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  1. he's making 190,000.00 a month not to incompetent to me
  2. good thing we have a bye week coming the punter is going to have to ice his leg
  3. Who is this Bruce Read guy we really have a special teams coach apparently Brown and Foltz didn't listen to him thank god
  4. There are two things I disagree with you MR will only be here two more years three 5 & 7 seasons will do that POB will be the starter next year with a inexperienced office line thanks MR
  5. How could Tom Osborne have lied to us all those years he was here. Telling us he had to run the ball to set up the pass. Yes Tom heaved the ball maybe 10 times a game 50% completion rate 15 20 yards a pass a touchdown or 2 a game. All those years I didn't realize they were afraid of our passing game and forcing us to run the ball, Tom was a sly old coach for sure. I think it's time for us to rename Tom Osborne Field to Mike Riley Field! Do I have any support for the change and remember Tom lied to us. PS Oh by the way Mike and his great staff did something today that never before has been done in Husker history wait for it 6 LOSES BEFORE NOVEMBER WAY TO GO TO A GREAT STAFF THANKS SHAWN FOR BRINGING US TO NEW AND BETTER RECORDS!!!!
  6. I have to agree with you on this and what is also apparent does not communicate with each other, have team meetings. Do they even know each other.
  7. I still a Husker fan still cheer for them hope they win them all. But as taxpayer in Nebraska and a proud parent of a UNL student I feel I should be able to voice my disappointment with this staff. This lack of coaching staff is taking us nowhere but down. I'm not looking for a job with UNL so I can say what I want lol
  8. I agree 100% and when SE hired him I said then and I still believe it today $1,000,00.00 pay increase a year what t a great retirement program. ps I hope he didn't hang pictures in his new house yet
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