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  1. Seems pretty emphatic. Wonder if something went sour.
  2. He want an Ohio St offer or what?
  3. I was at the game today and have avoided the board out of frustration. But I saw Rahmir Johnson in for a play when Wandale went out. Was that Johnson’s fourth game appearance? now I have to deal with my neighbors for another year. thanks, I’ll hang up and listen off the air.
  4. Right now I’m nearing the limit of human speed for downing a bag of cheetos.
  5. People scoff at Mcewon for getting only about 55% correct but I don’t think he switches his CBs like the guys that are up in the 70-90s. I respect that.
  6. I agree with you on the recruiting “experts”. But Bookie peer recruited for Nebraska until he didn’t. So it does happen.
  7. Recruiting services will prob bump his rating back down after he flips.
  8. What are you two referring to? How did chances just go up?
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