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  1. Football Player bullies much smaller kid… who knows MMA : (thechive.com)
  2. It seems that Frost needs Speed for his offense to function. In 2018 with Ozigbo, Washington, Spielman & Morgan all was good. In 2019 after Washington left the end of the season was a huge failure. This year is more of the same. Are there any youngsters that Frost can get on the field to salvage this season?
  3. Is there any truth to the rumor that AM had the flu?
  4. But that wasn't a BIG team on Saturday, and the S. Alabama defense was horrendous in 2018. I expected the offense to score at will. Very unsettling.
  5. I am with you. I thought we would steamroll them at that point.
  6. I thought the same thing. No mis-direction, and the tight ends disappeared. I was thinking AM was having a bad day, and Frost just shut it down and ran clock.
  7. This is the encouraging part. The offense had 2 turnovers, special teams added a 3rd, we rushed for under 100 yards on 44 attempts, our QB could not find the open man, and when he did, he usually missed the throw. Despite all that, our defense and remaining special teams easily won the game for us. The game was never in doubt, and at one point we were up by 21, and could have driven a steak through their heart if the offense was not so terrible. It looks like it will take a few games before the OL is ready. I have no idea what happened to AM, but I trust the coaches will correct it if there is
  8. Didn't their 1st string NG get hurt and leave early? It is sad if the 2nd string NG from a Sun Belt team that finished near last in defense last year can dominate the interior of our line.
  9. Did Green play? I didn't hear his name called.
  10. I am remembering TM playing injured. It would have been much better to let him sit and heal. I have no idea what was going on today, but the freshman phenom from last year was not playing today. If AM is hurt, I prefer to play a healthy QB.
  11. Something better change on offense, or we will get blown out next week. If AM is no better than today, Luke M. needs to play.
  12. 98 yards rushing for Nebraska, on the good side, we held our opponent to 88.
  13. I don't see how we stay ranked. Our stats are horrible with the exception of turnovers and return yards
  14. It looked like they could have stopped us while holding their beer ... maybe with a beer in each hand
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