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  1. And has nearly a 42" vertical. There was a twitter post I think early on in this post that showed him in the gym and he had placed a pool noodle on the rim of a basketball hoop. He then took a running jump and touched it with the top of his head. He may not be an every down receiver but if we have a Qb who can place a deep ball he would be a match up nightmare or would draw double coverage and open up the underneath routes. If I remember correctly Trey Palmer had a reputation not running clean routes and not having great hands. When our O line gave Casey T enough time to throw and give Trey enough time to get open it worked out ok more than once.
  2. Grant Muessel of Hail Varsity, Martinez reported logging a 4.28-second (!) 40-yard dash, a 3.83-second shuttle drill, a 39” vertical leap and a 10'9” broad jump.
  3. He is a very fast young man. His hip and leg action is impressive however his arm motion lacks fluidity. His hands look closed but I can't tell if he has fists clenched. I'm not sure if he will pursue track at the college level anyway so it may not matter.
  4. They are always great in field events. This year they had enough strength in the track events to dominate.
  5. I think Josiah may be as huge of a pick up as any of the other three. It looks like he understands rebound angles, boxing out and how to get a shot off inside the paint.
  6. Evan Cooper must have already scouted every football player in the country all the way down to 8th grade and he is starting on 7th graders now.
  7. This team has lost every bit of confidence they started the season with. Even one of our best hitters has only had one hit in the last three games. Our hitters are fooled on the slider almost every at bat. Every pitcher we play knows what we can't hit.
  8. Hastings College had a point guard last year who was pretty good. :-) Might be able to get him!
  9. Minnesota beats us two out of three this weekend.
  10. That may be the weirdest half inning I've ever seen. An infield pop fly that three players couldn't find, an outfield pop fly that three different players couldn't find, a foul ball that the first baseman couldn't catch and a hit batter.
  11. We need to quit scheduling such world class teams midweek. Find some "Sisters of the Poor" or some of the Class C high schools here in the state.
  12. I think I turned the names around. Jerod committed to Michigan but Jacob the LB/DE has yet to commit and was in Lincoln on his own to visit. Not sure he eventually comes here but we are in his top 5.
  13. I guess it's nice to say "Hi we see you'. He is an 8th grader. Thats all there is to say.
  14. Getting them to Lincoln is half the battle.
  15. I guess we will find out how much NIL money is allotted to basketball. Maybe we come out a little better with the three Nebraska players.
  16. https://huskerextra.com/news/basketball/womans-basketball/exciting-australian-forward-jessica-petrie-signs-to-nebraska-womens-program/article_4693dbd8-d958-11ed-8fff-779c7cd0047e.html
  17. https://www.klkntv.com/montana-state-guard-darian-white-transfers-to-nebraska/ In four years at Montana St she totaled 1700 pts, 600 rebounds, 400 assists and 200 steals.
  18. Jerod was in Lincoln Saturday watching the linebackers/D ends practice. Says he will declare a top 5 very soon and wants to commit before his season starts. He said his brother has Nebraska ranked high but also that it's possible they could choose different schools.
  19. Unfortunately we may need to strike the portal quicker than Brady is ready to make a decision. Sallis, McCollum and Wrightsell are all still in play and have at least a year of D1 ball experience. If two of the three want in then to me I would pass on Brady.
  20. I guess it's a good thing Trev shut down the football program all those years ago. Maybe he should have nixed the baseball program too!
  21. 13 runners left on base and we only need 3 runs to go ahead.
  22. Since it will be a long time till he commits and even longer till he graduates our best chance is to show progress the next couple of years and make ourselves more attractive to top players like him.
  23. It just chaps me that with all the division 1 players that have come out of this state in the last 3 or 4 years that the Huskers don't even get a sniff. Only 2 Nebraska players on the roster this season .....one transferred here for his senior season and the other is a walk-on coaches son. I understand the causes....it still grinds my gears.
  24. As much as I had hoped that Dylan would pull the trigger and commit early, I'm wondering if he is realizing that upon coming to Nebraska his every move would be analyzed and everywhere he went he would be a spectacle. The bigger sales job and challenge for this coaching staff is attracting the 4 and 5 star OL and DL that will in turn attract the high school skill positions instead of having to acquire them through the portal. Brandon Baker would be the spark the program needs to a quicker rebuild. If not then this coaching staff better be as good at development as we've been told they are.
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