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  1. Great game Nebraska. Saw a lot of mistakes that killed Nebraska on offense. We got lucky with that hail mary and it was a different game after that. Good luck to you guys next year.
  2. Seriously? 15 minutes back there and you couldn't throw the ball away?
  3. So *that* is your excuse? That it's okay to cheat so long as you are incompetent at it and it doesn't produce any advantage. Translation: Since some other school cheated even worse let's hope the ncaa bureaucrats are so busy they'll just let the Gamecocks slide by. Nice logic. I love how after you say this, you continually defend Nebraska for giving out textbooks for free and blast Gamecock fans because we had worse violations.. Hypocrisy at it's finest.
  4. No way in hell. Maybe we should have a friendly competition on the yardage. I'm gonna go with 35 yards. I'm far more scared of the QB running than your receiver catching it. I'd be willing to make a bet that Alshon gets 100 yards. But I don't post here enough for a bet to be effective. Guess just bragging rights? Lol
  5. The only thing that's missing is some mentally deficient Washington fan babbling about god knows what. Psssscht I'd probably ruffle feathers no matter who the Huskers were playing, don't read too much in to that one...and I'm somehow less of a Gamecock because I also like the Badgers? Interesting...maybe you can tell the Gamecock club that so I don't have to pay as much or call up Pastides and tell him they need to come by and pick up my degree...get out of here with that... Hey man I wasn't insulting you. Fight the good fight! I consider you as much of a Gamecock fan as me, just thought it was funny.
  6. Wow. Lot of range on this board. We've got a Clemson fan (husker fan as well?), a bunch of Gamecocks talking civil, and the only Gamecock fan truly ruffling feathers is a Wisconsin fan. As far as the matchup with AJ, can't wait and see it. Neither fanbase is going to back down. AJ is an absolute freak of talent, and hopefully we will actually be able to utilize him this game. Haven't watched much of Dennard, if any. But the way Nebraska guys are behind him, I won't take him lightly. And neither will Alshon I'm sure. Just hope he goes out with a bang. Since he's destined to be "pumping gas" according to football guru and mastermind Lane Kiffin.
  7. I actually didn't watch the Bowl Selection show. I'm a sucker for the Cleveland Show. Plus I figure they will play it again sometime, as they usually do on ESPNU.
  8. Exactly...high level success = discussion Well, from the other side of the spectrum, they do talk about Baylor a lot. Mostly because of RGIII, but you get the point.
  9. Forgot about the B1G network. Well damn. Let us know what they say?
  10. Any matchup South Carolina is in, they are not talked about. By anyone. I'm pretty sure we could be in the NC and not get talked about. Add all the rematch controversy, and this game may go fairly unnoticed. So if you were looking for ESPN analyst opinions, we're sorry. All jokes aside, I'm very much looking forward to this game. It's a great matchup with two great fanbases.
  11. I usually say USCe or SCe when not on a Gamecock forum. I try to avoid starting the whole USC argument. Gets old after so many years.
  12. Wow. Those are identical! Only differences are logo and shoulder stripes.
  13. I stick to SC when referring to South Carolina anyways. The whole "USC" thing doesn't really bother me unless someone goes to a SC related forum and says that it's fU$C. That's just trolling.
  14. Our university was established AND played football well before Southern Cal. Part of their douchebaggery is stealing the USC from us. We have ALWAYS called South Carolina USC, and here on the east coast when someone says USC, no one thinks of the Lane Kiffin operated remedial football program. Thank you for listening sorry but ask anyone outside the east coast area and nobody thinks of South Carolina as USC. It's a good thing he said on the east coast then, isn't it?
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