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    I am a boy preacher from Gatlin. I was twelve years old when I led the children of the town in a massacre of all the adults and then resumed a place as leader of the remaining orphans. Eventually, the children completely converted to my way of thinking and murdered their own parents at his will. It was around this time that I made the prophecy that He Who Walks Behind the Rows will awaken when the daughter of the original chosen and the son of the original chosen provide a new generation of the chosen children. I ordered that any child over the age of nineteen be killed and forbids leisure or playing games. However, in the end, I became too powerful and I was struck down by my own god.

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  1. How can McCaffrey be so inaccurate? I mean he is REALLY inaccurate.
  2. SMH.....Well this has been a swell start. Even my 10yo daughter asked "Why would he call that play?"
  3. Why is every NU game like I am watching a DVR'ed game from the previous week? Same crap different week.
  4. This team is so innovative in their ways of f'n things up.
  5. Why am constantly thinking that Nebraska will find a way to make this a close game?
  6. No excuses for Frosty. The team is being out-played and out-coached. NU is now getting swamped by friggen Illinois in year 3 of his time at Nebraska. Hopefully he is embarrassed by this, because he surely should be,
  7. Our pass defense sucks sooooo bad. Can't put pressure on a QB. Receivers wide open. Just down-right awful.
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