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  1. 20 minutes ago, Decked said:

    Picked up two more SC crystal balls from two Texas writers. Must be thinking they made up a lot of ground and that the family connection is too strong. Still waiting for a national guy to say something here. Keep in mind that once a guy like Wiltfong puts his in a lot of these local writers tend to flip which makes their picks look a lot better % wise than they really are. 

    He already signed, this is all just part of the smokescreen

  2. 6 hours ago, gobiggergoredder said:

    Unless you have Chris Angel mindfreak in the backfield, what do you want the guy to do?  Who's going to make a play when they are getting hit in the backfield?  It's been the classic counter argument for Ozigbo's strong games....   Yeah, he did good today, but what about ____________________________________?  How many times can you possibly do that?


    I've been torched for 3 years every time I say he's the most complete back on the roster. 


    He's too slow, he's out there because this guy is hurt, he can't cut, he gets caught from behind, he'll be buried on roster when we have depth, he fumbles, he can't block.  I will still stand behind my statement from years ago that he hits the LOS as hard and as fast as any back the last 3 years.  His legs don't stop and he has a great forward lean.  It appears as though the conditioning has helped him break away, but to be fair the entire team has benefited from improved conditioning.  Riley absolutely wasted 2 years (sophomore & jr seasons) of this kids career and I'm glad his ability is finally being realized.


    Frost has hitched his wagon to this kid and people still act like it's some kind of fluke.  It'll be good when he graduates so I won't get pissed about Ozigbo threads anymore.


    Why isn't Chris Angel on any NFL rosters?

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