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    Ran distance events in track and wrestled varsity in high school. Ran cross country in college. Learned the game of basketball in intramural at college and played noon ball at the local YMCA for about 28 years. Still play softball in the summer. Started running sprints at seniors meets around the country about 5 years ago. I have 6 grandkids that I love dearly.

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  1. The vaunted powerhouse Big Ten gets no one in the Final Four. Michigan lays a huge egg.

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    2. commando


      the B1G was severely over rated.  

    3. TonyStalloni


      I had Illinois playing in the Final Four. They just looked too invincible but Loyola/Chicago thought otherwise.

    4. swmohusker


      Didn’t really no who was going to play Gonzaga.  But felt pretty good they were going to win it.  

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