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  1. Maybe Wisconsin will now be torched in the future for getting rid of formerly 9 wins or better coaches. They can sit on the throne occupied by Nebraska for what seems like ages.
  2. I'm not sure what NIL money he was offered but it looks like he is a strong Notre Dame lean.
  3. I really don't envy Trev and the decision he has to make about a head coach. The qualities I want in a coach is someone who can oversee everything and makes corrections before they become huge problems. He has to understand the correlation between offense and defense. Can't have an offense that is quick strike or one that is so vanilla it goes three and out against any defense with a pulse. It should also be able to use most of the players we currently have otherwise it will be three years before our current players get flushed out......maybe thats not a bad idea. And Trev....please don't hire a coach who loves the golf simulator!
  4. I like Mike G as an option for the Huskers head coach. He has worked hard under Oklahoma's shadow for years and keeps coming out a winner.
  5.  Ajay Allen had surgery and will be lost for the season. He went home to Louisiana with his mom. I'm thinking he will never be back if he can finish the semester online.

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    2. RedDenver


      I'm pretty sure MJ said his mom had come to Lincoln.

    3. TonyStalloni


      When I heard the interview on the radio I heard Mickey say "Ajay's mom came and he's back home" which to me said he was back in his home town with mom. It sounds like he is back in his apartment in Lincoln.

    4. admo


      I thought he was from Missippi,,  but they come to Linkedin



  6. I can't honestly say I am enamored with the Urban mystique. The more I think about it I find my dislike of him was always more that he developed nearly invincible teams that were well coached in football fundamentals.....and the Huskers haven't been. If I remove my jealousy then I would love for him to coach Big Red. I doubt he had more players at Florida who were arrested than any 5 or 6 year period than what Tom Osborne did (or were questioned and released to Tom's custody). We just didn't hear about it often in those days. Urban is no saint don't get me wrong. As long as he understands that this is his chance to clean up his act and that the local media would love a good "Urban Meyer in a pickle of his own making" then he would do well and keep his nose clean. If Urban truly wants to coach I fear Notre Dame will have a coaching vacancy soon and I don't want to say "What if.......
  7. You are right that every highly successful coach has to cut his teeth somewhere and stumble a time or two. For every middle aged coach who finally steps up to the top shelf and turns a program into a winner there are 30 who never move past a.600 record. A legacy coach only comes along once or at most twice a decade. I trust Trev to do the background checks and make sure Urb is willing to stay till the program gets on its feet (minimum 3 years and hopefully 5) and has a successor in place to make a smooth transition.
  8. They will probably like Oklahoma so well they will commit.....to the Sooners.
  9. Thanks for the well wishes and the encouragement. We need all we can get lately. Ya'll seem to have gotten over the hump at least. Best wishes on a great year!
  10. Zane may think about coming to Nebraska if Mike "the mullet" Gundy becomes the new Husker coach.
  11. What is Ed Orgeron doing these days? Mickey kinda knows him. Maybe he's up for a challenge?
  12. We have had some good times before and after past coaches tenure. This one feels different though. Scott was a Husker and native son and 99.99% of fans wanted this to work. There is no joy in seeing him leave but more so a sense of relief that the pain of his time at Nebraska is over. Plus we all know this next hire can make or break the football program.
  13. .Between Bear Bryant and Nick Saban Alabama hired and fired 8 coaches. Their tenure was 3,2,6,3,2,0,3 and 1 year. It was pretty much a revolving door till Nicky came along.

    1. BigRedBuster


      Yep.  I hate coaching changes with a passion.  But, Frost was given all the time he needed to turn this around and it just kept getting worse.  We will eventually find the right coach to bring winning back.  

    2. admo


      Agree.  Revolving doors are not exactly fun.  I hate that it didn't work out the remainder of the year for Former HCSF.  I am thrilled for Mickey. 

  14. Texas comes within a whisker of beating Bama. Washington St beat Wisconsin. App State beat Texas A & M. 

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    2. ladyhawke
    3. TonyStalloni


      Marshall beat Notre Dame.


    4. ladyhawke


      I love this too. ND is over rated and now everyone else knows it too!

  15. Sorry....I forgot this and every post is $hi-t on SF day. I don't think I said Scott hasn't crapped in his own bed more than once.
  16. I understand the angst retaining SF has caused for some. Many were ready to move on after last year. To be fair I don't think the pieces have been in place in the four years Scott has been here. We all hoped he could turn a sows ear into a silk purse over night. Scott has never had running backs, receivers and quarterbacks this talented since he has been at Nebraska. The defense is less than effective it seems so if we are going to win games it will have to be the offense.....with an O line that still has issues. We definitely miss Cam and Noueli and I don't think Prohaska is anywhere near full strength. The line will be a work in progress to get them to average. I hope the truth is that Scott and Whip are on the same page and there is not division amongst either of them.
  17. Did ya'll know that the name of the woman who was dancing between Urban Meyer's legs in his bar? Her name was Cayman Nebraska. That has to be a sign!
  18. Before saturday I was thinking 8-4 (7-5 low and 9-3 high). I am hopeful we played our worst game right off the bat with new players starting, especially on defense. Edge play must improve and tackling as well. Kolarevic wiffed on at least 3 tackles that JoJo would have locked up. Did our D even cause one 3 and out saturday? I am now at 6-6 for the high and 4-8 for the low. I just turned 70 years old a week ago and I am of the conclusion I may never see a good-great Husker football team again. Kinda scary!
  19. Unless Scott has gambled away his earnings from Nebraska he should be ok going forward. Maybe a year or two off to go fishing and hunting would be just what the doctor ordered.
  20. It's a shame he left school when he had a year of eligibility left. He didn't get drafted and the team that gave him a try out cut him last week.
  21. The more I see of Brock the more I like him. Intelligent, verbal and plays with grit and joy.
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