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  1. Will Nebraska EVER recruit a QB that can actually pass? No wonder so few Big Red QB's in NFL in past 75 years . . . . either go back to option (run+) or get QB's that can pass (and think quick too). Illinois QB makes all we got look like amateurs.
  2. From many top coaches - - comes the truism you need both speed, finesse (plays) and strength. Coach Frost has said that many times, and he felt NU needed to size and bulk up. If we only rely on the power game in todays football, the opponent will adjust accordingly. Ditto the above for TO . . . and he started to recruit to get those attributes.
  3. Yes . . . but look at the quality of their QB play . . . that's the "main" reason for the difference. Success breeds success . . .
  4. Yes, a good/tough conference is something that reflects well on all teams in that sphere. Even more tangible than above is that great QB play matters. The game was still competitive when Slovis was in (man, what a talent!). But the whole team lost their competitive spirit when he was out. Further, . . . . Stanley had one of, if not the best game of his entire career.
  5. There really is no good scenario for the excuses for the AM performance issues posted by some here. None what so ever including injuries. Why? Because Frost has a perfectly capable back-up in Noah, and an acceptable back-up in Bunch (if not willing to burn LM redshirt). Just because Frost could effectively play through a couple minor injuries in a totally different scheme - - well, that doesn't always translate to other QB's & different schemes. Urban Meyer also put the spotlight on changing the status quo (saying N needs to "look under the hood" . . . . meani
  6. I've seen a lot of great QB's since 58 - - too many to list. The really great ones had quick minds that matched or even exceeded their physical skills. IMHO, BigPete & AO are spot-on in their assessments. Martinez has a low ceiling (at QB) because he makes too many mental errors, doesn't see things. He is a skilled athlete and could be very good at several positions of need (Safety, Outside Linebacker, Flanker, etc.). Think about all the low passes that normally will go uncaught (today was an exception). Think about all the passes that were dropped bec
  7. Does Frost really think AM is sharp enough to run this offense? . . . . get Vedral in. And offer AM a chance to compete as a wideout.
  8. We may see something similar to the Tristan situation playing out again.
  9. At this point in the season, the coaches need to find out if there is an alternative to the mediocre QB performance we've seen so far. Since we're hearing the top 3 QB's are all capable - - isn't it worth the long term benefit to try both Vedral and McCaffrey over the next couple of games (and let Martinez fully recover). Frost needs the "quick blinker" to be the starter - - the one that can actually execute the game plan.
  10. Please expound . . . . Anyone . . . Anyone???
  11. Just curious . . . if someone is assigned 1 to 2 years probation . . . how likely is a future scholarship or contract offer? Outside of NFL, has this happened?
  12. Good point . . right on target regarding the real issue. Just as a side note . . . these cases are a PITA for the local PD's & district courts. So, as interstate transmission of child porn is a Federal crime & can be transferred to that system, it's way better to treat the Locals nice. The Feds don't mess around . . . the average sentence is 5 years, and the Fed system doesn't do probation or early outs (parole). So, keep it local and basically, beg for the courts leniency . . . conviction rates are near 100% because of multiple device forensics (like a fingerprint level of pr
  13. If the California authorities get tired of spinning their wheels regarding interview/questioning MoWash . . . and feel they're getting stonewalled by UNL then, the problem could morph into obstruction etc. We want to avoid that scenario and provide what the local Bay area authorities are requesting (nicely so far). Let's all just cooperate to get this over with.
  14. I see a bad-moon arising . . . . because of months & months long delaying tactics & disinformation (incompetence OR . . . . coverup)??? If UNL doesn't handle right, this may exceed the nature of the original allegations. Hope UNL & football ops gets their act together . . . . quickly. Before the Big 10 Office or NCAA get curious.
  15. If formally charged - - yes - - the accused is not guilty pending the results of a trial or plea. However, until resolved, the image (of MW being on the active roster) is a total dumpster fire. I suspect UNL will have no other alternative but put him on a type of suspension from the program pending the courts findings or an acceptable plea that "may" keep a window open in the future.
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