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  1. He’s gonna make his mistakes. The Corn Nation guys have a good assessment on him and a 65min video of every snap of his last year. He is an exceptional passer behind the LOS and gets rid of the ball quick. He’s gonna make mistakes 15+ downfield. He doesn’t have the mobility of AM but he makes quicker decisions - takes what’s there at the moment instead of holding out for more.
  2. Watch how much better, and more frequent, plays behind the LOS and 5-yards down field will be called as compared to previous years. The offense Frost runs is supposed to be quick attacking, but when a QB holds on too long or throws behind the target then the WR/RB has little to no shot. Thompson is money with those touch passes and it will be a huge difference. What’s also interesting is how Thompson had less time in the pocket to pass compared to AM.
  3. Because “Walk it back” Mitch Sherman is a trustworthy source? Pro Football Focus, who has Cam Jurgens graded out as the 26th best Center last year? Who credits a qb hurry/sack-fumble against the OL after the QB hesitates with a clean pocket, when there’s a wide open WR on the slant route?
  4. Really? https://www.google.com/amp/s/hookemheadlines.com/2022/01/06/1-thing-casey-thompson-did-really-well-that-texas-will-miss/amp/ "Thompson led the Big 12 in 2021 in terms of passing touchdowns, quarterback rating, first downs, and was third in passing yards when he had less than 2.5 seconds to throw the ball. He registered 19 passing touchdowns, just two interceptions, more than 1,000 passing yards, and more than two-dozen first downs when he had less than 2.5 seconds to get rid of the football." I’ll buy your tailgate a keg if AM has better numbers.
  5. Maybe whatever comes out of his mouth isn’t worth taking seriously, as mentioned prior - a la coach speak. It’s funny, Frost commented how stupid/dumb his team was (penalties wise) in year 1-2 and people got upset for making those comments. Back then it wasn’t all his recruits, but it is now. Seems like this current offseason is the most progress he’s put towards honest competition across the board, I don’t care how much money they spent. The more real competition in the day -to-day, the better it looks on Saturday, easier too.
  6. What’s the prospect of a QB who can’t throw a pass or participate in 7-on-7 drills?
  7. https://www.latimes.com/sports/story/2022-04-26/mark-emmert-ncaa-president-stepping-down-legacy A decent summary and write up to the current back and forth. If only someone like Bo was in charge to point the thumb.
  8. Iowa doesn’t have the $$$ to keep up. Barta’s worried and protecting his own.
  9. lol good. Iron sharpens iron…I hope! It should at least make things a little slower when they face opponents.
  10. I mean, we both understand that Rutgers would be a step up from Nebraska at this point, but this would be a case of shooting the moon unsuccessfully. Add that one to the bingo card for Frost haha
  11. What’s to say he isn’t trying to make more money? Everyone here seems to know NUs depth issues, why wouldn’t he too? And why not profit more off of that factor by floating the transfer portal.
  12. Not many would say this and others scoff at this notion but when officials were promoted/hired last season based on gender and minority factors, it lends credence to other areas of manipulation in an arena where success is based on merit. Like me, I imagine you don’t believes the refs are the reason why Nebraska sucks and loses, but there are many ostriches with their head in the sand choosing not to believe the funny business that does occur with officials…as if Donaghy was a lone wolf.
  13. Was Greg Bell a whiff because he left the team over personal issues or because of talent?
  14. People have built and torn down monuments, there are satellite campuses, and other regulation changes to accommodate demand (serving alcohol), all of which are just semantics. Retrofitting the stadium in chunks like we’ll end doing is going to be an expensive upgrade with less amenities simply out of convenience.
  15. A subpar result because the pull of nostalgia is far greater than building something modern and accommodating to the times?
  16. Doesn’t speak well over the last 25 years
  17. I agree that Michigan is overrated, when I saw OSU at a 6, I figured NU would be no higher than 7, didn’t think they’d get stuck with a 8 though. Gonna say that our non-con schedule hurt our seeding. Oh well, get knock off a giant and the path gets easier.
  18. Verge got fouled by the primary defender first before the secondary defender slid in and was set. Walker took an elbow to the head on block And-1 call that was a charge and should have been reviewed for flagrant 1.
  19. Heard an Ireland representative was in Lincoln last week to reassure or continue the planning of this game - or was that true?
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