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  1. Is that a pun about how many surgical repairs he’s had completed?
  2. Someone should tell Mickey that felons belong on the team, just not on the staff
  3. Whoa. Just looked over the drive chart, I’m firmly believing that their punter was the game MVP. Three punts >60, another he kicked 59 yards. Two punts were pinned to the 3, one punt to the 2, one was fc at the 10, another at the 7 after a penalty. 3 of those led to 3-and-outs and drives <50 yards. Good call.
  4. I don’t really have an opinion either way, just hope he works out at NU. Heck, maybe Rhule gave him some ideas
  5. Be funny if Satterfield knew he had two weeks to show something and told Rattler he’d bring him with, hence the boost in offensive production from USC the last two weeks.
  6. The players are making more money than most kids coming out of college with a degree.
  7. My favorite “shhhhh” was after the Kenny Bell one-handed grab and score. Shushed his OWN student section and drew a taunting penalty.
  8. A lot of former players should stfu. Not saying that he would have *liked* him at LSU but Scott Shanle tweeted out Doug Pederson and Matt Rhule as potential future coaches of LSU during their latest coaching search. If he’s so against the hire what changed in the last year, and taking a second hand account “eye roll” is just a flimsy argument. Give some substance. I wouldn’t want PJ Fleck’s personality but I’d like their record. I’m also content with Rhule only being around for 7-10 years and moving on. Build the program for the next person to elevate it. Not ideal, but the past decade has gotten me to that point.
  9. I think basically we have adults in the room again. Riley was one but he was soft and led by incompetent administration. I fully agree with Compton, from the top down (Carter, Trev, Mickey, Rhule) there are adults in the room and continuity for the first time in how long? edit: added Mickey
  10. Let’s see how Trev and Mickey finish out this transition to Rhule, but this should be a smooth change. So much dysfunction going from Bo to Riley and Riley to Frost. All three personalities were drastically opposite of each other, but I’m optimistic that what we’ve seen from Mickey will propel the program in a positive direction for whoever the successor is. I don’t believe they have a “culture” issue or personality flaw to deal with from the head coach, instead learning how to be a football team and win together.
  11. Palmer is a baller and is going to be a loss, but I believe they’ll be able to replace him - like the last two years (Toure), especially if they retain Mickey.
  12. Lol I loved how pissed off he was over his gunner blowing that punt coverage last night. Let that energy spill over to the team!
  13. What’s funny is how I’ve heard a couple Iowa fans rather not play in the CCG knowing um/osu will destroy them - they don’t want to witness a pointless blowout lol.
  14. And Wayne Brady makes Bryant gumbel look like Malcolm x?
  15. He’s basically describing himself as a cherry picker of low hanging fruit where talent outweighs development.
  16. You don’t want to Rhule against it now
  17. Look on the bright side, we can always find a new actor to continue your role?
  18. Yeah I agree. Transfers are OK when your team is legit and you’re reloading or it’s a turd in the punch bowl. Starters transferring when you’re sub .500 might be a cause for concern
  19. Yeah I agree with your points here. I said similar about transfers over the last several seasons. Not saying this to put words in your mouth, but since it’s been brought up, the part I’m focusing on here is finding a coaching staff that isn’t revolving talent like Palmer, JD, Wandale. I’m a believer in letting kids transfer out to bring someone in who wants to be here, but the culture established by the coach needs to limit these instances from reoccurring. I have Frost the benefit of the doubt thinking that guys needed to go, but maybe it was his style that alienated and ushered kids out who really needed a different message to stick around. The Farnioks, Gates, and even some of the guys who decided to leave early last year like Jurgens, Rogers, Daniels and Thomas. Again, not putting these words in your mouth, but that’s what I’m now sitting back wondering what coulda been if we hadn’t experienced all of those kids transferring out…or leaving early.
  20. I’m there with you to a degree, but gotta build depth though, part of why this team sucks.
  21. Frost did this to himself. GSU would’ve been a win if Chin’s defense wasn’t a mess.
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