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  1. I have no problem with Editorial Boards "taking a side" and offering their opinion, like a big city paper endorsing a presidential candidate. But at least put forth some reasonable facts and rationale for your opinion; that is lacking here, to put it very nicely. Bill and Mike were much more successful but "the critical difference, in our view, is that Frost genuinely knows and feels Husker fans’ pain." DAFUQ!?! That's your leading basis to keep Scott Frost!?! Yeesh. ...playing within 10 points of four top 10 teams represents marked progress." This seems to be their only quantifiable support. Four losses of less than 10 points, needing to include +2 possession games to get tOSU loss in there. Losses to perceived lesser teams indict the coach’s ability to have his team ready each week, but weekly Big Ten results show that the league is light on cupcakes and underscore the difficulty of the Huskers’ schedule this year. He has innumerable posses to lesser teams and zero good wins. "In addition, the obvious brotherhood and on-field performance of the Blackshirts is deeply heartening, It brings back memories of the Husker pride and spirit of better times and demonstrates the player-centric committed culture Frost has sought. That culture is sustainable from year to year as new players come in and this year’s younger guys step into leadership roles." Is there anything to support this, other than coach speak (when you ignore throwing players under the bus and backing it up)? "As a quick aside, that leadership will serve these players throughout life off the field." WHAT!?! Keep looking the other way, OWH. This body of support that an entire Editorial Board could find to keep Scott Frost is more telling than their conclusion.
  2. "and finding a system that can best feature his talents for the NFL."
  3. Wait, who recruited Wandale? I need to know before I am allowed to levy any criticism on our 12-20 staff.
  5. Imagine arguing and/or believing Trump stands for states’ rights, the Constitution, etc. GTFO, kick rocks, Joe. Take your schtick to Parler.
  6. What was your favorite Georgia runoff moment? Perdue chicken’ing out of debate; Loeffler’s denim and trucker hats Hail Mary; Other?
  7. Add him to the list, man! I was just going through 247 WR recruits, not assigning subjective position use to anyone, like those recruited by our RB coach. That completely absolves Frost
  8. Or just maybe he was listed as an All Purpose Back on 247, which is part of their Running Back group.
  9. Frost's WR Recruits 2018: Jaron Woodyard commits after Frost's hire. Transfers to Marshall. Andre Hunt commits after Frost's hire. Never played, expelled. Justin McGriff commits after Frost's hire. Transfers to Utah State. Mike Williams commits after Frost's hire. 17 catches in 2 years. Dominick Watts commits after Frost's hire. Never makes it to campus. 2019: Demariyon Houston. Hasn't played? Kanawoi Noa. 17 receptions in 1 year here. 2020: Zavier Betts. 12 receptions, 131 yards, 1 TD. Marcus Fleming. Transferring. Omar Manning... Alante Brown. 1 reception. William Nixon. Knee injury, has not played. Maybe, just maybe, Mike Riley isn't our problem with WR retention and production over 3 years after his departure. Or we can keep rationalizing for Frost.
  10. That's not how it works, unless you assume no other team in the country has attrition. Some of those players still played and lost for Frost.
  11. @Mavric, I'm curious, why did you break it down 2015-2018 and then 2019-2020? Doesn't that imply the 2018 class and its shortcomings are somehow on Riley, not Frost? Riley inherited classes ranked: 35th 22nd 32nd Frost inherited classes ranked: 23rd 26th 30th Riley went 19-19; Frost is 11-20. I recall this same "Do we have the talent?" conversation during the last regime. We did, we do; we still don't have the coaching, playcalling, clock management, player development, etc.
  12. By my unofficial count, SELECTIONS BY TEAM: Illinois 1 Indiana 4 Iowa 4 Maryland 1 Michigan 0 Michigan State 0 Minnesota 2 Nebraska 0 Northwestern 2 Ohio State 9 Penn State 5 Purdue 2 Rutgers 0 Wisconsin 3 Nebraska and Rutgers also had 0 last year.
  13. Stop f'n around! He can still scam his cultists (see above) for money, I don't care.
  14. Trump and his legal team, headed by Kushner, are all too incompetent to pull off this Hail Mary. It is over. Anything going forward is just another scam for more money.
  15. Weird, no science-denying VPs or incompetent grifting son-in-laws.
  16. About the time for the cultists to start pretending they never supported Trump.
  17. Agreed, @knapplc. The polls were actively contracting from the Comey letter to election day. It was the perfect storm. It would take a sizable polling error for Trump to win, one that we've only seen once in the last 60+ years (1980 when Reagan was favored to win and won big). And that concedes the polling error swings Republican’s way, when it went the other way in 2012 (2.7 pts), 2000 (3.4 pts), 1988 (1.4 pts.).
  18. After Biden wins, what happens to the MAGAts and the Republican party?
  19. Have you seen Dr. Ronny Jackson lately?
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