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  1. One run in nine innings facing the worst teams third best pitcher. Will Bolt needs to find some answers either in development or new players. Time to earn that raise he received last fall.
  2. This team can let a nice lead dribble down their leg faster than any team I have watched. Load the bases and can't score. Throw a ball over the first baseman's reach and two runs score. Get the go ahead run on third and can't get him home. 15 runners left on base.
  3. Having two Nebraska kids in the top 8 players would put some butts back in the seats.
  4. It would be nice to get a player who has been in the trenches a few times.
  5. Last year we had seniors and some juniors that graduated and/or were drafted to MLB. The last two years have been one wiped out covid year and a year where the Big Ten only played an in conference schedule. Our younger players didn't have the mid week games vs Northern Colorado, K State, UNO and Creighton to get game experience. Practice can only accomplish so much and is different than playing live games with fans in the stands expecting you to win or opponents fans yelling for their team.
  6. Mickey Joseph and Dawson better be camping on his lawn the rest of summer. He will no doubt get more big time offers than Georgia and Oregon this spring and next fall.
  7. RIP Gilbert Gottfried. Dead at age 67.

    1. ladyhawke


      He was hilarious! I guess he died of a heart complication that he had kept secret. Talented comedian. 

  8. The St Peters Peacocks lost their coach so I'm guessing we are no worse than fourth.
  9. That is a cool way to run the bracket! A little incentive to pick the underdogs.
  10. Whenever I have someone ask me who should they pick to be in the Final Four when they don't or haven't followed the teams all year, I tell them to pick the highest rated team that has the color blue in the uniform. It can be Michigan or Villanova navy blue or NC powder blue. Nearly every year 3 of the final four have blue and 15 of the last 20 national champions have blue in their uniform. Obviously blue and red make up the majority of university's school colors. The last team with red as a major color was Louisville in 2013 and before that it was Maryland in 2002.
  11. Cousin to Alex the QB from the same team?
  12. If Blaise does make it to Lincoln and Walker comes back plus Will Bridenbaugh gets healthy it would give us a nice rotation of bigs. I do hope Tre McGowens decides to play another year.
  13. May we have the St Peters coach here at Nebraska. In his interview he mentioned that games are easy but practice is much harder. He takes no name kids and makes them a real team that plays as one. So refreshing to see. It's easy to pull for them. What other coach could take Barney Fife's grandson and make him a three point shooter?
  14. Creighton survives overtime to drop SD St. Kentucky loses to 15 seed St Peters.
  15. Teddy Allen had 37 points for New Mex St in their win over U Conn.

    1. TonyStalloni


      Aguek Arop from Omaha South HS playing for San Diego St against Creighton.

    2. huskered17


      His uncle is a friend of mine, here in Tucson. Told his uncle he couldn't get along with the coach, at Neb.

      Was told he also was a little hard to control. Little bit of a wild streak, in him. You could see a little of that in Thursday's game. 

      He did play a heck of a game. To bad he couldn't have stuck around, our program.



    3. TonyStalloni


      He was certainly talented but he needs 4 players around him who rarely get to shoot the ball and are satisfied playing defense and rebounding. Most players these days aren't willing to do that plus a team that can shut Teddy down can pretty much win the game.

  16. For sure Nebraska didn’t play a good second half. They lost a 14 point lead quickly and had no clue how to beat 3/2 zone defense. On the other hand I can think of four 50/50 calls in the second half and none were called in favor of Nebraska and two obvious fouls that should have gone the Huskers way that either weren’t called or were reversed in favor of NW. Still not a guarantee the Huskers would have taken advantage of the opportunity but we will never know.
  17. Offense was solid in the first half when NW was in man to man. They came out in the 2nd half in a 3-2 zone and those shots in the lane dried up and we were sporadic on outside shooting. There was a play in the 1st half where Bryce drove the lane and a NW player went to block it from the side and raked his hand over Bryce's forehead which knocked him off balance. Nothing was called. Walker had a play where he went inside and he thought he was fouled and when nothing was called I suspect he said something to the ref which earned him a T. Huskers played a terrible 2nd half but there were two calls in the last 45 seconds that to me were questionable. Walker tried to slide over on a NW player who was driving. His heel was inside the circle and a foul was called as slow mo showed Walker wasn't set either. Fine....two free throws. Then Verge drove the lane and it looked to me that the first defender was close to being set but it could have been a 50/50 call but I thought the second defender got Verge's arm before contact. Charging call on Verge. With 7 seconds left Tre was passed the ball and dribbles to the lane, tries to get off a shot that was tipped. No call which was probably ok. We didn't do enough to win the game in the other 19 minutes of the second half.
  18. I guess that is my biggest complaint. Whatever they decide the rules are....just make it the same on both ends of the floor.
  19. Both the non calls at the end were the same as was called on Walker a few seconds earlier. Defender still sliding under the offensive player. It also looked to me like the defender on Verge's left caught his arm before contact.
  20. I find it interesting that Malaki Branham was named freshman of the year in the Big Ten. He had been named freshman of the week three times this year. The award didn't go to Bryce McGowens who was freshman of the year 8 times and had better numbers. Must be payback for beating OSU in Columbus.

    1. jaws


      I was surprised as well. I thought McGowens had a better year, but Branham has a higher ceiling. I think you should give out the award to the one with that had the better season. Unfortunately, these awards rarely go to the person that actually deserves them.

  21. I want to know who found the voodoo doll Frank hid before he left that put the curse on mens athletics!
  22. Huskers trying to overcome the refs and pull within 4. Go find a W vs Whisky.
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