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    For once I didn't say it...
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    Damnit!!! I knew it started with a "D" though.
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    And I think it's fair to ask guys to move on, if it isn't working out, it isn't working out. It's that simple, now if a guy gets hurt that different, and he can't ever fully recover or get back to where he was that's why you have medical hardships for those kind of guys, I believe three as I said earlier were placed on medical hardship just recently.
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    Over your head? That's ok, you can try better next time, until then.
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    Wow, an actual answer instead of your usual dribble. Here's what I know, there's a lot people that like to white knight this program into something that it wasn't. At the end of the day you can either accept that or you can't. It seems pretty apparent that yes though I may not know exactly who supported Lawrence Phillips back then on this sacred board it seems a lot easier to take shots at him today well after the fact. And if you would like me to stop using the "Straw Man" argument, you logic major you, well that's easy, how about the Peter Bros? How about the use of steroids in our program that were running rampant back then, how about all these other not so high character guys that were in program? There were a lot more issues than Lawrence Phillips in the 90s, but as I've said before and been ignored over and over again by people that just want their opinion and not the truth, people seem to ignore all that stuff an focus only the championships, not the process, but the results.
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    Oh God, please Knapp tell me what exactly I made up. Lawrence Phillips was suspended and brought back for a title game, people still gush over our 95 championship that he was a huge part of, so unless I'm missing something here...Oh wait my opinion doesn't fall in line with yours, that's right, silly me.
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    I love how people will rip Lawrence Phillips to shreds these days, but most people didn't say a word when he was breaking tackles and being arguably the best Big 8/12 running back ever (that includes Sanders, Williams, and AP). And who says you can't take a chance on troubled kids, you're doing them as much as of a disservice not pulling them out of a bad situation they would be living in. I would say sending a kid like that to the NFL is the greatest thing these coaches could do for them. We have "good kids" that get in trouble in all the time too, so to say that one lapse of judgment from an 18 year old kid makes him a bad representation of a "perfect" program is laughable.
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    Since when do we care that these guys become better men? Don't remember anyone saying things like that during the 90s...
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    How is an athletic scholarship different, you're brought in to perform athletically. An academic scholarship, you're brought in to get grades, does the university have loyalty to you because you slack off and don't take things as serious as you should so you lose your GPA? No they send you on your way, why in football should that be any different? And when in the world did I say a word about cutting guys with injuries? I didn't, that's what medical hardships are for. And finally SEC schools cut kids all the time and don't have a problem getting kids to keep joining their classes in bunches. Those kids go in with the mindset that they will succeed and they're accepting of the challenge, and not that afraid that "oh no I might get cut" mentality.
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    It's the time of the year to look at our roster and decide who's made an impact and who still hasn't seen the field in since they've stepped foot in Lincoln. I know there were about three players recently that were placed on medical hardship, but there are more guys on this roster than haven't played a down since arriving on campus and likely never will that are taking up scholarships that could be used going forward to recruits or given to a guy like a RK III. Loyalty is a wonderful thing, but an athletic scholarship is no different than any other scholarship. If you receive a full academic scholarship to UNL and don't make the grades/GPA you will lose that scholarship. In my mind, that is how it should go for football, if you can't cut it at D-I football then it is time to move on and this coaching staff will help you find a new home. To start competing with the big boys we must start acting like them.
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    Don't be Foolish: Keep the Man

    Bo could be an amazing coach in the Sun Belt
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    Give up 70 points in a conference title game? Enjoy your extension you've clearly earned!
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    Next commit?

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    EZ I really agree with you here, I don't think the 500 mile radius is as important as people make it out to be. The fact that you can't ignore is that the best athletes in the country come from Texas, Florida, Lousiana, Georgia, Alabama, California, Virginia ect...I think for ultimate success in recruiting especially with regards to the Big 10 Nebraska needs to hit those areas harder, I will say Missouri seems to be really stepping up their talent pool as of late, but overall though it may be much more difficult, Nebraska battling down south still seems more worth it many times than fighting for kids up north. Like you said those kids are playing the top talent in the country week in and week out while kids in this part of the country just aren't, they may play a few of them, but not teams full of them. The fact is a 3-Star kid from LA or GA is going to be different from a 3-Star from Iowa or Kansas, and recruiting the Big 10 can be very difficult when the top athletes in the states of Ohio and Michigan go to those schools and mainly leave us with the scraps. Honestly if we're going to be mainly left with scraps at times (not saying we can't recruit at the highest level and compete for anyone, I think we can just making an example) I'd rather take kids from LA, AL, FL, ect. because they are usually better athletes and have faced tougher competition. Schools down there fill up quick so if you can swoop in and get a guy like a Jaevon Walton or a Cethan Carter because those schools filled too quick and leave amazing talent ripe for the pickings you do it, because those kids get overlooked and it's great for your program, there's just so much talent in those areas that not everyone can be a 4-star and 5-star, many of those kids if they played in Iowa or Nebraska would most likely be solid 4-star guys (though playing the best does help you improve as a player and makes you better) and just shows how truly talent rich those areas down there are compared to the 500 mile radius we have up here. I know that's not exactly what you were saying, but some variation with my own spin.
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