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  1. This is second hand - so dont know if true But injury is no longer an issue. Problem is that it was BP fault that he got hurt and straff was not happy because he didn't take things seriously and things were down hill after that.
  2. This looks spot on - however don't know that our DL will be downgraded. We have so many options this year and Green could have played more last year if it wasn't for the redshirt / plus davis twins weren't really built for this defense and not sure their heads were 100%. I think only position on d that will be iffy is Lamar Jackson and even that may be a surprise with what was held out last year.
  3. Good chance that when you see 13/14 new players and most envision themselves being in the mix that 2-4 would move on if things don't go as they had hoped.
  4. It's a terrible situation that young kids have to be put in that situation, however Nebraska is a very sports oriented state and sometimes that comes with the territory. The tweet didn't really go into depth and didn't really answer the situation completely which I agree shouldn't have been needed. But there is a chance that the rumor wasn't so rumorish.
  5. I hear you - however it shows how things take time and results show up on the field way after the hard work is done.
  6. Most teams time each kickers hang time and time it takes to get the first two players down to the 25 - if the numbers dont make sense the returner has already been told that it is a no go.
  7. You do know that there is now a rule where you can fair catch the kick and take it at the 25 - don't you?
  8. MSU is in a tough spot right now and they have to overpay to sweeten the negative side of the current opportunity....
  9. I dont know if I see him signing in nov unless he is already in line with NU. The state of nebraska is a big draw here and will keep him interested. We don't have to be equal to ks and others we just need to show relevance. There is a lot of talent on the bench.
  10. FH has the potential to be one of the better coaches in the country and this team will not be a bottom feeder by HS soph year. HS will delay his decision as long as possible to see how NU improves. The three players that are not playing this season could be 3 of our top 5 next year and I'm sure it has been discussed regarding the team's potential.
  11. Pass All assets dont improve an organization
  12. I have not seen this punt but guessing it didnt carry 60/70 yards and then roll out - probably got a big bounce and roll which has nothing to do with athleticism (plus nobody gets a scholarship because of won play)
  13. It is possible to have more talent and lower class rankings. Skilled players are ranked higher than OL / DL / TE / LB . So if one team stock piles skilled players their ranking will be higher then the team that goes for the trenches. Obviously to be the best team you need to cover all gaps with extra attention to the trenches in the BIG.
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