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  1. Probably unpopular, but coach Dawson has done a better job than coach Ruud, in my opinion.
  2. No it wouldn’t because a new coach finding and hiring a new staff is considered standard practice. A lame duck coach looking for top line assistants in his area of expertise for a 1 year contract is chaotic. it’s not particularly mathematical. Chaos doesn’t necessarily increase because there’s more positions to fill. Filling out the entire staff makes it more straightforward. When it comes to coaching staffs, Trying to hire 4 people for 5/6 roles is more chaotic than a blank slate of 10 people for 11/12 roles. This current head coach’s deficiencies makes things worse.
  3. I think you are confusing “chaos” with “talent search”. chaos is what Nebraska went through after solich was fired. Chaos is whatever seems to be going on in Lincoln now. Talent searches are always ongoing for any and all coaches with talent. Any decent coach will get headhunters calling them every offseason.
  4. Why would hiring a new full staff be chaotic? The amount of chaos depends only on the quality of leadership in charge of the hiring.
  5. I’m right there with you, cos I think frost should have been fired immediately after Minnesota. I would say p5/ranked experience should absolutely be a criterion. Not needing that experience from assistants is how we got here in the first place.
  6. Any stats on performance against top 25 and/or power 5 teams?
  7. After these last two games, my concern for frost is that he’s not a good enough leader to not get in the way of whoever he hires, especially if they are actually decent in their roles. I just don’t think he is savvy or humble enough to truly step back and allow other coaches to shine where he is weak, especially on game day.
  8. What makes us so confident that those players want to come here?
  9. The book is out on beating Scott frost coached teams: - they are going to get some yards. Don’t worry about that. Frost is a play design genius, but that’s it. when they need to score to tie they’ll shoot themselves in the foot. Take advantage. - you can count on their defense leaking at some point in the game for long scores. Take advantage. - they don’t really care about special teams. I mean, they say they do, but actions indicate they don’t. You could gain close to 200 hidden yards on them, maybe a score. - whatever your offense is, just don’t commit penalties. They alway sellout to stop one aspect of your offense. They will allow you to freely do what you don’t usually do. You could even set some records if you find out what they are allowing. - unless you are down by 4 scores with 2 mins left, you still have a great chance to win.
  10. I stopped watching after the safety so I could save myself.
  11. almost seems like vegas is testing husker fans in preparation for next year. i'm predicting an iowa blowout.
  12. Haha is that all it took to lose your support?
  13. ah. so you weren't actually looking for a response. i suppose i should have known better than to reply to your question. any other dismissive replies from your rollodex you wanna send me before i put you on ignore?
  14. Based on many things. There’s definitely questions about exactly what value Matt Davison would bring to that search process. but really, it shows a fundamental level of unseriousness if, as a head coach in Frosts position, you delegate maybe the most important determining factor of your on field success to someone significantly less qualified than you.
  15. The more this goes on, the worse it gets for Nebraska Football. My opinion, matt Davison should have left with all the other offensive staff.
  16. If you want to know how it’s going to go next year, all you have to do is look at frosts press conference on Wednesday. People looking for a reason to gloat that frost wasn’t fired will use that, but I expect the dysfunction on offense to get worse next year. delusion and hubris are a terrible combination.
  17. No oNe WaNTs tO WIn mOrE tHaN ScOTt !!!1111
  18. if the very issue he was having was that he was poor at being a CEO, making him focus on being the CEO without a plan to have him fix his issues may not work out well.
  19. The main issue I have with how things have gone down is, what is the plan for fixing/correcting Frosts personal deficiencies? No matter who he brings in on offense, he still needs to get better at focus, motivating players, attention to detail, clock management, decision making, and player/roster management. basically, we have a plan to hopefully fix special teams, the oline, rbs, Wrs, and playcalling. Where’s the plan to help frost get better?
  20. At $1.33 million per win in 4 years, he’s currently playing with house money. Not much of a bet if you ask me.
  21. Show me a quote where I said that. Let’s not act silly here.
  22. One can only hope Trev Alberts can put the sentimentality aside and be pragmatic. The true solution to this to keep everyone happy, in my opinion, is to bring another head coach with playoff or major bowl experience, demote frost to either assistant hc or analyst to understudy the new coach, while keeping the defence and Sean beckton intact in order not to lose some of that momentum. next best thing to to just clean house. you're losing most of your difference makers on defense, and your underutilized offensive talent will likely look to transfer anyway. plus recruiting and development is trash under frost.
  23. the only issue with this is that Frost just doesn't have what it takes to be CEO.
  24. Chinander is going to go somewhere and help someone win a conference championship. maybe even in the B1G.
  25. All of what you wrote here is an indictment of frost. there’s talent capable of truly challenging for the west. But he doesn’t know how to maximize it. Frost is a genius play designer and analyst, but he’s not a good head coach. That’s the reality. Not everyone is built for the ruthlessness and attention to detail being a head coach requires.
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