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  1. Nail on the head. Nobody is expecting this guy to get you 20/game. But if he can spread the floor and knock down 2-3 wide open looks in a game, he will have done his job.
  2. I guess I missed that, like I said I saw it extremely unlikely anyhow but good to know he’s announced that. What’s the feeling on Thor?
  3. The only other one I could maybe see is walker. Would be real surprised, but he’s the only one who really hasn’t publicly announced his commitment to the program, and he could be a real help to a lot of programs that are a step above nebrasketball. He’s the only one that I would say there’s a sliver of a chance.
  4. Not sure why these 2 aren't being talked about more. They were definitely the worst in my opinion
  5. Yeah I get what you're saying, and if that could be be pulled off I'd give it two thumbs up. However, a creative way of thinking is going to have to be pulling out a diamond in the rough. Herman would be an obvious choice IMO but, Its also the obvious choice for about anyone who has a coordinator position available. I know project coordinators don't usually work out, but that's just kind of where we are now. Lubick is probably as high profile of a name we are capable of getting at this point. Honestly, I would also be surprised if he's actually going anywhere, anyways. So it probably doesn't m
  6. I see Herman going to a G5 (UCF probably) or taking an OC at a top tier program (could honestly see him replacing the guy who replaced him)
  7. I think/hope you're right, It just wouldn't make sense for him to leave now that Luke is gone, unless there is a splash transfer in the works.
  8. Just saw on twitter, someone post a link to a HuskerOnline forum that there are grumblings of Smothers dipping his toe in ACC land. Anybody else heard anything about this that actually pulls any weight? what I saw didn't reveal any reliable sources and i'm just hoping its someone trying to troll.
  9. Yeah I predict that he transfers somewhere that "guarantees him a shot at QB" misses his shot and eventually changes positions and excels, rather than transferring to a new school where he can have yet another shot at QB. It would kind of suck to watch that unfold and be left here wondering what could have been, but such is life.
  10. Maybe the offense will do their part a little better to put some pressure on opposing offenses, then maybe the D would be even better.
  11. Wow, That was extremely unathletic.... Oof
  12. I mean when you set yourself up with a recruiter, isn't that basically what you're doing ?
  13. Nah. We don’t want him, too much of an unknown with that hand injury. Who’s to say he is ever himself again?
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