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  1. You forgot to factor in the 10x for unconfirmed cases and also realize that young people think they are bullet proof so that number is probably 13x which lowers those bumbers to 0.2-0.6%
  2. Projecting the future is much more valuable then reciting the past This recruit and our coaching staff were not here 15 years ago
  3. I have - does that count? Now when you say "he" do you mean vokolek or fidone - cause the answer is YES
  4. TF will be used like the TE from SF season in Florida that finished undefeated
  5. If there isnt a football season it will be because of the reaction to this virus and eveything i have stated is related to this But you keep posting and i will move on.
  6. I value your opinion and this country has always thrived on them and always will.
  7. Totally agree with US taking more risk then Austrailia - then again US was born on risk so wouldn't it be assumed. This virus is worse then the flu but 2 years from now i'm confident that the numbers will show that it wasn't 5x the flu. The severe sickness and death rate has declined drastically and will continue - not sure I can say the same about the media.
  8. This is a good point however population density is also a factor - now it would be silly to say that it would cause that number to increase by 70x but then again it would also be silly to say that no other factors play into this. no matter what happens with other sectors of our world - American college football will give it a run ( they may or may not make it) but college football is the real deal in our country.
  9. 3rd string senior that probably values his family more then the bench
  10. This is not aimed towards you TOE but it will be hard to upset Penn State when we don't play them. I more likely see NU upsetting Minny and then either Iowa or Wiscy. If we end up with the home and away big ten west schedule then you can add 2 more upsets in that group of three.
  11. You forgot to mention that the other side also hides and fudges numbers. Also do you really think some of those groups mentioned at the end of paragraph 1 aren't motivated by politics?
  12. Whoever laughed at this post must have had a glitch with the trigger finger. Those two were true freshman and NJ has equal or better talent with age on his side.
  13. Top ranked kids feel entitled and think they are starters and in most cases wont in year 1- they are also talented which makes it a tough thing to juggle.
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