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    Breon Dixon

    I think you are missing one in between - you keep your scholarship but your work ethic doesn't allow you into the football facilities. It's a bold move but one necessary to get to the top level.

    Who's Next?

    yeah Corcoran was too busy trying to get coaches to oh and ah over him
  3. This offense is going to go much quicker then the 2018 version - hence the need for 6-8 guys that can play. He should fit into that group but time will tell and if he doesn't then in 2021 he can say hi to Oklahoma

    Hoiberg Assistants

    I would love to see more work on the glass and easy baskets - however, don't be surprised if FH doesn't spend much effort on 7-footers guessing he will go for slightly taller guards and a bunch of long 6-7 to 6-9 guys.

    2019 Basketball Recruiting Notes

    I would rather see shooting stats - then 3 point highlights. If a guy shoots 300 3's during his career I would hope he could make 10 or so to put on his tape.

    The Running Back Room

    Let me guess which hotel you stayed at last night.... Holiday Inn Express?

    Spring Practice Notes

    Nothing about Dong Length? Interesting.....

    Hoiberg Introductory Presser

    Wonder how this will play into his recruiting - similar run at the transfer players or will he put a little more effort into the long term guys?

    Spring Practice Notes

    Hear what your saying, however if our O-line and D-line dominate we will be competing in that same big 10 championship game. I feel the biggest benefit of the WR's and RB's is that we will see less wear and tear on the QB
  10. GBRFAN

    2020 PG Zaire Wade

    If he comes here - you should get credit instead of FH or any of his assistants!!!!
  11. GBRFAN

    2020 PG Zaire Wade

    Still feel good about this statement?
  12. GBRFAN

    OT Turner Corcoran [Nebraska Commit]

    Lil Red is like Tiger - everybody has an opinion.... … and Tiger is going to do some winning
  13. GBRFAN

    Fred Hoiberg To Be Named Next Nebraska Coach

    So first we needed NU to lose now we are waiting for MSU to lose....
  14. GBRFAN

    Replacements for Miles

    That's a small group to join. However if you look at the attendance for Football, Women Volleyball and Men's Basketball - there is zero reason for NU to not be at the top of compensation for the group (I guess you could factor in cost of living - but lets don't)
  15. GBRFAN

    Taj Griffin

    ... and Win an NC