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  1. I'm speculating about JD not playing hard -have no first hand proof (but there is smoke out there that he hasn't been happy in a long while) On the next part - Nice job jumping that creek and then telling everybody it was the grand canyon. I said that players had similar talent. Most records happen when a team lacks depth - As NU has for the past 3 years. There are 5-7 guys that may have JD level talent and non of them may pass his numbers or they may. We will see but depth and takent will play a factor in how many targets each will get going forward. Finding flaws in something is just being real - pretty sure there are flaws in almost everything. And you know what they say about a hot female walking alone.
  2. Why is it a black eye for NU football when a talented kid only wants to give 90% effort at a school where the coach is not someone that recriuted him. The staff has preached they want kids that live nebraska football and kids that fit that culture. NU has kids that fit that bill and have similar talent.
  3. Solid last few post - everybody has a right to their opinion and we all see from different perspectives
  4. This is a 7th grade assumption of a person that flunked biology.
  5. Yeah how dare us to use percentages - let's just lump anything close into one basket and try to make it bigger then it is. Every death is tragic to many individuals - however as we all know every death has its own story.
  6. JD is a loss no matter how you look at it - however we have guys that can be similar to him. It will only be a major factor if we have season long injuries. This will be the first year where we have 5 RB/WR/TE that can do different things. IF AM and the OL show up good things will happen. The D has a lot of questions but that may not be a bad thing - just give the O the ball once or twice a game and make a few stops.
  7. If there are fans at the stadium it seems silly to restrict the #'s if you go with the idea that you need to leave one seat in between each in all directions that would mean in a pocket of 9 seats only one could be used and if you go to the game with someone you would want to sit next to them... It seems like the rules for reduction would be hard to implement
  8. Too bad McCoy didnt have 0.5 seconds more of loft on the ball - but hard to question a guy that was so banged up after the game that he was still injured for his next start
  9. There are a lot of pow income individuals that feel they need to work - they either dont understand that there is $$$ help for them or they are illegal and know that they only have 1 option
  10. I have watched that Texas game 100 times and every time think the same thing - however in the heat of the moment with an aggressive defender the result will always be the same.
  11. What do you think the odds are on a 6 game parlay with NU on the bottom ? It's not even money? Would be at least double digits So actually Vegas agrees
  12. Simple fact that we have beaten them before - not sure if we have played cinc
  13. I agree 100% As stated above AM is my pick over TG - you just dont have to look far for an example of the proper tech for a sideways pass.... I am pro AM and have always been on his side
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