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  1. The guy is throwing a total hissy fit. It’s embarrassing
  2. When a legacy athlete like Caleb Benning says this in his rivals interview you know you have an extremely tough job. Already lost the top 4 recruits in Nebraska for this cycle. https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/husker-legacy-caleb-benning-picks-up-an-offer-from-nebraska?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  3. I don’t see how it gets better. With the amount of impact experience they are losing and having to fill 4 coaching positions. What quality assistant coach or OC would want to step into the situation that is going at Nebraska with the high likelihood of next year being a prove it or your gone year? It would have to be a step down or recently fired coach from another program. And does Neb want to get more mid-major up and comers? That was the major critique when Frost was first hired is that he brought his whole staff of mid-major up and comers with him and had no major conference experience. Not to mention the dismal recruiting right now. Last in the Big Ten. I know this was going to be a small class but that doesn’t change the relative mediocre quality of recruits currently committed. We’ll see if they stay committed. Frankly, if they do stay committed they may not have any other options which doesn’t bode well either. They have also lost the top 4 recruits in the state of Nebraska to other schools. Now bring in a lame-duck staff to try to convince impact athletes to come play here. Hell, even Caleb Benning said in his interview after his offer than it wasn’t his dream school. That says a lot. Ouch. https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/husker-legacy-caleb-benning-picks-up-an-offer-from-nebraska?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  4. I, for one, am incredibly optimistic regarding Frost. All it will take is he finally ditch all those hangers on like Stille and Domann and finally move on from AM, half the secondary, their top 2 recieving targets and 2/3 of their D-line. Then find 4 serviceable OL, a QB from the lottery/transfer portal and 4 offensive coaches that want to jump into an incredibly uncertain situation. I mean, look at the recruiting rankings! RELOAD BABY!
  5. If that OWH article is accurate, and I tend to believe it is, and he was hardly even in the building then he needed to go.
  6. Makes me think there is more to the story than meets the eye.
  7. This kids twitter is all GBR. From Miami Northwestern.
  8. And now a reading from the Jaiden Francois thread at Caneinsight.com "hope this kid catches the clap from the first cordfed heffer he hooks up with in nebraska" This has been a reading from the Jaiden Francois thread at caneinsight.com
  9. Flowe trolled Miami too with the fake toward the canes hat.
  10. Anyone got a link to their message board? I got an hour to kill and could use a laugh
  11. Go back a page there there is a twitter link
  12. I think the “we don’t have room” was a save face excuse perhaps by the staff. We had room and he was N but changed his mind. That’s how I read it.
  13. When are fleming and Francois deciding?
  14. Were any Purdue defensive players interested in Nebraska?
  15. Seems pretty emphatic. Wonder if something went sour.
  16. I was at the game today and have avoided the board out of frustration. But I saw Rahmir Johnson in for a play when Wandale went out. Was that Johnson’s fourth game appearance? now I have to deal with my neighbors for another year. thanks, I’ll hang up and listen off the air.
  17. Right now I’m nearing the limit of human speed for downing a bag of cheetos.
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