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  1. The levels of dumb$h;tery of this team and staff is outstanding. I am still in utter amazement.
  2. Is the oline depth so shallow or crappy that Benhart still plays? The guy is terrible and a penalty machine. How is he still playing?
  3. AM and his turnovers.... Game on the line and this is his, per usual, go to play.
  4. Did NU opponents win some sort of Holding immunity prize?
  5. OMG here comes the "special" teams....
  6. F--- our special teams. The worst I have ever seen.
  7. This team never really ceases to disappoint.
  8. Because stupidity is the prime directive of this team.
  9. How can McCaffrey be so inaccurate? I mean he is REALLY inaccurate.
  10. SMH.....Well this has been a swell start. Even my 10yo daughter asked "Why would he call that play?"
  11. Why is every NU game like I am watching a DVR'ed game from the previous week? Same crap different week.
  12. This team is so innovative in their ways of f'n things up.
  13. Why am constantly thinking that Nebraska will find a way to make this a close game?
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