G just had a kidney transplant.
  13. TonyStalloni

    Spring Practice Notes

    Did a rugby match break out? It looks like they were tackling in a few of those pictures.
  14. TonyStalloni

    Gun Control

    My statistics were for "mass" murders by a shooter who kills 4 or more people (often times random unknown to the shooter) in one setting. Many of the 77 were done by a shooter who knew the victim and was done after an argument where alcohol was involved, may have been a revenge shooting or a gang style hit and run. It is too early to know how many of the 77 shootings will become drug related, gang style or drunken arguments where a man at a party gets in a fight then goes to his car to retrieve his pistol. Those don't qualify as mass murder. They would apply to the roughly 2000 people a year killed for no obvious reason. If we apply all 77 to that category it comes out to 462/year which would be considerably under the 2000/year figure. Probably the murder rate goes up in the summer time particularly in northern locations as people have more parties and outdoor events. We won't know for sure till the FBI puts those figures together.
  15. TonyStalloni

    OT Roger Rosengarten

    Time to put the full court press on.