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  1. I think it was from last night against Bellevue West.
  2. Been wanting this implemented in NCAAF and NFL, so I’m happy to see XFL broadcast conversation between replay officials and on-field officials during a review. 

  3. Yeah true. Just disgruntled they are never held accountable, especially when it matters. Ask Dame
  4. Imagine if players and coaches could be this candid about officiating, but yet they get fined.
  5. Inspiring football being played. 

  6. Dude looks like he is on his way to become the next DK Metcalf. Holy smokes he is yuge
  7. Prolly ironing out contract and having lawyers review.
  8. Ah ok, I didn’t know he also played safety. I knew he was coming in to play DB, but thought he was more QB and then Safety was his secondary position when they needed him out there in a big game. Good points about the coaching. That secondary position had been abused especially during the Pelini and I think even the Riley years. So much turnover.
  9. He did call a timeout and immediately stopped Zach Zenner from Melvin Gordon‘ing the defense before Melvin Gordon did. With that said, I do agree that his defenses were gashed by the ground game too often. There’s also a thread dedicated entirely to burying QBs - which was nearly each one he game-planned against.
  10. In my opinion, you downplay his success. A coach doesn’t walk into a program and fix it over night like a flip of a switch. I don’t know how else I can say I agree that he isn’t a head coach material. I disagree with your view about a DCs recruiting responsibilities, look at what Fisher just did for Chinander and the entire defense...and offense. I agree with @hskrfan4life but his track record of success in the b12 and SEC, then taking YSU to a title game, I’d give him benefit of the doubt for a shot as a DC in the B1G. I think he’s a broke mans Harbaugh. I don’t quite get the “posts like these” comment, but that’s like, your opinion, man.
  11. I agree, he’s not head coach material and he won’t be a DC here - which would be an upgrade and even Frost expressed displeasure in how he got hosed. Hypothetically, as a DC, he wouldn’t be in charge of half the aspects you’re referencing, thus the cronies and their behaviors you’re alluding to would be moot and the DC role is where he excels - micromanaging his philosophies through the assistants to the players.
  12. There are valid reasons to dislike Bo and I’m glad he isn’t a HC at Nebraska anymore, but he has been right about everything in regard to Nebraska program since he left. I’d love for him to return as a DC. If it weren’t for his temperament that rubbed people wrong (must not like Saban either) and leaked audios (those individuals did more damage to the university than Bo ever caused), the people jumping to trash him wouldn’t hold their opinions. My issue with him is lack of recruiting and hiring buddies. Right now, SF does one those things better and is on par with the latter. It wasn’t a good look and there was collateral damage after taking out his emotions on Eichorst and Perlman. You can measure wins/losses, but can’t measure how bad SE and HP dooked all over the football program.
  13. I’m not criticizing anything but only the content of the article, not debating whether they did or did not contact Joseph. With that said, who’s source? Sounds like this article is produced based on information gathered from an LSU writer, gathered from an anonymous source. Peterson has no source, personally. Good game of telephone.
  14. I hope there wasn’t an offer or that it wasn’t Joseph’s agent putting this out there because it could put strain on the relationship between the two coaches. Friends wouldn’t do that to each other, regardless of being opponents.
  15. Was hoping this was the news @PaulCrewe was alluding to last month but all we got was @EZ-E sign me up for Rumorville xSavage Husker
  16. Maybe he likes coaching/watching his son at the youth level?
  17. I had figured if Walters is leaving then Held would assume the OC gig. Or is that a definite no?
  18. Seahawks going to win the super bowl next year. They let good players walk who stopped buying into Pete and Schneider - Bennett, Sherman, ET - and have improved each of the last two seasons. Make some offseason moves, improve OL and secondary, and I like their chances. 

    1. Cdog923


      They're going to have to get through San Fransisco and Green Bay first, let alone Baltimore or Kansas City.

    2. JJ Husker
    3. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      Shoot, I didn’t mean win, I meant “get to.” I wasn’t even drinking last night! They’ve already beaten SF, and half a yard short of taking both, I’m not worried about SF. GB, meh.

  19. We’re still talking about this from 8 years ago? Yeesh
  20. Least we get back at them in hoops

  21. So prolly hear something late this week or early next week. Something about posting job openings has to process, correct?
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