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  1. Dan_F_31

    Brohm gone?

    Living in West Lafayette and working at Purdue I can tell you the mood has suddenly shifted from "Brohm isn't going anywhere!" to "Oh S*&t!" real quick. Half of Brohm's staff are also Louisville alums. My neighbor is Reggie Johnson, D-line coach for Purdue and played D-tackle at Louisville. He and another coach have daughters enrolled at Louisville right now. Purdue fans can talk about how great of a job Purdue is. My neighbors even said to me a couple weeks ago,"Why would he leave when he has auto-wins in Illinois, Minnesota and Nebraska in the division?" The truth is that while Purdue did upgrade football facilities for the first time in forever (and they do look sharp), finally got lights on their stadium for primetime games, and the academics are top notch but these factors do not overcome the city of West Lafayette and Lafayette. WL is very much a college town bubble but Lafayette is as rust-belt as it gets with smoke stacks spewing into the sky. There is very little to do here, Indy is an hour away. The mentality that the Big 10 West is easier to win that having Clemson in your division at Louisville is also a fallacy. Coaches like Brohm don’t get where they are by shying away from challenges and taking the easy way out. Also, they can't sell out games. Purdue athletic department was advertising tickets still available for the Ohio St game 3 days prior for $45. A commercial yesterday went across the screen for this weekends Wisconsin game, $15 tickets. The stadium isn't that big. Purdue fans don't quite understand that their cute little football upstarts hold nothing to the big dogs. Louisville may be a mess but they have better everything but academics IMO. And Brohm has already pulled in the top WR in Kentucky from Louisville. He also another top WR from Indy that is undecided. Wandale may be back in play for him at L-ville as well. I think he would get a quick infusion of talent at WR where he needs it to be successful.
  2. Dan_F_31

    What did we learn: Illinois

    Any word on Spielman?
  3. Dan_F_31

    That Talent Question Again

    I think none (edit: very few) of us REALLY know how to evaluate talent level. At least I can't say that I can definitively tell if our guys are much less talented or not. And bad play (mental mistakes, poor positioning and technique) makes a talented player look very average. So when they are playing badly it is easy to say we have no talent, as was the chorus for the first half of the season. But really it just has taken a little more time in the system for that talent to begin to show up (see Lamar Jackson for example). What I do know is that they may have the same speed and athleticism as Ohio St or Michigan at spots but not across the board. What I do know is that I can spot superior talent like JK Dobbins. That guy just had a whole other level of athleticism and vision on his runs. I'm also not a huge recruiting nut, I follow it but don't know how the ratings work, etc. But going on class ratings Nebraska being 4th in the Big Ten and separating from the mid-tier teams but still not quite to the Ohio St/Mich/Penn St. level is a good sign.
  4. Dan_F_31

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    I can hear Vince Marrow saying, “ They have Spielman at the R. You won’t see the field for 2 years! You better get confirmation that there will be an opportunity for playing time because Spielman is their best WR. I doubt they move him off of the R position.”
  5. Dan_F_31

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    Just told my tOSU buddy this story and he is now calling him “Whinedale” guys looking for guaranteed starting spots are lazy.
  6. Dan_F_31

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    If Robinson is afraid to come in and compete for a position then good riddance. Probably why we didn’t look anymore at Purdue or Ohio St. he wants a spot guaranteed on the field as a freshman.
  7. Dan_F_31

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    The one in the American flag shorts.
  8. Dan_F_31

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    I think crystal balls should not be able to be changed. You make a pick you stick with it. I commend those who have not flipped for the sake of having a higher accuracy. Would make the writers make sure they are absolutely sure of the pick. Not that it really matters though. Just a rant. I suppose it drives up clicks and that is what really matters to these guys...
  9. Dan_F_31

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    Not as embarrassing as twitter will be after he picks Kentucky...
  10. Dan_F_31

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    Well good thing I didn’t start talking $*it to my Purdue buddies. That would have backfired dramatically. Almost gave into the urge last night during trick or treating...
  11. Dan_F_31

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    What time is he announcing?
  12. Dan_F_31

    OT Bryce Benhart [Nebraska Commit]

    Wow. That came out of nowhere didn’t it. I mean the thought was he’d come to Nebraska but the timeline for a decision was pretty fuzzy.
  13. Dan_F_31

    What Did We Learn? - Bethune-Cookman

    I learned that Nebraska is trending up and the rest of the Big Ten West is trending down
  14. Dan_F_31

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    I get the same feeling too. Off shore books have already put up odds of who the OSU coach will be to start spring practice and Urban and Matt Campbell are essentially tied. and I think it will go down similar to his Florida situation. A lot of experts have commented on how Urban just looks not well on the sideline. This is all my opinion of course.
  15. Dan_F_31

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    I agree. And I think that we would be bridging the gap to the top 15. As it stands now the top 15-ish have separated themselves pretty well from the rest of the pack.