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  1. Attracting the interest of Omaha kids has been hit or miss since Callahan. Bo tried to patch up the divide a little while Riley let it slip back. Even Osborne lost good players from Omaha who wanted out of the state. I'm not sure these kids would have had any more interest in Nebraska if they were allowed an official visit. All four had probably unofficially visited in the past. They are good players who were attractive to schools all over the country and they took advantage of their opportunity. You never know.....one or two might end up transferring back if they find the grass isn't greener elsewhere.
  2. I agree completely. Outside of Indiana perhaps which is recruited by 3 major universities, Nebraska has the lowest population density of any state represented by the Big Ten. We are reaping what a years worth of Covid restrictions have given us. We are severely limited unless we can get far away recruits to Lincoln to see for themselves what there is to offer.
  3. I say it every year but this year I hope we can make a fair share of "threes" and stretch the defenses. I feel like we have the talent this year to compete most nights. It depends how soon they jell as a team and whether they can get the rebounds. We have some height but not necessarily the bulk inside. Plus be better on free throws to get those extra 8 to 10 points a night.
  4. One way to fix having a very small class is recruiting from the portal or junior college. You eventually add more numbers to your small class 4 years from now by adding kids who don't graduate in the 4 year cycle.
  5. My guess is the coaches understand if they don't get some issues fixed next year their time here will come to an end. They are going to focus on recruiting kids from the portal that are more ready to play next year than a high school kid who could take 3 or 4 years to mature and grow into the system. They are also looking for junior college kids with experience.
  6. I think with 2 more talented O linemen we would be a much better team. Giving AD 4 seconds instead of 2 would make a ton of difference getting our WR open. The coaches have to be tired of designing plays based on the inabilities of our O line.
  7. Condolences to you as well. I can't imagine your struggle as these illnesses probably lingered for quite some time. For my friend it went from perfect health to death in 7 weeks.....5 weeks on a ventilator.
  8. I recently lost my best friend to Covid. The memorial service is this saturday. It has slammed me in the face to reassess life and what is important. Tears have flowed freely as I think about times together. I'll always cheer for Big Red win or lose but they are no longer at the top of the list.
  9. If Frost stays what does next year look like? The defense should still be solid if Chins can find a few D backs. D line and LBs are pretty well stocked. An edge rusher might be nice but they don't grow on trees. Special teams in some areas have been better than last year (but worse in others). Kickoffs usually make it to the end zone so no run backs for Tds or returns beyond the 50 yd line. Punting has been hit or miss but somewhat better since the Mich St game which cost us a win. We need to have our bag man deliver a package to a great kicker or see if the Brown family from Texas have another son ready for college. Offense is the challenge. I don't think Adrian comes back for a 5th year. I love the kid but he has probably seen enough. Do we give the reins to Smothers,Masker or Harberg or find one in the portal? I don't have the answer but I'm not sure our mad scientist QB coach does either. We don't consistently move the ball and when we do it tends to be a couple chunk plays which may get us to the red zone where we bog down. I hope we have enough talent and depth at WR with the kids coming back and the three we recruited last year. We lose Austin Allen and maybe Vokolek but we had a solid group of freshmen in the last class. I'm guessing one or three RBs transfer this winter or after spring ball. Johnson and Yant appear to be a good 1-2 punch if Yant can learn the playbook. The O line needs major help. Hopefully Prohaska and Nouelli are ready to play. I wonder if Cam will leave for the NFL if he has interest from pro teams. We have not seen Lutovsky except in mop up duty and I hope he can contribute. Our O line coach (whomever that is) needs to find some dudes in the portal. I would say Austin, Verduzco and Held are on the hot seat. I wonder if Dawson could be let go and outside linebackers given to Barrett Ruud? That would allow us to add a special teams coach. Lastly next years schedule is probably as favorable as we have had since we joined the Big Ten. We drop OSU and Mich St for Rutgers and Indiana and get the Sooners in Lincoln. Trev Alberts has a lot to think about this winter.
  10. I'm afraid this team just quit. If we win another game this year I'll be shocked.
  11. I am enjoying watching the Huskers a lot more this year than any time in the last ten years. Knowing we will be in a game in the 4th quarter is much more enjoyable than having to shut the tv off or change the channel because the score is 42 to 10. Our O line is making slight progress but will still have problems matching up with the OSU, Penn St and Iowas on the schedule. Even the best QBs and RBs won't have success when there are 2 or more defenders in the backfield within two seconds. I have high hopes Lutovsky can be that type of mean, nasty but smart O lineman. We just need four more going forward. We seem to have an abundance of tight ends on the team. Austin Allen is usually the only one to get a ball thrown his way. Why not use the play Michigan ran with success three times where the tight end shows block for 2 counts then releases to a vacant spot over the middle. That's assuming our O line can keep defenders off the QB for 3 to 4 seconds. In four years Frosts team has evolved from a team that had few weapons and couldn't compete in the Big Ten into a team that can go toe to toe with most teams on the schedule.
  12. These coaches just keep building a monster program. The rest of the Big 10 coaches must be in shock.
  13. Adios, bye bye, see ya later.
  14. No complaints from me on the design and colors of the unis this year. They are well thought out and mostly accurate.
  15. Read again what I said. I never said they played "well", I said they played even or better in the second which would mean we still had breakdowns that need to be fixed.
  16. He like every other sports reporter makes his living making statements that he hopes will get a reaction one way or another. He has no investment in whether Nebraska is playing well or not. Outside of the first quarter and for much of the second half our O line played as well or better than Oklahoma's defense.
  17. We can always count on fat a$$ Sam to inject his self serving opinions.
  18. The day a head coach pulls a starting O lineman who is 30 yards downfield still controlling his opponent and ends up pancaking him is the day we need to quit playing football. That was a flag that should have never been thrown.
  19. Huskers are going to have to do some winning before these Omaha elite kids are going to see us as a destination.
  20. Is it time to think about starting one of the young Qbs so they have experience for next year while at the same time hitting the transfer portal for a senior QB? That negates the excuse for a bad season next year because our Qbs are inexperienced.
  21. A chance to equal our stride.
  22. Nebraska's entry (from Hastings) in the Little League World Series won their game this afternoon vs New Jersey by a score of 5-2.

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    2. ColoradoHusk


      As much as I am rooting for Hastings, it's hard baseball to watch.  The field is way too small for that age, it has bad home plate umpires, and ESPN produces it to make stories.

    3. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      Looks like they won again today.


    4. TonyStalloni


      They play the winner between Texas and New Jersey on wednesday.

  23. They are taking the region winner plus the runner up since they are not allowing teams from outside the USA to participate this year.
  24. A major endorsement that will grant every athlete a serious payday with a special emphasis on football and volleyball players.That would at least for awhile move the needle for recruiting.
  25. I may have to go watch him play a few times this winter.
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