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    Ran distance events in track and wrestled varsity in high school. Ran cross country in college. Learned the game of basketball in intramural at college and played many basketball tournaments, city leagues and noon ball at the local YMCA till I was 65. Started running sprints at seniors meets around the country about 9 years ago. I have 7 grandkids that I love dearly.

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  1.  Ajay Allen had surgery and will be lost for the season. He went home to Louisiana with his mom. I'm thinking he will never be back if he can finish the semester online.

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    2. RedDenver


      I'm pretty sure MJ said his mom had come to Lincoln.

    3. TonyStalloni


      When I heard the interview on the radio I heard Mickey say "Ajay's mom came and he's back home" which to me said he was back in his home town with mom. It sounds like he is back in his apartment in Lincoln.

    4. admo


      I thought he was from Missippi,,  but they come to Linkedin



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