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  1. If a 2 loss Alabama isn't getting a sniff, then nobody else with two losses will. Also - don't believe that the Buckeyes would be in either way. The CFP committee is doing everything humanly possible to get as many SEC teams into the playoff as possible. If LSU loses, they don't drop below 4th. If Georgia loses, and either OU or Utah loses, they don't drop from 4th.
  2. Anybody want stats, here you go: https://collegefootballdata.com And for those that want to parse stats: https://api.collegefootballdata.com/api/docs/?url=/api-docs.json Develop a client for it, knock yourself out.
  3. I'm probably getting all worked up at the headline in the ESPN article. Because ESPN isn't about sensationalizing an article for clicks....
  4. That's non-union. Football Saturday, tickets must taste like beef.
  5. Did you put some Montreal Steak Seasoning on the ones you ate?
  6. Shouldn't these guys be gone? Not trying to convict the young men (or victim shame the young woman) here, but Isn't Frosty the same guy who was benching players last year for stupid stuff, and basically removed Washington from the team? That pales in comparison to this one... That makes this look so awful, the suspension bit. Suspended indefinitely, that's a better look, here.
  7. I'm still hung up on the SnapChatting a booty call. Obviously, I'm an old head here, but is that the norm now?!?
  8. Sooooooooooooo many things wrong with this right now, but I need to parse my words carefully... The university's investigation report states that the first respondent, Hunt, said he invited the woman over to his apartment via SnapChat and told her he wanted to have sex. Show the SnapChat log. The woman said she told Hunt she didn't want to have sex with him, and that he agreed they could just hang out, according to the report. According to the report, Hunt, LeGrone and the woman each said Hunt and LeGrone had sex with her; however, they disagreed as to whether the sex was consensual. For example, the woman said that, at one point, Hunt put a blanket over her head to obstruct her view of LeGrone, according to the report. LeGrone said he asked if he could join in sexual activity with the woman, and that she said, "OK," but Hunt contradicted his teammate and told the investigator LeGrone did not ask to have sex with her, according to the report. What the hell went on in this apartment?!?
  9. That cutting sports news organization BLASTING NEWS
  10. Let's be fair, here.... Baylor was blessed to not get something of a very stiff NCAA violation with all the crap that went down under Briles and Ken Starr. They weren't going to be stupid and run a coach after coming off a mess like that. Oh, look at that: Co-Coordinators?!? BLASPHEMY! And Glenn Thomas was his o-Coordinator at Temple! He was DEMOTED!
  11. Yep, I don't disagree with that one. Burns me up every time I see an edge defender running inside losing contain on the outside.
  12. Had to do some looking on this one. Lends credibility to my killing a chicken at the 50 yard line: Nebraska's historical rankings in the country - turnovers: 2009: 33rd 2010: 71st 2011: 95th 2012: 75th 2013: 102nd 2014: 43rd 2015: 107th 2016: 69th 2017: 115th 2018: 44th 2019: 25th I went back 10 years. Then I went back even further. 2003: SECOND IN THE COUNTRY in turnover margin What else happened in Nebraska Football, 2003??? Meet me after dark on the 50. Bring the chicken.
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