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  1. MichiganDad3

    Civil War: CFB Title Landscape

    We need to take advantage of local lineman. No father goes outside and does OL or DL drills with his son. The skill and finesse position players are probably more abundant in warm weather areas.
  2. MichiganDad3

    The BIG in Bowls

    Football is a team sport. Do not let your teammates down for selfish reasons.
  3. MichiganDad3

    The BIG in Bowls

    It is a shame that so many players sit out. Michigan had 5 players that sat out, and all 5 of them will most likely be drafted.
  4. MichiganDad3

    The BIG in Bowls

    And how did we score less than triple digits?
  5. MichiganDad3

    The BIG in Bowls

    The playoff is why I care about the bowls. The BIG has to be perceived as a top conference. Winning bowl games helps build the BIG brand.
  6. MichiganDad3

    The BIG in Bowls

    I am very interested to see how bowl games turn out this season. IMO, the SEC is over rated and the BIG is under rated. Minnesota and Wisconsin started off the bowl season with convincing wins for the BIG. What are your predictions for the rest of the games? I can see the BIG going 7-2. Below are my predictions based on very little research. OSU - Washington: OSU win Penn State - Kentucky: PSU win Iowa - Miss State: Toss Up Northwestern - Utah: Northwestern win MSU - Oregon: Oregon win Michigan - Florida: Michigan win Purdue - Auburn: Toss Up
  7. MichiganDad3

    CFB Power Brokers Discussing Expansion Of CFP To 8

    Join the BIG, and lets have ND vs Nebraska every year! Merry Christmas to you too. Enjoy the holidays.
  8. MichiganDad3

    CFB Power Brokers Discussing Expansion Of CFP To 8

    Norte Dame always plays a cupcake schedule. Michigan, northwestern and Syracuse were their toughest games this year. And ND has decided to quit playing Michigan every year, although they are happy to play state annually.
  9. MichiganDad3

    CFB Power Brokers Discussing Expansion Of CFP To 8

    If team loses one game and doesn’t win there division, they also get a bye. No team should get an at large bid without winning their division.
  10. MichiganDad3

    Opinions on 2020 recruit Charlie Spegal

    My point is that 4.6 is really fast, and we would want this guy if the time is accurate. Who knows, he may be better than Burkhead.
  11. MichiganDad3

    Opinions on 2020 recruit Charlie Spegal

    Burkhead ran a 4.73 forty. If the kid really runs 4.6, take him.
  12. MichiganDad3

    Bunch transferring

    If McCaffrey redshirts, I would like to see him get plenty of playing time in four early games, so we have a capable backup if AM gets hurt.
  13. MichiganDad3

    Bunch transferring

    If they all stay at QB. One could change positions. Nebraska had a QB playing DB on a MNC team, and Bobby Newcombe switched to receiver.
  14. MichiganDad3

    Bunch transferring

    Not similar at all. One QB leaves shortly before the start of the season, robbing a scholarship from a deserving walk-on. The other QB leaves before the start of the spring semester.
  15. MichiganDad3

    National Championship - Huskers vs. Stanford

    No kidding, the angles were terrible. I like the replays in tennis. Absolutely no doubt on the calls.