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  1. To the bolded: I wrongly assumed he could walk in, get this turned around and guarantee bowl games every year, but winning division titles out the gate was never a standard I assumed. I believe his ego got in his own way, on top of taking over a program that was abused by administrators who stroked their own egos and a coach who’s team ate more ice cream than spent time at the squat rack. I think TO is correct when he believes in firing slowly and hiring quickly. If who they target is not who they get and end up with 2nd or 3rd choice, then I believe it’s another 3-4 years of the same crap product we’ve witnessed since Riley. If Alberts dismisses Frost, then I’ll trust he has someone lined up to turn the key and go because I do believe this program is 2-3 years away from just that. I understand what you’re saying about this basically being a lame duck because I have my doubts too, but I do see progress - despite the losses. The lack of urgency is mind numbingly painful, the lack of competition at QB is glaring, and while bringing in transfer or JUCO OL is diamond in the rough - their lack of upperclassman depth is holding this unit back and it’s baptism by fire. Ultimately, lack of OL success is the #1 factor holding the offense back - and that’s coming from someone who agonizes over AM a great deal.
  2. First paragraph: Completely off topic comments but here we go…you are forgetting how SE was hired behind TOs back to do the bidding of HP. Bo was caught on a hot mic saying what Rex Burkhead echoed - the fans deserted the team before one of the greatest comebacks in school history. Should Rex be condemned too? We are so soft to think that what someone says behind closed doors would be a fireable offense, to where we are today how fans are hoping the sellout streak ends. Fans are so fickle in what they want. For those who personally took offense to Bo’s comments, then maybe they were the ones who walked out or turned the tv off? I honestly can’t believe people defend SE over Bo in this position. Bo’s an a$$ but they had an agenda out for him, SE never attempted a relationship with him and always had a buffer to handle Bo, or was Bo lying about that on Bussin with Boys? What type of s#!t a$$ organization does that to an employee without having an agenda? This program is in a better place now than what Frost took over - zero doubt. He has screwed up, he’ll continue to screw up, and I didn’t expect him to burn the program down to rebuild, but that’s what occurred and now this program is a few tweaks away from turning the corner. It’s a few upgrades at key positions - Qb and a sack artist. It’s 1-2 years away from a developed OL - it would be disingenuous to suggest that the Big Ten is big boy football, but expect underclassman to play like seniors. Riley didn’t believe in working out and lifting, do you not see how much they can actually match up with an elite opponent or do we need to lose to OSU 63-3 again to remember how this team gives up in the 1st quarter? I say that rhetorically, not to be a jerk at your expense. I simply don’t see a fledgling P5 coach or another DC/OC to be the solution, nor understand why people would have the patience for a different coach, but not for Frost. It’s the same story for Husker fans since TO took over at the helm, it wasn’t the fans who kept him in Lincoln over moving on to Boulder. It’s a damn good thing a football guy first stuck with his guy.
  3. Maybe I miscommunicated my initial comment because you are arguing points that I’m not even making. There are people opining for coaches who are exactly what we have now, had in Bo, and will happen again with another coordinator - Inexperience and inexperienced staff. There are people suggesting coaches who have had the benefit of longevity to turn their career trajectory around. The two things we haven’t done are; stick by a coach and support him while he develops, or find a proven winner. Why not afford Frost the same chance at NU - if we are throwing out names like Herman, Kiffin, Chadwell, or some hot coordinator? I never stated, nor implied, that there is some recipe to finding a successful coach.
  4. Those you listed either took over dominating programs with keys to the Ferrari, are top10 historical programs, or a G5 school. We’ve tried many avenues, except for a proven P5 coach. If we’re going to cut loose from Frost, it wouldn’t make sense to repeat the same hiring practices. Go swing a huge c*** and bring in a legit coach. It makes no sense to give another coach a shot to learn on the fly or hire someone like Kiffin, without giving the same grace to allow Frost to develop as a coach. We know what we got when we hired him.
  5. I’d have a hard time replacing Frost for another with zero HC’ing experience or for someone who failed at a previous P5 gig.
  6. I dunno but y’all. But this made me think of the girl at the bar who laughs awkwardly at a guys jokes or comments because she is uncomfortable.
  7. Good point. No excuse to lose, but I did find it interesting how Nebraska had played 2 more games than Minny. Pros and cons of the reschedule.
  8. Yeah, I thought he took one earlier in the game too. I guess I am trying to understand why we don’t try to get those calls for our advantage since it’s part of the game now.
  9. Did anyone else think AM took 2 helmet to helmet shots? I dont think they were egregious…or the type that I would say were malicious intent, but I swear he took 2 shots high that should have been looked at. Not a complaint about why we lost, but we’ve seen reviews against us for less.
  10. The 3 and out followed by a TD drive to start the game was the tell tale sign. They looked hungover from last week, as you noted. I’m disappointed that they don’t have the urgency, nor have they fine tuned the details that win games. IMO, it’s a team loss where the plays were there, but the coaches need to find a way to get the players to dig deep and live up to their potential.
  11. Haha, not at you, but timing of this comment. This may be one of the first games I’ve sat through sober - just told the wife I should do this more often as it has been easier to swallow this consistent result.
  12. I thought they all had to Google him first?
  13. They play to their opponent. They are not clutch on offense. Martinez is the definition of enigma. Defense needs to button it up, they have slipped a little. They looked hungover from last week and came out expecting to win, no urgency and lacking details. It’s on the staff to get these W’s and put players in position to win, but when the play calling *is* there and the players don’t make plays, it’s a damned if you do damned if you don’t as coach. At minimum 13 points. 11 left on the field and a 2 spot to Minny.
  14. Yessir, I’m just as frustrated as the rest! GBR!
  15. And that deep pass to Falck was a semi rollout to get AM out of the pocket, he’s just not making the throw.
  16. Manning ran the route underneath Falck, no?
  17. Those plays were there and wide open. Make the plays.
  18. I can see a lot of truth to this. I also believe that when Trev Alberts spoke at his introductory press conference that he touched on this, in a passive way.
  19. I like how he went with a pic of Lamar. I really admire his determination and character, plus that’s just a great smile right there.
  20. Butterfly effect is one thing (see OU threads on kicking), but Frost definitely is coaching around known inefficiencies. I guarantee lack of confidence in Culp played a role in his decision to not kick a FG. If he actually believed FGs wouldn’t win the game, then he wasn’t prepared for all factors to win the game - hence the ST isn’t fixed. It leads me to believe he made that comment to protect from throwing Culp under the bus knowing he has no faith in him. In addition to that 4th down play, don’t know why AM tried to beat them to the outside after getting strung out the play before. Be a tough runner and cut up. Also, don’t get why Yant didn’t come in for a carry but then immediately see him get the next handoff on the following drive.
  21. ST being “fixed,” to me, would mean we actually have a PR strategy, right now we are just content with fielding a punt cleanly - which is an improvement. Also, I wouldn’t count it as being fixed when the HC doesn’t believe winning the game would come down to kicking a fg. That comment in itself sounded odd, but nonetheless, details matter and the fine details are what’s missing from this team being 6-1, instead of 3-4. We’re getting there, this train is pulling out of the station and ready to roll.
  22. Jurgens cut the LB, it wasn’t exactly successful but he attempted to.
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