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  1. Really looking forward to this game. A win against Nebraska always look good on the resume, even in the 21st century.
  2. Staggering is a good word. Astonishing is another. This is incredible money.
  3. I would probably lash out too, if I were you. Don't feel bad. On the other hand, go ahead and feel bad.
  4. You will never see so many Husker fans in Minnesota as there are today. Just wanted you all to know that we're pulling for you.
  5. Ouch! but I can't argue. I still believe in Scott Frost. We might have reached the point where only non-Husker fans still believe he can win there.
  6. I am really looking forward to watching your 20-17 loss to the Ioways next weekend.
  7. This Minnesota Gopher fan wasn't happy when NU hired Scott Frost. I still think if you give him enough time, Frost will eventually turn the corner like Frank Beamer did at Virginia Tech. I think you guys could be happy with Beamer's post-1993 results. But it isn't easy to patient, is it?
  8. Glenn Caruso Craig Bohl Mark Mangino Lou Holtz You did say serious, right?
  9. On a personal level I don't like Fleck. If he was my neighbor I think I would egg his car. People who want to demonstrate their emotions and be validated all the time drive me up a wall. But it's hard to argue with on-the-field results. With the Gophers' soft remaining schedule, Minnesota should expect to finish 4-2 the rest of the way, making an 8-4 season. I'm chalking up Iowa and Wisconsin as losses, since Fleck never beats genuine rivals. But if the team performs against either of its two most bitter rivals, Minnesota could finish 5-1. Maryland at home WIN at Northwestern WIN Illinois at home WIN At Iowa LOSE at Indiana WIN Wisconsin at home LOSE
  10. Gophers fan here. I'll tell you right now, this was never the case. This is revisionist history. Jerry Kill was a heck of a coach, and the school (and fans) wanted him to stay in the job for the next 20+ years. Unfortunately, the fans didn't know about his epilepsy and the school didn't know how badly his epilepsy was going to be aggravated by the stress of major college job. But if Kill had been able to stay in the job, it probably goes without saying that we would have enjoyed more success from 2016 to now than we have. Fleck might have a higher ceiling than Kill, but we'll never know for sure. Kill will always be a 'what might have been.'
  11. Trey Potts ran for 34 yards on 10 carries against OSU after Ibrahim's injury, then 178 on 34 carries against Miami-Ohio and 121 on 26 carries against Colorado. He's been good in emergency service, though we'd all rather see Ibrahim starting. As good as Potts has been, Ibrahim had already gone for 163 yards and 2 TDs on 30 carries before getting hurt against the Bugeyes. He's still contributing, though - acting as a coach in practice and at games. Fleck is only half-joking when he says that he's already offered Ibrahim a spot on the staff when he graduates.
  12. The Gophers under Fleck seem to start the season weak and get stronger. They have improved during the season each year that the Fleckster has been in charge.
  13. No further test, you mean? Because they have played a conference team and a ranked opponent already.
  14. According to PJ Fleck, the Big Ten has acknowledged that targeting should have been called. ""The fumble with Michael Brown-Stephens, whether I agree or disagree, it does not matter now," Fleck said. "We did turn that in to the Big Ten, and they give you an explanation, and typically, 'Here's the explanation. I'm sorry.' That's it. That's basically what it is." https://www.startribune.com/gophers-hear-back-from-big-ten-on-targeting/600094817/
  15. Yeah, you aren't wrong, but then Maryland whipped PSU, so maybe they were better than we all thought. The Gophers can't play defense, but at least we can count on the running game.
  16. I think most of us in Minnesota are still looking at Nebraska as as much of a guaranteed win as Illinois.
  17. It might surprise you to learn that Minnesota has a beautiful campus, great facilities, a vibrant business environment, a young coach who kids love, and a football program on the rise. It might surprise you even more to learn that high school kids are capable of understanding all this.
  18. Eh, whatever. It's part of being a Gophers fan.
  19. Ciarocca has been a good coach, but the system is installed, the playbook is in hand, and we have a good staff. I expect they'll promote Matt Simon to OC, and we won't really miss coach Ciarocca. Good luck to him, except for you-know-when.
  20. Oh, I get it now. Your whole post makes more sense in that context.
  21. Some people think I'm a pollyanna for cheering for our conference mates, but I think it's always good for all the teams in a conference if the conference is able to flex and show its power. Of course it doesn't feel very meaningful if you're still stinging from the regular season and got vaseline running down your inner thigh. If you know what I mean.
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