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  1. MichiganDad3

    Pipeline Camp and Frosts Experience

    We have some beef coming in on the D-line this year, but there is a lot of uncertainty with the O-line. Juergen's injury is a pity. I am hoping that strength and conditioning yields remarkable results.
  2. MichiganDad3

    Huskers Hosting Transfer TE

    Can he get a waiver because his family moved? Does Frost want a waiver, or would it be better for Vokolek to have a year to learn the system?
  3. Michigan is a rat hole inside. Benches with numbers painted. I remember when capacity was increased by 10,000 and the reconstruction consisted of repainting the numbers on the benches. The grade of the seats is not very steep, so you end up far away from the field if you are not in a low row.
  4. MichiganDad3

    Milto vs Martinez Year 2 Improvement

    UCF in 2016: 28.8 ppg UCF in 2017: 48.2 ppg Huskers in 2018: 30 I just can't see the Huskers improving by 19 to 20 points per game with a new center, possibly all new RBs, and only Warner and JD back at receiver. And now Robinson is busted for weed I expect improvement, but it is tough to say how much. I am hoping the strength and conditioning makes a major impact. I would be thrill with 40 ppg in 2019.
  5. MichiganDad3

    Milto vs Martinez Year 2 Improvement

    You speak the truth. The last couple of years with Bo an and every year with MR, there was a lack optimism and expectations. We have found the perfect coach. Even 4-8 was fun.
  6. MichiganDad3

    Milto vs Martinez Year 2 Improvement

    That was my point, all UCF year two starters played in year one. We may have a couple true freshman starters. If Mo is gone, and JD bangs his head, we may have 3 or 4 skill players starting that don't even shave.
  7. MichiganDad3

    Milto vs Martinez Year 2 Improvement

    I hope you are right. If we lose Mo, then for skill players only JD and Warner return. Our RS freshman should know the system, but they did not benefit from 12 games of live action. I still think we will be improved, just not as much as UCF in year two.
  8. MichiganDad3

    Milto vs Martinez Year 2 Improvement

    My original post was not about talent or how good we will be this year. There was a lot of talk about how much Milton improver from yesterday one to year two. My guess is that much of the improvement was because it was year two for most of the offence at UCF. If we lose Mo, we could have a true freshman starting RB, it look like we will have a freshman center, and we may have a couple true freshman WRs get substantial playing time. If this is year one in the offence for several players, Frost cannot use the entire playbook, and there will be mental breakdowns. I just do not expect Nebraska's improvement from year one to year two to be as dramatic as it was at UCF.
  9. MichiganDad3

    Milto vs Martinez Year 2 Improvement

    I agree that our D will be much improved, I just don't think the O will make the same jump that the UCF O did in year 2 because we will have too many key O players that are in year 1. I think we will be better, but the improvement will not be as dramatic as it was for UCF.
  10. Milton and the UCF offense showed a major improvement between year 1 and 2, but IMO much of the credit also goes to RBs, receivers & OL who understood the system much better and gave Frost more play calling options. This makes me think the improvement will be less at Nebraska. JD Speilman, Mo and Warner are the only experienced skill players returning, and if bad luck happens we may not have Mo, and JD could be hindered by concussions. Throw in a new center, and this offense does not have the same level of experience with Frost's offense as the UCF team did in year two.
  11. MichiganDad3

    JD Spielman Concussion

    JD with a concussion in the spring. Frost says he is fine, but concussions have a way of ending careers. The info is at the end of the link below. https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/big-red-blitz-frost-has-big-plans-for-mills
  12. MichiganDad3

    ** 2019 Opponent Previews : Northwestern (Game 6) **

    We are going to beat these geeks like a red-headed stepchild. I predict a near repeat of the 2000 game (when NW was Big 10 champion). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9GTj-hQ974
  13. MichiganDad3

    Huskers in 2019....

    And they pick their courses. I don't imagine the low GPA is due to a course load of differential equations, quantum mechanics and thermodynamics.
  14. MichiganDad3

    From Bad Defense to Good Defense

    I still say we win the MNC in 1996 if either Farley doesn't get suspended or there is no flu for the Texas game.
  15. MichiganDad3

    ESPN: First 2019 Way-Too-Early Top 25

    I re-watch the Michigan game, and a few others. It seem Huskers could run away from other defenses, but not Michigan. Backs could hit the corners, and receivers could split the seams against other defenses. At Michigan, the defenders were too fast. Maybe it was AM being hurt, and then not playing.