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  1. This kids twitter is all GBR. From Miami Northwestern.
  2. And now a reading from the Jaiden Francois thread at Caneinsight.com "hope this kid catches the clap from the first cordfed heffer he hooks up with in nebraska" This has been a reading from the Jaiden Francois thread at caneinsight.com
  3. Flowe trolled Miami too with the fake toward the canes hat.
  4. Anyone got a link to their message board? I got an hour to kill and could use a laugh
  5. Go back a page there there is a twitter link
  6. I think the “we don’t have room” was a save face excuse perhaps by the staff. We had room and he was N but changed his mind. That’s how I read it.
  7. When are fleming and Francois deciding?
  8. Were any Purdue defensive players interested in Nebraska?
  9. Seems pretty emphatic. Wonder if something went sour.
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