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  1. I think you guys are a bit too late to the party with Newby as well. Literally the only factor with him not committing to NU as it stands is distance from home. His parents feel very comfortable with Coach Pelini and that factor has subsided. UCLA is one of the only challengers for him. Don't believe he will go anywhere but NU or UCLA. I read that Collins has a really good relationship with Bielema and that he is scheduled to visit Arky on 1/25. This could help us with Newby if Bielema can get Collins. We just hired randy shannon as LB coach too so 3 coaches from that area probably helps. I'd be happy with just one.
  2. Since we let 4* Kaleb Blanchard go we don't have any RBs committed. We seem to be going after these guys the hardest 1. 4* Alex Collins http://rivals.yahoo....-Collins-130370 2. 5* Alabama commit Altee Tenpenny 3. Newby 4. 4* Auburn commit Jordan Wilkins http://rivals.yahoo....-Wilkins-130432 Im kinda worried what we'll do if we strike out on all 4...we are thin at RB right now with 2 of them graduating and one transferring, with knile davis going pro. Jonathan Williams is the only proven one we have coming back. Not sure if that will be a factor in these guys' recruitment or not. We won't be looking like what wisconsin did on offense so that pitch might not matter. But then theres also a rumor michael dyer wants to walk on here so who knows
  3. Looks like the new staff has told him they'll be looking elsewhere. Hate it for him but we do need help in other areas before QB...he seems really disappointed but im not sure if he'd still be in Nebraska's plans or not. Hope so.
  4. Im thinking he goes to Missouri. He really likes our LB coach Taver Johnson (new coach we got from ohio state) but who knows if he will still be there this time next year...Beisel visits mizzou two days before he decides
  5. I know we were in the running early since his dad is from arkansas but i havent heard much about him since petrino was fired...kinda sucks having to battle both the MLB draft and other teams for him. I know Van Horn would love to have him free up a baseball scholly. No idea where he's going to end up
  6. Ours are pretty nice too...our weight room is one of the biggest in the country as well...around 19,000 square feet. all that walton money helps lol. We are doing a 300 million dollar upgrade to our big 3 facilities. I do remember reading that Suh gave all the lockers ipads...that was pretty cool. I wish our former players did something like that. I think we're the only school that has dryers in our lockers in case stuff gets wet. He said he was choosing between red hats but that picture has him wearing a white hog hat we need him BAD! and we usually let all of our recruits try on a jersey...its not a violation if it doesnt have their name on it, just like the kind you buy at stores.
  7. You guys are really, really good at track n field.... one top 10 season doesnt put you on par with Nebraska.... It puts on par with Mich St., or Texas Tech.. We dont have the track record like the 90's huskers did, but we arent those two teams either. We have a better history than either. He'd have a chance to start right away in the best conference in college football with the whole state supporting him and with great facilities. You do have a point that a CB will be more pro ready if he went to nebraska though, just like we cant imagine how a WR wouldnt want to go here...but we'll see how our new DC does
  8. Per our recruiting guy... "CB Mo Seisay, 6-2, 205, 4.36 of Eastern Arizona College said the fans and facilities at Arkansas blew him away. He can’t believe the Hogs are adding and improving the facilities. He couldn’t say enough good things about his lead recruiter, OL coach Chris Klenakis. Was able to meet and talk with DC Paul Haynes, and was impressed. Will announce his decision on Tuesday" Hes obviously biased though but i hope we get him
  9. I'd say we have a good shot at either. The reason we could go to the cap one is because they get first pick and could pick us depending on how UGA looks in the SECCG...and the fact that we've already played in cowboys stadium this year. But the cap one does usually take an east team so they probably will pick georgia
  10. Yeah a lot of our fans want our DC fired...our defense was better last year with less experience. Doesnt make sense really. But LSU and Alabama just blew us off the line...their OLs were both very good. We have been a little better against the run since getting our two starting DEs back though Good info man. Here is my best reasoning to why NU would run on Arky. The MIchigan State game. They had an SEC quality DT(Worthy) and End(Gohlston) and the other two guys(Rush and White) weren't slouches. And they had an SEC type run filling safety in Trent Robinson. NU pounded on them the whole game, even witnessing some "questionable" injuries to slow up the offense. MSU's defense was very close to an SEC team in terms of speed and physicality that NU saw this year. And sorry gohogs, I'd take that group of 11 over Arky's. Hell sans a couple of our guys I'd take them. I agree with what you said about the WR vs DB matchup. I like NU's corners, but am scared shitless when looking at who lines up in the slot. That in my opinion would decide the game. In 30 days who would prep better, Bo shoring up the slot schemes or Petrino coming up with new ways to exploit it. If it comes down to a kicking and punting contest, I gotta side with my boy Maher. Again I have slight Homerism as should you so take it for what it's worth. Yeah i like how we've had success against pelini before, but of course mcfadden/jones/hillis will do that to anyone and this would be a different offense We have great special teams too...5 TD returns this year and a solid kicker and punter, but as LSU showed if you kick it out of the enzone and have a great punter that can easily be negated. Our punt coverage is pretty bad. We have some good senior players on defense but they just cant seem to put it together every game
  11. Yeah a lot of our fans want our DC fired...our defense was better last year with less experience. Doesnt make sense really. But LSU and Alabama just blew us off the line...their OLs were both very good. We have been a little better against the run since getting our two starting DEs back though I think the reason they both put a clamp on our offense is having multiple great CBs...LSU had Claibourne, Matheiu, and simon, Alabama had kirkpatrick, menzie, and their two great safties. With teams with one good CB we can usually find ways to get the ball to adams, childs, or hamilton if wright is blanketed I dont think Knile would have had a better season than last year with our OL this year. Dennis Johnson is our best RB (Ran all over Florida in the swamp a few years ago) but has fumbled in almost every game he's started. Wingo is a good receiver but sucks as a RB to be honest...i think he would be better as a WR. Broderick Green also would be better as a FB but petrino is stubborn in running him sometimes. We have put joe adams at RB some but we dont do it enough IMO
  12. Is your opinion shared by other Arkansas fans? What's the general consensus about your bowl with you guys? I'll say this, NU would luck out to draw the Razorbacks in a bowl. They are a FUN team to play. Win or lose you'll enjoy the game. Wisconsin's 2006 matchup with them is still one of my favorite games from the Bielema era and not just because we won. Most Arkansas fans seem to want the cotton bowl more. Just because it's closer and the possibility of playing a border state like Oklahoma. I sometimes hate our fanbase though...several fans were badmouthing the capital one bowl reps on their twitter page. that is unnecessary and might cause them to not pick us...who knows. But I wouldnt mind either as long as we win...plus we havent played Nebraska in a long time. I like playing teams we rarely play. Yeah i remember that game...held PJ Hill to -3 yards rushing and lost lol. That was a heartbreaking game but given our bowl history it didnt suprise me
  13. You guys are too hard on yourselves. It wouldnt be a blowout even if we do win. Our defense sucks against a power running game and burkhead is a tough runner...plus we struggle with mobile QBs and martinez can scramble. We seem to do our best against a spread offense. Our offensive line has been bad (but we are young fwiw) all season so you'd get pressure...its just up to wilson to escape the rush and throw on the run, which he has had success doing this season. I think it would be a great matchup.
  14. Wilson is fairly mobile (much better than Mallett was) but our system makes it to where he never has to run. Our backup Brandon Mitchell is a pure scrambler though. I think it would be a great game of offensive vs. defensive mind. If Suh was still there he'd have 10 sacks on our OL though lol If it does happen i hope Tevin Mitchel has a good game Love that emoticon by the way
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