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  1. Move to appropriate thread if necessary… Aside from bringing in top football recruits for weekends like this, do universities bring in cream of the crop athletes from ALL sports to woo them collectively…Vball, M/W hoops, football, etc.? Bring in the Raiola, Britt Prince, whatever other hoopers, the factory of vball studs etc. Seems like a good way to show recruits that the athletic department is collectively trying to stand out.
  2. Pick up a book and then you might be able to keep up. Then again, must be difficult while your head is so far up your a$$
  3. Simply stated an opinion contradictory towards yours - I even acknowledged the fact we don’t agree, you doubled down with some subjective opinion what a TE could or could not repeat - a pure logical fallacy. It appears as though, in this case, you don’t acknowledge other people have difference in opinion and take exception when presented with facts that you choose to ignore. For future reference, do I need your permission to provide my own opinion?
  4. I imagine you consider the game ending INT against NW his fault too?
  5. …It’s a dropped pass in the bread basket, on the run. Perfect call, perfect pass for a TD. Since when do YAC not count toward a stat line? Pretty sure a consensus for bringing Thompson in was that not only would he attempt it, but he could hit the deep pass. What a weird hill to die on.
  6. Since we’re both making subjective comments, as to what’s repeatable or not, Rahmir has the jets to outrun Illinois defenders to make his stat line 8/14 for 220 yards, 2 TDs and 1 INT and up 16-3. Maybe only 15-3 since we can’t kick well and the dude misses twice. Instead his day is done with an injury on his 2nd INT, 7/15 for 150 and a single TD I don’t think we’re going to change each others opinion, that’s cool, I just don’t believe he’s has poor of a QB as you believe he is.
  7. Rhamir brings in the pass against Illinois and it’s arguably a TD and 2-score game against one of the top ranked defenses in the nation, instead he gets blown up and injured two plays later, followed by sitting out the next two. He threw for 150yards through 1.5 quarters.
  8. Sounds like a similar experience Bahe talked about often, comes through his broadcasts at times too. Looking at his stat line, it coulda played a factor when forcing up twelve 3s.
  9. Anderson was a grifter who was lucky to be HC during those CWS runs. There’s a reason he’s at UNC.
  10. Gosh that was such an awesome block. He could have made it more vicious if he wanted, but let up. No longer need to coach kids to keep their head on a swivel after that hit. Gives me flashbacks to soph year HS as a 5’4 120lb safety on scout team when our 6’4 275lb OT blindsided me on a reverse. Lifted me off the ground, mouthpiece spit out, and wind knocked out lol. Never anticipated an OL getting to the safety level before the WR/ball carrier turned the corner upfield.
  11. Pretty sure I covered this in my original comment - he’s gonna have coaches recruiting above him every year, that’s their job. You’re probably right and I really don’t care, but there are other aspects you don’t consider, like what NIL can bring to a local 3* kid vs a 3* from take your pick city. Plus, this gives off glory hole vibes…as they say, to each their own.
  12. Kaelin is in the same category of elite as Raiola?
  13. Does Raiola start immediately? Does he stay 4 years? Is Kaelin going to break into a starter role elsewhere before his first 2-3 seasons? Perhaps some angles NU could pitch if Raiola commits to NU and Kaelin is still interested, be a backup and then have 1-2 years to start. Regardless of where Kaelin ends up every schools job is to recruit above current talent on the roster.
  14. It was a pretty poorly officiated game overall. The subjectivity of fouls is one thing, but add in the backcourt violation against Maryland which was clear from the naked eye, they probably want that game back.
  15. Was that before or after they didn’t call the goaltending? Sometimes they let things go a little longer when they too want a call back.
  16. That’s fair. I haven’t watched enough to have a firm opinion, just a little bit from what I’ve seen.
  17. Haven’t watched a ton, but Tominaga has shown some versatility that he’s not just a 3-point shooter. He has found many ways to get to the rim and finish. He’s niftier than I imagined. The back stretch of this season, mixed with the previous seasons of Hoiberg teams has me wondering if he knows how to evaluate his players to put them in position to win consistently. There was a game back in December where a player - perhaps Tominaga - went off for multiple buckets in a short stretch, then a TO on the floor and that player then went to the bench. Is it uncommon to not ride the hot hand? Hopefully Hoiberg can figure it out and not require another coaching change.
  18. He was in a similar situation coming out of high school and was able to get cleared, no reason he cannot do it again, but I think @BigRedBuster has a good point about proving it first academically before rejoining the team. Take care of yourself academically for longterm personal success and then show you can be a teammate again. edit to add: I do find it intriguing how Rhule is giving a number of guys second chances. Especially the two WRs who left the team under Mickey’s watch. I don’t have a formed opinion, but I just find it interesting and curious how it all plays out in the end.
  19. Rumor? Didn’t his dad express a few choice words about Mickey on Twitter?
  20. I agree, only thing stopping Cooper Kupp has been himself. Incredibly exciting watching him set records in college ranks and then carry that over to the NFL.
  21. The pac 12 doesn’t even have a schedule published beyond week 3, it’s all TBD and could be worked out yet. The bye week explanation is an easy out for good ol boys to gaslight and slap the wrist and put someone back in their place. Is what Colorado allowing now a negative thing?
  22. Sounds like the control freaks got their panties in a wad.
  23. Allowing Craig James a platform to lie and then run for Congress was an early turning point for that network.
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