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  1. Ohio State - L Wisconsin - L Northwestern - W Penn St. - L Illinois - W Iowa - W Purdue - W Minnesota - W I think we will improve as the season moves along. I can't see us losing to Iowa this year. Rough start with a steady improvement. Defense is a big question mark. I think the special teams will surprise and Luke will complement AM pulling us to 5-3. Last game is an unknown so 5-4 most likely with a high ceiling of 6-3.
  2. Very encouraging! We need him on the field.
  3. I agree too. Hoping the TE production steps up like some of the posts have suggested may happen, especially if Omar has injury issues.
  4. https://www.blackheartgoldpants.com/2020/9/29/21493194/iowa-hawkeye-football-linebacker-djimon-colbert-opt-out-2020-season-seth-benson-jack-campbell-bhgp
  5. True IMO. We will be battle tested early which should help as the season progresses. I want to beat Iowa and Minny so bad!
  6. I'm hopeful this season, but fearful of drinking the koolaid. Especially with OSU being the first game. Feeling a bit better about Wisconsin. Just hope we don't suffer more losses due to injury. CB position is getting pretty thin.
  7. Yep. https://madison.com/wsj/sports/college/football/report-badgers-qb-jack-coan-injured-at-practice/article_b6cf6b78-bbaf-5cbb-a987-53b3b9d6ed99.html Looks like a serious injury. Mertz is highly regarded, but didn't play much last year. Will be interesting.
  8. Almost like watching House of cards. Every day is a new episode.
  9. I don't doubt this based on their bylaws. 60% vote needed or 9 schools to move forward. Looks like NU, Iowa, Wisc., Ohio State , Penn State, Purdue, and Indiana are in. MSU, and Maryland are out according to sources. Making that assumption right now. Illinois, Northwestern, Minnesota, Michigan , Rutgers are ??? No idea how this will go. If they vote no , then I see a major $hit show of angry fans from the schools who want to play and some lawsuits to boot.
  10. https://www.si.com/college/indiana/football/live-blog-big-ten-presidents-football-decision-sunday
  11. I'm old , but in pretty decent shape. day 1- pilates day 2- old p90X chest and back day 3- hot power yoga day 4- old P90x shoulders. biceps and triceps day 5- yoga sculpt for cardio day 6- off day- bike ride or a couple of gin gimlets day 7 - hot power yoga Rinse and repeat with addition of the p90x workout changes Masks and temp scans required for pilates and yoga classes upon entering and signing in. Really the core work, balance and flexibility with yoga is under appreciated.
  12. I remember Soylent Green. LOL! Watched it in a movie theater as a youngster which shows my age. Edward Robinson's last film. Movie was ahead of it's time.
  13. Still hoping we get a 10 game season or something as close to that as possible. https://purdue.rivals.com/news/ten-game-big-ten-only-schedule-seems-likely-for-2020 Listened to 1620 on the way home today. I think the Big10 will make a herculean effort to make this happen. Maybe we play only 6 games if COVID cases come up which I'm sure they will. Possibly play in two week intervals with quarantine measures in place. Canceling the season will wreck havoc on recruiting as everyone knows. Conferences like the SEC will also try to get as many games as possible. I'm trying
  14. I agree. The LB's both OLB and OLB appear to be the biggest concerns moving forward.
  15. I think Fleck and Frost are both good coaches. Minnie is 1 year ahead of us on the rebuilding effort. I also think the cupboard was more bare than Frost was lead to believe initially. In 2 years we should outpace Minnesota and challenge Wisconsin on a regular basis IMHO.
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