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  1. Yeah but all of that is publicly available on social media anyways. The Twitter mob will bring up things that you did 10 years ago and use it against you, just the world we live in today. The worst I remember is the brother of a left fielder had gotten a DUI a few weeks before Arkansas played them and the Hog Pen was giving the LF hell about it all game, asking him if he needed a DD, etc. The student section in particular does their homework. Most of it is innocent stuff though like making fun of a haircut they had or weird prom photos.
  2. Some of them probably went over the line but honestly, any athlete playing D1 college sports should be able to handle the opposing fan base trashing him. That's the point, to get under their skin. It happens to every left fielder that comes to Baum and they usually don't get butthurt about it. Neither side of players or fans is blameless in taunting, throwing out insults or going overboard and it sucks that it escalated the way it did but I suppose when you get two passionate fanbases together it's bound to happen. It just doesn't make sense to get mad at one team's player for stomping on the plate when the other did the same thing.
  3. Yeah Wiggins can get it up to 99 but as you mentioned, location is sometimes a concern. Plus the harder it goes in, the faster it goes out if you’re not missing bats.
  4. This isn't uncommon around outfields in the SEC really, it can get pretty brutal. Left fielders who go along with it and laugh usually get through it fine but flipping off the fans and the parents making a big deal out of it probably made it worse unfortunately.
  5. Just found the wal-mart reference in this ironic when talking about Arkansas lol I can see why WPS would be annoying to other fans. It's better at football games, pretty cringe in a group of only like 10 people. The Mississippi State cowbells get under my skin and I've always found the Kansas Rock Chalk Jayhawk chant to be creepy as well. Younger fans today keep adding a wolf howl to the beginning of the Hog Call which pisses off the traditionalists. First-world problems!
  6. Slavens is a pretty big loss. We had to rearrange our lineup and put our DH in LF as a result and he’s...not the most natural fielder to put it nicely.
  7. Haha I've always viewed Arkansas and Nebraska as similar situations - no pro sports teams and no other P5 college teams (although Creighton basketball is very good) so the state revolves around the flagship university 24/7. We even share a minor league baseball affiliate. We can appreciate your passion. It's always frustrating seeing teams like Florida win basketball or baseball titles when fans barely show up to games.
  8. There are some all-session chairback passes on there now for cheaper ($143) than some single-game ones which doesn't make sense to me lol. Seems like they've gone down since yesterday though. There were people lined up with chairs and tents starting yesterday morning.
  9. Yeah it’s first come, first served so people usually start lining up early that morning. It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to show up early and tailgate just to keep an eye on it. There is bullpen seating right beside it which guarantees you a chairback and it might be a bit cheaper than the reserved bowl seating. You can bring a lawn chair in though so that helps a little with the view. Normally you can bring a cooler of food/beer into the outfield seating too but with it being an NCAA sanctioned event I’m not sure if they’ll allow alcohol or not for the regional. Prices may also go down closer to the game times, scalpers have been insane this year.
  10. Yeah first NU game is only $6 but going to probably pay $20-$50 per ticket each game after that if Nebraska and Arkansas are both in the winner's bracket. $285 on Stubhub is pretty steep for the whole regional but could probably make some of that back by selling the Arkansas games.
  11. Unless you want to pay well over face value on Stubhub then there is a good chance there won’t be many available for the public through the UA. First dibs go to season ticket holders and Razorback Foundation members. I wish they sold them on a per-game basis instead of having to buy the whole regional, it would probably be easier for visiting teams to get tickets to their games that way.
  12. Just an FYI Husker fans....you tried to take Houston Nutt from Arkansas in the early 2000's and didn't get him...now you want to take a coach who just left the Big 10 for two reasons, the school he was successful with wouldn't put out the money to keep assistants and 2) Bielema said the best way to the NC game is to play and be successful in the SEC....why would he want to move back to the Big 10 ? He wouldn't....and if it became a contest of pocketbooks, well, you guys cannot compete as we have 7 billionaires who are officially boosters of the Razorback program. We have just finished this past season opening a 50 million dollar new football operations facility unrivaled in the SEC....so if you do get him, its because the money in Arkansas allowed it, if not good luck at outbidding Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys Owner), 3 Wal Mart heirs who live in Bentonville, AR, Jack Stephens, (mogul and orignal owner of 25% of Wal Mart stock), James Reynolds (Reynolds Aluminum, worth double digit billions and finally chicken mogul John W. Tyson, Jr obviously of Tyson Chicken, the largest marketer of chicken in the world. Better have a bladder full of urine if you are going to get into a pissing contest with the Super 7 listed above. Good for you and what you think, we don't want BB, just look around the board and you'll see a majority of us want nothing to do with him. So keep pounding your chest all you want, we really don't care. You can keep BB. He's done nothing for you. We just fired a coach who had as many wins this year as BB has had for you in two. Nebraska is looking to move forward not backward. Please make sure he stays with you. T_O_B Nick saban wouldn't have done much better so far with the situation he inherited. Still it was a good coaching job just getting to a bowl this year with the toughest schedule in the country. We currently have our best recruiting class since the rankings started coming in for '15 so we should only get better
  13. I couldn't see him leaving in just year 2 of the rebuild. Our players love him and he has our academics and off field character the best they have been in decades. Our fans are excited to see what he can build here after coming really close to 9 wins this year. Now in 3 or 4 years? I could see him taking a job like this. Or his alma mater Iowa.
  14. We're actually 4-5 in the SEC, not 7-5 but 6 of our 10 losses have been by one run lol
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