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  1. I doubt we go after him but Mike tressel would be a home run hire. He has experience with both linebackers and special teams. He currently makes $667,385 at Michigan State.
  2. Over the last 2 decades one pet peeve of mine is that whenever the current coach at the time isn't succeeding (to expectations) and some fans start clamoring for changes the rebuttle is always no one would want to coach at nebraska or no one could succeed at nebraska. We need to give frost a chance to get this done, but if in a couple years the results are not there, I hope we stop hearing this. Nebraska out-recruits all of its divisional opponents nearly every year. Nebraska can pay more than most coaching jobs. Nebraska has more history/tradi
  3. The difference is that frost has had a top ranked offense (in his career) whereas chinander has never had a great defense. Also as far as talent and depth, one could argue we had more talent on defense with guys like lamar jackson, daniels, davis twins, etc than on offense. On offense in addition to youth, we had injuries all over the place and had very little depth. I don't think it is fair to give chinander a pass because we slightly improved. If you take a test and get a 50% and then take another test and get 55% you dont congratulate yourself for improving. You fail the course
  4. I would love to see mike tressel from michigan State. Frost could always do a co-defensive coordinator type thing as well.
  5. With Arkansas getting a new staff any chance turner would come back to nebraska for some sort of analyst or assistant coach role?
  6. *We wont lose on black Friday *Iowa won't end our season next year *Wont lose to atleast 2 teams that beat us this year.
  7. What ever happened with this guy? At one point thought he may be a grayshirt.
  8. For those who don't think Chinander is getting it done, who would you take? Muschamp?
  9. All the rage right now seems to be moving to a 8 team playoff. Frost is for it but I am against it. Here's why: I want the season to matter. Yes you have to have a good season to get into playoff position but lose a couple games and as long as you play good at the end of the season, it will not negatively effect you. p5 champions should not automatically get in. All the talk is about 5 p5 champions and 3 at large, but what about when your conference champion has an average/poor record? what about the last team left out: There will always be a last team left out that is arguably
  10. So I am not sure why this is so challenging for Bill Moos and the Big 10 conference but our schedule should be Iowa on veterans day weekend and Wisconsin for black Friday!
  11. Why is Michigan always considered a premier program and Nebraska not? I completely get Nebraska has struggled the last 20 years but truth be told so has Michigan. In fact it may interest you to know that since 1997 when Nebraska and Michigan shared the National Championship game, Nebraska has won 171 games to Michigan's 165. Our win percentage is 66.02% to Michigan's 65.48% and we have beaten them head to head 3 out of the 4 times played (since 1998) including the last two. With this being said why is Michigan continually placed amongst the elite teams and Nebraska not?
  12. Part 2 of the husker QB poll. Who do you take?
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