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  1. Alabama seemed to figure a few things out until a terrible pass gets picked in the end zone. HUGE play for the 'Dawgs.
  2. The Georgia defense it totally dominating Alabama right now.
  3. Sounds that way. Wisconsin seems to be looking elsewhere.
  4. Sweet fake punt by Georgia. Both teams pulling out all the stops.
  5. Sounds like he's getting ready to make a decision. Maybe a big game today would be just what he needs ...
  6. Wow. Alabama fakes a punt and gets a first down but it's called back because they didn't get the snap off before the play clock ran out. Saban not pleased.
  7. Find myself rooting for Georgia in this one. Just tired of Alabama.
  8. Covered somewhere else but the game was postponed from earlier in the year due to a hurricane.
  9. But if he's just telling a previous commit that he can't sign, he would still be able to take a more-sought-after player instead of someone else without technically "over-signing".
  10. If only we were in need of a couple DTs......
  11. Really hope Rex is back there unless there is a pretty good chance of a return - such as them punting from inside their own 30 - then Jamal.
  12. I might have used all my +1s in this thread.
  13. This is a perfect scenario for why four isn't enough. When you don't play many teams outside your conference, comparing teams is too subjective. A one-loss conference champion doesn't make the top eight because they had one bad game. The near-consensus #1 team could easily have lost at home to a sub-.500 team. If Pitt had made that FG, would that make ND any worse of a team? No, only the perception of them would have changed.
  14. I think 8 is the number and not limited to conference champions. I would take any conference champion ranked in the top 10 or 12 and fill in the rest with the highest-ranked teams with a limit of two per conference. I don't think four is quite right because there are too many variables - such as taking Florida over Georgia (assuming GA loses to Alabama) - which penalizes Georgia for beating Florida in the regular season. Also, some teams get a break for having one bad game - or being in the same conference as a great team - but others don't.
  15. If you want a meaningless regular season game, check out the LSU-Alabama game last year. Other than it made it "easier" for Alabama to get into the championship game because they didn't have to play a conference championship game.
  16. That's about the first thing I noticed as well. Remember when it was a travesty that Nebraska got in the championship game even though they didn't win the conference? Now two out of four teams didn't even win their DIVISION and it's not a big deal. Interesting how perspective changes.
  17. I'm assuming you meant last time we didn't have any turnovers. You have to go all the way back to ... So. Miss this year. Before that it was Iowa and Minnesota last year.
  18. Gary Patterson chewing out a player - who didn't really even make a mistake - is "just good, strong coaching"

    1. Creighton Duke

      Creighton Duke

      I'm telling you guys, they don't.

    2. Judoka


      I'd have to agree, ESPN isn't still all over Muschamp or Kelly for getting all over their players.

    3. NUance


      Not sure if it's an agenda. But they sure pan the sidelines a lot more to show Bo on espn games than on BTN games. Just sayin...

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  19. Reports are out that he killed his girlfriend also.
  20. ESPN now reporting that a Chiefs player committed suicide. ESPN Article
  21. Other, unverified reports say a player was shot. KMBC Article
  22. Why would it be revenge to play K-State? Did they ruin a season for Nebraska? Congrads on the win! They beat us in the second round of the tournament last year.
  23. Looks like Illinois will win and Penn St. will lose. That would make it 6-5 B1G and leave it up to Ohio St. to hold off Duke.
  24. Fortunately Purdue picks them up. Looks like MSU isn't going to get it done. That would make it 5-4 B1G.
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