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  1. My top 4: Bob Stoops Pete Caroll Nick Sabin Urban Meyer Just double their current salary, and they will come. Every man has a price, and if the money is there, they will come. If you want the program to get back to national championship level, why mess around? get yourself a national championship caliber couch.
  2. What changed? When Osborne was couching we used to destroy teams at will. Last night USC handled us at will. Now if it was two evenly matched teams and a fight until the end, it would be one thing, but last night USC could run against us at will, and force us three-and-out at will. I have heard for some time how other teams are “Catching up to the Huskers”. Yes teams catch up, but that was not the case last night, we were not even competitive until the USC started resting their starters. I also understand that Solich left the cupboard bare in terms of talent. But we have supposedly had “top 10 recruiting” classes for three or four years now. I cannot put my finger on what exactly changed. Please help me out. Is it the coaches? Is there that big of difference in game plans? Is it that reactive coaches will always be destroyed by aggresive coaches? Is it that starting with Solich we have a string of conservative coaches (much like Carr at Michigan), who just try to keep the game close, and eventually hopefully win, rather than going for the Jugular Vein and understanding football is a game of emotion, momentum, and testoterone? Once the other team is demoralized, the game is over no matter how much time is left on the clock? Or is it the players? Is there that big of gap in college football players? Or is it simply that speed kills in college football? Or is it that players need four years of playing together in order to play as a team. If that is the case, why were the USC freshman linemen able to push around our senior lineman? Is it that Osborne, and now Carroll are simply legends, men among boys? Geniuses in strategies and motivating players? Or is it that Osborne, and now Carroll care about their players, not just as athletes, but also as persons, as individuals with deep respect? The 1990’s Huskers were men on a mission, did their passion simply die out? Our defense seemed to be pushed around like a high school team playing a college team. Is it superior blocking techniques by USC or is it that the players or couches simply could not read the mis-direction created by USC? Or is it that in the 1980’s and 1990’s the Huskers were a team that represented the entire state. After the third championship, did things go to everyone’s heads, and now Nebraska football is big business, and our egos have become twice as big as our hearts when it comes to playing football? Is Husker football today all about money rather than passion? Did we simply become a second-rate Notre Dame team that we are so full of ourselves that we think we walk on water and assume everyone college football should automatically raise the white flag? Every since Eric Crouch left, it seems like the Huskers are no longer a team that inspires fear in the hearts of friends and foes alike. Rather the nagging question has been, “Yes, but what happens when Nebraska has to play a top 10 team?” Someone please help me out; what is the core problem with the Huskers today or core ingredient that we once had, and no longer possess? I don’t mean to bag on my beloved Huskers, but last night I laid awake in bed, scratching my head trying to figure out what has changed? The very soul of the Husker team is gone. Who or what stole the Soul of our beloved Husker team? (If I offended anyone, forgive me, I don't mean to flame anyone, rather, it is like watching a loved one with anorexia, it was just too painful to watch).
  3. This is the most players Nebraska has ever had in the rivals top 100. Most years we are lucky if we get one or two.
  4. Welcome Aboard!! This recruiting class is shaping up nicely!
  5. Maybe someone has already posted this. But I think it would be interesting, every year, for the Husker starters on offense and defense, to put the number of stars each player had back when they were being recruited. I think this might be a thread worth sticking, or put in the archives, and then updated every year. I think it would be fun to see for every year the number of stars our starters had back in high school, and to see how many of our 4- and 5-star recruits actually develop into starters. It would be interesting to see if any trends develop over time. i.e. the guru's are right on the money, or hey, Cali's is doing a better job than the guru's, or hey whole thing is just one big crap shoot. I do understand that just because a player is good in high school does not mean he will be good in college; but if that premise holds, why get excited about recruiting at all? No the assumption of us or any team getting a 4 or 5 star H.S. recruit is that they are expected to become good college players. I am just interested in seeing how things pan out.
  6. To clarify, I am asking how many scholarships do we have for the 2008 recruiting class. With 10 commitments already, how many more do we have left?
  7. How many Scholarships do we have to give out this fall? Is this Cali's third or fourth recruiting class? The cupboard is filling up nicely
  8. With that combination of size and speed, sign him up, and let him play any position that he wants to play.
  9. Anyone have the Husker camp schedule for this summer? Also anyone have a list of the major recruits that are planning to attend camp this summer?
  10. We get Major and Brown, and we will be set at two of the Linebacker spots for the next four years.
  11. How can a guy have a 4.3 GPA?
  12. Mr. Harper would be a great pickup. Very nice combination of size and speed.
  13. I don't know. I am concerned about his 40 time for an OLB or safety. If he was an inside linebacker or defensive end prospect, I would not be as concerned. As we have seen time and again in blowout Bowl games, Speed kills on defense.
  14. Life is good once again for the Husker nation. Now B.C. don't back on recruiting him until the ink is dry next February.
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