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  1. Probably not the list you would expect...
  2. Talks to Ohio State and Oregon the most. Says Penn State has been his dream school since he was young. Says he'd like to visit Oregon, Ohio State, Penn State and Nebraska. Says his favorite thing about Oregon is how far it is from Indiana.
  3. He's been talking to both Lubick and Chinander (plus others) and we've told him he could play on either side of the ball - wide receiver or linebacker.
  4. I do think there is something to that. Plus knowing it was going to be a quick turn-around. If it was going to be 4-5 weeks before the game I think the answers could have been different as well. 7-10 days is pretty quick, especially with everything else going on.
  5. ILB Jacob Imming - Iowa State Snowbird
  6. This is pretty nuts:
  7. At least the Pac-12 knows they had to get rid of the guy who bungled this season...
  8. Are these the guys that are pissed because they didn't get two "Big Mac meals"?
  9. It does not appear that users had been getting notifications for warnings they were issued in the last couple versions. The only setting I can find is supposed to give you a notification at the top of the window when you receive a warning and you must acknowledge that before you are able to post again.
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