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  1. I’m not expressing this to be an a$$, but I disagree with this Net revenue commentary. It’s a catch-22 because this isn’t a “business,” but it really is a business. Look at the list of athletic departments spending across the nation and then who the top teams year in year out are. I’ll eat crow on this one, but how does our volleyball program rank (in spending) across the nation against other programs? Honest question. edit: in parentheses
  2. I see now. Kinda funny to compare analytics expectations vs recent history and fan expectations are
  3. Seemed more of a previous head coach issue more than anything. IIRC, Kurt took a passive parting a shot at Frost
  4. Wisconsin could potentially face two B1G with wins against them. Would make sense to move one SEC into the Wisconsin regional and one to Stanford, and B1G to another Pittsburgh. Also, Pitt and Louisville in the same regional is tough draw for ACC. Inexact science and not going to please anyone, but just win baby
  5. Considering the history of Rhule and the program, on a weighted curve I give it a B but would be closer B- to C+, if I could. MSU was a bull s#!te TD and only game the defense was a let down in a game they could/should have won. The two games I blame coaches are Maryland and Wisconsin for being too aggressive and then not aggressive enough. Situational awareness was lacking offensively. Another fault of Satt or Rhule was not finding a better QB than Sims and/or not retaining CT. I don’t know why we didn’t take more shots downfield. If Rhule wants to run the ball or run more option, then Satterfield definitely has to go - there is just something missing. The coaches didn’t fumble and throw interceptions against Minnesota. They didn’t drop INTs either. That TD by Minny WR was OMG unreal. Losing Marcus Washington was huge. The OL truly wasn’t the liability many moan about (it’s not good either). It’s actually a young team and if all we lose are either players out of eligibility or those not cracking 2-deep, then I gotta buy into the culture being created. GBR edit: for disclosure - meh, I no longer live or die off a weekend of Husker football B overall A for Defense C for Offense and ST
  6. That’s true and love to hear that outta Rhule, it’s also true they need to retain said players before they jump ship and develop elsewhere. It’s also true they need to upgrade talent too, you avoid slipping into mediocrity by recruiting better players. I won’t forget the former OSU baseball player, who coached my rival school, tell us how at the end of the season Pat Casey told the returners how it’s their job to bust their a$$ in the offseason and improve because it’s his job to find someone to replace them. Different school, but I recommend reading up on Pat Murphy with Ian Kinsler and Dustin Pedroia - at the very least, it’s an interesting story.
  7. https://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-athletics/2023/06/139191/ohio-state-athletics-ranks-no-1-in-athletics-revenue-and-expenses-for-2022-fiscal-year I’m not going to pretend I know how to go about fixing this program, but it takes money to make money, and currently Nebraska is sustaining annual profits by operating like the Seattle Mariners or Oakland Athletics.
  8. Right. I don’t know whether they do or not either, but I hope they do at least once a week for a bit. Need to stay sharp
  9. We have more wins vs winning teams than Colorado. Except we still suck
  10. Good thought, do we know whether the 1s scrimmaged much after fall camp?
  11. I have a feeling Tony White either zipped his mouth or had an “I told you so” moment with Rhule and Satt.
  12. Yeah, that’s a good point. I think Rhule is the right guy for the job, but it’s not on the head coach to be that guy (that’s why people didn’t like Bo). That should be the role of a position coach.
  13. Ending Oh for November is painful. Seems they don’t hate losing enough because losing close is the identity of this program as it stands. 3-4 players on each side of the ball need to become junkyard dogs and chew some a$$, rip each other up, and hold each other accountable.
  14. Defense is gonna be gassed, but they gotta lock it up and quit allowing big gainers. They need a big takeaway for a score. Fortunate for the 2 blocked FGs to bailout the offense and defense. Offense needs to create 2-3 big plays, I don’t see a >10-play drive getting them into scoring territory.
  15. How is this not lack of institutional control?
  16. Langsdorf did similar with Tommy and that did him in too.
  17. Rhule either chose to let Satterfield hang himself to leave no doubt or Pete Carroll’d it and swallowed a meaningless timeout.
  18. Wow. The app/stream connection dropped during the TO before the 4th down play by Maryland and didn’t realize until after Huskers ran first play. The connection has been quite poor. great stop, I guess
  19. Honest question, Would he have clout to recruit or would this be just as much of a head scratch as Raiola is? If he’s that good then it would be a win-win for both the programs we root for because he’s not hacking it in Cheney while the Montana schools right themselves at Ewoo‘s expense
  20. Challenge Coins are great drinking games.
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