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  1. Why in the heck is Ozigbo, who had a great start, out on the 2nd drive? Just plain dumb!
  2. Starting with the CO game, I noticed that we bring Mo Barry off of the field on what seems to be passing downs. I cannot say it's 100% of the time, but I remember the broadcasters talking about a good play he made on 2nd down, they kept the camera on him after the play and then he left the field on 3rd & long. CO went on to convert that 3rd & long. I told one of my kids that we are stupid for taking our best defender out. Against NW, I saw him leave the field again on 3rd & long. Unless Barry is just flat horrible on 3rd & long situations, that's a poor decision by the coaches.
  3. I recall that newbie Nebraska came into the Big Ten favored to challenge for the Big Title in its 1st year joining the league. If you think that caused resentment among the other Big Ten teams, I suspect you’re correct. If you think that caused bias against Nebraska, I suspect you’re correct. Move forward to 2018. The new head coach for Nebraska just won several coach-of-the-year honors for the 2017 season, lead UCF to a major bowl win over Auburn and declared that UCF deserved to be crowned National Champion. He had a compelling argument since UCF beat Auburn, who had beaten Al
  4. Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio State were the three biggest challenges on the schedule entering this year. There ARE 6 wins left on the schedule. However, if the team continues to play undisciplined and beat itself with drive killing penalties (Foster vs Purdue, Farmer vs Wisconsin twice on same drive), poor special teams play (Woodyard dropping kickoff in endzone and still came out, Lightborn's punting), dumb defensive penalties on 3rd down (Reed clocking Colorado WR); all bets are off for any wins. Frost: Where's the Heavy Package on 3rd or 4th down & Short? What about a din
  5. 4*, #2 Juco Transfer, Offensive Tackle dismissed by Alabama before even playing a down. Huskers need to check into his availability see what's up. Was expected to be a prime candidate to get reps at Right Offensive Tackle. We need Offensive Tackles. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2639757-charles-baldwin-dismissed-by-alabama-latest-details-comments-and-reaction
  6. 5-star Juco DE Jonathan Kongbo remains unsigned with Tennessee. His reasons and intent seem clear based on the his guardian not being available: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/ncaaf-dr-saturday/5-star-de-commit-tennessee-letter-of-intent-still-not-signed-160802785.html However, maybe his guardian will steer Jonathan clear of Tennessee based on a new lawsuit that Tennessee is facing: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/ncaaf-dr-saturday/tennessee-faces-sexual-assault-lawsuit-involving-football-players-232613263.html We need this guy. Work your magic Riley!
  7. Article says this guy has offers from Auburn, Georgia, Penn State, Texas A&M. We need another OT, so I hope the coaches are doing some schmoozin! http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/ncaaf-dr-saturday/fcs-grad-transfer--exploring-all-options--despite-iowa-st--commitment-192334980.html
  8. I read recently that SF was interested in the OC job in 2010. I also read that he does not want to coach in a fishbowl, so in essence there is a possibility that he will never accept the Husker HC position. Right, wrong or indifferent, the Husker HC is always under the microscope.
  9. Check how many pass attempts Iowa had versus how many Nebraska had. That's called an excellent offensive game plan by Iowa. Put your offense in a position to succeed. Our offense was in a great position to succeed, nobody can help it when Tommy gets stupid. Agree!
  10. I unequivocally disagree. The subject is futile. Watch the video of the locker room after the win against against MSU. The players like Mike Riley, a lot. While I was a dissident before, I respect the players' attitudes and really appreciated seeing the bonding that has occurred between players and coach. Even OL Finnin that quit the team had all good things to say about Riley. So, fire Riley? Not a chance it will happen!
  11. Granted, Rutgers has given up a lot of yards the last few games. However, in 2 of our last 3 games, Nebraska has allowed the opposing QB to look like a superstar. So, if we bring our A game and the coaches don't lose their edge and regress, we should beat Rutgers. If we cop an attitude that Rutgers has given up a lot of yards and mentally we let up, then we will be playing against IA trying for our 5th win. Sounds like the Huskers are confident this week, but the Huskers best be hungry too!
  12. You know the Huskers are focused this week. IMO, the opportunity to respond by beating an undefeated top-10 team is front & center on their minds. Huskers will take care of business and pull it out.
  13. If nothing else in the season changed except for some end of game clock management, most likely NU is 6-3. All of this stuff is Football 101. I can't believe a bunch of very highly compensated coaches can't say something on their headsets to point this out during the game. #1: Armstrong snapped the ball way too early in the waning moments of the BYU game, like 8-9 seconds left on the play clock? I suspect the sideline did not tell him to slow snaps down, and we easily gave BYU an extra 30-45 secs on their Hail Mary drive. #2: At Illinois, we need to run down the clock by running the ball,
  14. Solich hired his good friends CB and DG; you can go look up the subsequent decline. Yes, I agree Huskers did well in 2003 under Solich, but it was due to the new DC Pelini, which was a great role for Pelini. Callahan should have kept Pelini as DC, but Callahan brought in his friend Cosgrove. ADSP pulled the plug on Solich in 2003, but for Solich it was already too late as he seemed in over his head after Osborne's recruits were out of the pipeline.
  15. IMO, Solich was fired because he hired friends and it failed. Callahan hired friends. Pelini hired friends. Riley hired friends. The friends protocol does not work.
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