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  1. suigeneris

    I think we're f*cked...

    Belief in Bo's Huskers has been fading since 2011. Thinking of Bo's eighth year just makes me tired. You gotta ask yourself: Am I a fearful, crouching masturbator? Or can I take a risk and live with the consequences?
  2. suigeneris

    Players boycotting the bowl game?

    The players say that Pelini doesn't just coach, he develops men. I'll take them at their word and expect them to play hard in the bowl game.
  3. suigeneris

    Moss and Afalava status

    I thought there were reports that he let the snake peek through the grass a second time. Just plain bizarre behavior on his part. Too bad, because he was a great find by the staff. Edit: This is in response to Dagerow. The quote function isn't working for me.
  4. suigeneris

    Terry Joseph

    What type of booster wouldn't recognize the secondary coach? That type of interaction would be just as likely to occur at nearly any college in the country. I don't want to stereotype here, but my assumption is that boosters (i.e., people who can afford to give a lot of money to a football program) probably aren't the most the most diverse group of people. Between Nebraska and TAMU, if you picked the school that has historically had diversity issues, it wouldn't be Nebraska.
  5. suigeneris

    New DB Coach Search

    Probably has a little to do with the scheme he runs. There are some trade-offs.
  6. suigeneris

    Non Contributors

    Ha! I was just going to post something like this. I'm not with you on the oversigning part. I think that perceiving the football program as a white knight is too important to the fan base. But I don't know why everyone isn't upset about the same issue with academic scholarships. Lots of kids come to school, work hard, and just can't make the grades. It seems just as unfair to pull their scholarships. I had an academic scholarship that would have been pulled if I wasn't in the top 1/3 of my class. I worried about it a lot, almost to the point of sickness, but it also made me work a lot harder.
  7. suigeneris

    Huskers Voted in All B1G Teams

    Ciante got a well deserved pick for first team all conference by the coaches and second team by the media.
  8. Stranger things have happened. Like getting an extension in the afterglow of a 70-31 loss to Wisconsin.
  9. suigeneris

    Update for our non-conference foes

    Holy hell Southern Miss won.
  10. suigeneris

    Bo's record speaks for itself!

    So have we reached a moot point now? Until next year. Fair or unfair, Bo isn't going to shake off this stink unless he has a break through season. It's going to be the same song and dance next year. This whole thing really is toxic for everyone involved.
  11. suigeneris

    Bo's record speaks for itself!

    Huh? Some of you doom-and-gloomers need to take a step back from the ledge.
  12. suigeneris

    Prediction Bowl

    If he does worse next year, we fire him. If he finally breaks through, he'll leave at the first decent offer he gets. The only way Bo stays is if continues to do what he's done the past six years. And that's probably what is going to happen.
  13. Six years is long enough to know, as well as you can, who someone is and what they're capable of. Hell, I married my wife after I only knew her for 4 years. We've seen what Bo can do and I guess that's good enough for us.