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  1. Guessing you didn't take "Designing a Poll 101" - Rule 1 is all Options Need to Equal 100%
  2. Looking only at the surface and not digging deeper is lazy
  3. Lack of talent and depth get built over time. Always hate to loose guys that look good on paper, however if we add 5 or 6 every year then loosing 1 here and there isn't the end of the world.


    no wonder our OL sucks were playing a 4 man front.
  5. Not at all - thats why i'm wondering why the media has blown the whole thing up
  6. According to the logic - i guess this is banable
  7. OR maybe a sign that the media needs to stop badly influencing Americans.
  8. You are correct - forgot the 3 were juco and no longer underclassmen...... as stated above it's a solid look at where they are - hope 1 or 2 can turn the corner and surprise us.
  9. First off - nice summary of the individual players However, a little early to know the true future of Soph's and RS Fresh.... I have a hard time using the word "bust" until mid way thru Jr year.
  10. Looks like the probability of him being GBR have gone up in the last several hours!!!
  11. Interesting if 14 days ago they knew that this may be the play - has this kids shown up as headed anywhere?
  12. NU isn't going to give up home games - so an away game was the only option. Can't see one of the top 4 or 5 schools in the BIG giving up home field advantage against NU. Guessing Illinois will get paid well and NU Athletics will mostly break even - with this working out best for NU traveling fans.
  13. Interesting idea.... I hear our players and recruits always talking about how amazing our fan support is Can't ever remember players and recruits mentioning that that sellout looked like about 90% ...... No Thanks
  14. Wondering how this post will age..... Either way don't really understand the purpose.
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