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  1. Why drop AM in the pocket the last 4 plays. Why not run a QB draw or a rollout with the option of AM running. AM can run. The straight drop is the Husker's worst play. Mind numbing.
  2. Wiscy giving up 7 points a game, and we have 28 with two turnovers, and we are scoring in the red zone, something changed
  3. We have to have some sort of record for yards negated by penalties, and that was a garbage call
  4. I think our odds are better with a 2 point conversion that winning in OT
  5. HaHa, Wiscy brought in TEs and went heavy on 4th and 1. Idiots, the Huskers would never do that
  6. No need to fair catch that, let it go into the end zone. But Frost siad special teams are fine
  7. I know, but losing your best defender hurts. It wouldn't surprise me if Jojo starts in the NFL next year.
  8. Short throws are excellent, the long throws don't look good. On another note, Wiscy is surrendering 7.3 points per game over the last six games. Has the Husker offense is moving the ball and SCORING! Did the new coaches tweak something?
  9. AM could have taken a knee at the end of the half, or masker could have come in
  10. I was thinking of the first play of (I can't remember the game) when the DB thought he had an int but Toure cut in front for the reception
  11. Frost can't resist playing a hurt QB. It was just reported that AM was wincing when putting anything on the ball
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