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  1. Have sacks been factored in as runs or passes in this math? Because if one takes the 24 sacks with the -162 yards and count them as pass plays instead of running plays, it looks like 6.22 yards per rushing attempt and 6.77 yards per passing attempt. I See what you did there. That was a nice way to tweak the stats for your point. Now why don't you include the yards gained scrambling out of the pocket on PASS plays that were counted as RUN plays. Don't have any hard facts, however would guess that Tommy has scrambled for about the same amount of yards that he has been sacked for.... Now we are back to 7+ for passing and 5ish for running.
  2. Making the adjustment for NU being 4-6 and Iowa being 9-0 the opponent win / loss looks like this: NU 51-29 Iowa 43-30
  3. Bad decisions / Bad Breaks / Bad Execution got the momentum headed in the wrong direction - It looks to have turned. We will know better in the next 21 days. Why don't we sit back and support the current situation and see if this turns into something special. I have no say in big decisions and I guess you don't either. I do know that being positive is a lot more fun!!! I'm confident that it won't take 7 years to determine that this was not an experiment.
  4. ColoradoHusk - I get the feeling you do NOT like the results of your own poll here. By the way, I have never heard of an overtime game and a 10 point loss - classified as a "blow-out" espescially by a FAN.....Now a FAN should consider a 70-31 loss or a 70-10 loss as a blow-out. Keep preaching thou
  5. Landlord - what is your love of the word "forcing" Rule uses the word contact.....
  6. ColoradoHusk - Thanks a lot coach Cav - is this sarcasm...... Matt was vocal about Bo leaving. Maybe the cancer is starting to be removed!!!!
  7. You guys should go build a camp fire somewhere and can all cry each other to sleep. Riley will be here in 5 years and the program will be solid.
  8. 3-4 Defenses need LB's more than D-Line
  9. Solid Post! From the committed recruits last year to the current players you can only be impressed with how well they and the new staff have stuck together - more to come!!!
  10. Think we have 2 more home games. Hope this is the last post on this thread.....
  11. Those pic's make me wish I didn't live in TX - Can't wait to get back to see the RED GBR!!!
  12. Wondering if we get our LB #'s correct we go 3-4
  13. Get what you are saying Mavric, however give me everybody in post #26 and a W this weekend and we can call it GOOD!
  14. MoneyBall - you seem like a great husker fan !!! I am afraid somebody is going to see your seats and take them. I would like to be a good friend and keep an eye on your seats so that they don't get used. Can you tell me the section/row/seat# so that I can make sure your request to keep them empty is granted. Maybe we can get together for the following home game.
  15. Sorry drawing a blank - who is JT?
  16. Curry is one of our next two DT
  17. Just saw Curray at the N-Bookstore getting gear for his family!!!
  18. it's obvious that it's DF's choice to make. Based on him going N or not, we will here from AC within 1 hour and his choice on N will be the opposite of DF.
  19. The fact that he wants to announce shortly after DF tells me he would love to wear RED!
  20. It looks to me that DF is the factor. We let AC know that if we get DF we are full and if not we would love to have him! There is a max number and that's life.
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