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    Springtime in Husker Nation

    I'm with you - I was so eager for NU football that I uploaded "ncaa football" on my PlayStation Vue DVR last night and had the choices of 2003 Missouri or 2009 Big12 championship game at Dallas stadium. After watching 5 minutes of the terrible sound and audio quality of the mizzou game I went back to the tx 2009 game which I have watched 1,000 times as well as seeing the game live at Jerry world. Still can't decide what would have been more enjoyable: Suh makes his rush a 1/2 second later and the clock strikes zero or if the field goal would have stayed wide left and not drifted back inside the uprights. Any how, craving for some 2019-2020 Big Read games!!!!

    Huskers Unveil New Practice Court

    Should make our players seem bigger and faster!!!
  3. This 1,000 times over. if you redshirt most of your freshman you only get an average of 17 recruits and if you don't rely on redshirting you get 21.25. I know there are many cases where the freshman have potential but just aren't ready and I get that. But NU is projecting up and will only recruit better each year.

    One Player from the Riley Disaster

    Wonder what SF thinks about sprinkles and hip hip hooray?

    Early Shark Odds

    If those #'s are right the payoff is - NU wins you get your $100 back as well as an additional $300

    Verduzco on Quarterbacks

    I'm with you and the fact that the culture at NU is good helps- just always worry about young kids that like to live in the "now" not going 100% in the growth because they know that they are one more year away. Again with different staff I would be more concerned - SF and company will make it easier for me to sleep tonight....

    Verduzco on Quarterbacks

    Your right with the QB position the opportunities can be limited - just think if the opportunities occur it is best to go with him and burn the RS if he is truly the #2 guy. 4 game rule really is nice even more so for QB's

    Early Shark Odds

    interesting to see how many dumb A's would take OSU to win the conference when they would get the same payout to just Win the East....

    Verduzco on Quarterbacks

    For a team that is low on depth and is projected to continue to improve over the next half dozen years - Redshirting should be a last resort. If the freshman is good enough to be #2 - YOU DO NOT REDSHIRT HIM. SF and staff have went on record on several occasions stating that the recruiting goal is to out recruit the previous class to promote competition.
  10. GBRFAN

    Roby Goes #45 to the Mavericks

    The FH Effect !!!
  11. GBRFAN

    Rhonda Revelle suspended pending review

    Do you know that this is what is happening? Would you prefer a quick verdict - similar to what the media does?
  12. Because your loss was in the round of 8
  13. GBRFAN

    Huskers Italy Trip 2019

    Time to select one of our followers to take one for the team and travel over to Italy - i'm sure one of these phone apps will be able to get us some good footage.
  14. GBRFAN

    DT Jamar Sekona [USC Commit]

    SF knows the history of NU football and has seen enough talent from the 2 coast play in Lincoln. The majority of the big boys will come from the Midwest, however there is zero chance that SF doesn't continue to attack skill players from California and the likes.
  15. GBRFAN

    2019-20 Pressers

    You could wait till Fred remodels his house and then break in and borrow it - just hope things don't work out like they did at SF house.