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  1. Whs from cb


    The problem with the officiating is when the flag is thrown. How many times is it thrown at a crucial time in the game that changes the momentum of the game.It seems to happen in all the Big 10 games I have watched this year.
  2. Whs from cb

    *** Official Ohio State Game Thread ***

    I love how this board is so up and down on the coaching staff. Its the first year for this staff and shows what coaching is all about. The players are starting to see the buy in that coach Frost was talking about. Love to see Nebraska playing hard and still in the game. The turn around has started. Know get the officiating on a level playing field and I will be happy.
  3. In collage I learned in stats class anything can be proven using math to show your hypnosis is correct. The fact remains that no holding calls in two years in the Big 10 can't be because other teams don't hold players from Nebraska. They just don't call them. Holding can be called on any play in the game and is one of the most call penalties in the game. How many times has Nebraska been called for a penalty when it matters to most. I strongly believe that we have been on the wrong end of many calls that have changed the momentum and the final outcome of the game.
  4. Whs from cb


    No holding calls in two years in the Big ten is all we needed to know?
  5. Whs from cb

    *** Official Minnesota Game Thread ***

    I said this last week. Look what happens when don't get called for PI and Ruffing the passer. I think the real proof is in the fact we had no holding calls go our way in two years of play in the Big 10. That was mind blowing.
  6. Whs from cb

    *** Official Minnesota Game Thread ***

    great on D so far
  7. Whs from cb

    *** Official Minnesota Game Thread ***

    First holding call in two years of Big 10 play!!!!!!! You talk to the experts and they say you can call holding on any play, Yes there has been bad calls against Nebraska that has changed the results in some games.
  8. Whs from cb

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    Good post, looked the same on TV
  9. Whs from cb

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    I think you missed the point, the penalties called in the Big Ten are not being called in the other conferences. When you have such a vast difference in the number of calls on one side as as apposed to the other it make you wonder what the -- -- is going on.
  10. Whs from cb

    What did we learn today

    Remember these players are the same players we had on the team last year. Bad habits are hard to break and lack of speed on both O and D turn us into what we are. Look for faster players and more diciplined players to be recruited in the future. You can't coach speed, it's genetic. Why do you think we get beat so often in the passing game. Lack of speed!!!!
  11. Whs from cb

    Responsibility vs Blame

    I agree, let the coaches do what they do and leave them alone. They make mistakes and the players make mistakes. We need consistency in a program for Nebraska to be successful. We have a proven coach that has had success and needs time to correct all the problems from prevous coaches. Remember the team is made up of players that were signed by other coaches, the bright spots are players that have bought into the system. I see many more players leaving and a new group with better skills coming in. Be Patient we are going to get a lot better!!!!!!
  12. Whs from cb

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    Can anyone tell me how many flags were thrown on the last two drives against Nebraska? Including the ones that were declined? I watched the Louisiana State game after the Nebraska game and focused on the pass rush and PI calls made and noticed a big difference in the level of play permitted from the SEC and the Big officials. Look at the lack of calls when Nebraska was putting pressure on the QB and no call for throwing the ball in the dirt, sure there was a player close but he was in no position to catch the ball, happened twice on the second to last drive. This is called in the other conferences but not in the BIG. The same holds true for the Pac twelve and the Big twelve. The ruffing the passer penalty on the one yard line is a case in point. The SEC officials let the players play the game. Looks like the Big officials control the pace of play, the speed of play and the game itself. It sure seems like the flags come out when the game is on the line and a team from the old big ten needs to score or a team needs to stop a team from scoring. I watched many Big games this year and had this though in almost every game. Several friends have noticed the same type of officiating through the season. I don't think this is random and is something that needs to be addressed.
  13. Whs from cb

    *** Official Northwestern Game Thread ***

    That might be the worst officiated game I have seen in my life. You can t beat the team and the refs.
  14. Whs from cb

    Player sideline demeanor was disappointing

    I think that is what coach Frost is talking about. get the job done or get out of the way.
  15. Whs from cb

    Player sideline demeanor was disappointing

    All you have to do is ask the teachers and coaches around the country how different the players are today compared to twenty years ago. Look what happen when gabby lost the starting Qb position, didn't take him long to show his true colors. Why do you think coach Frost is talking about buying into the program. Need to get rid of the cancer. Most students and athletes are looking for what is best for them {What have you done for me today, Attitude} don't you understand its all about me. Reason many coaches have retired!!!!!! This is what needs to change at Nebraska for the team to start winning..