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  1. He didn't have it during the game - probably got some sidde action for his good performance
  2. Anybody have any info on the false start by 85 early in the game. Was that a formation issues - cause i watched that multi times and didn't see movement...think it was 3rd and 1 which lead to 3rd and 6 we gained 1.5 on the next play - leading to a punt.
  3. so true - good thought would be probably going to lose this one anyhow. Need to have those near perfect games now that they are all winnable. Hoping mistakes don't turn into habits.
  4. ok - solid point. Did anybody want or say that our QB would do or should do that? If we score 100 points a game it will be a long season for the other team..... if they score 100 points it will be long for us. I thought typing that might make me fill better - but it didn't. How about you?
  5. Martinez has struggled for 2 years and 1 game with controlling the pace on passes and this is a prime example.
  6. Suprised that this is the first i have heard this take on this board. I just watched the game for the second time (win or lose i always enjoy the second watching cause my i'm more calm and see somethings that were missed in the live version) the announcers said little about the receiver and a lot about the ball thrown.
  7. Call it what you want but quick slants hit you in the numbers not above the head. You are also missing the definition of quick slant it has to do with the depth of the route and the time that the qb releases the ball after the snap. That looked like a catcher expecting a low slider inside and getting the high rising fastball.
  8. It would have been nice to see kade catch that ball - but Martinez has no business throwing it that hard from the 4 yard line.
  9. Very good point - NU dominated the line on that play and tempo would have stayed high. Instead we have to switch qbs and OSU gambles bringing the house followed by a poor snap exchange.
  10. I'm sure Tom looked at the stats back in the 90s and deducted the qb run yards
  11. Klatt made a bold statemnent that is not true - too much has been put into talent as captains - 2020 captains have more to do with culture then talent.
  12. Nobody said they have to be the best blockers - but if they don't own the concept in practice then next man up - culture wins.
  13. I'm hearing the home field advantage has gone from +3 to +0.5 However officiating has gone from 0 to -7
  14. If you like to live in the past with different players or players that needed s&c
  15. Are you suggesting OSU won't be as good the second time we play them
  16. Stretching the field against OSU may not be possible - if we don't see this by week three then there should be concern.
  17. I totally agree and made the comment to friends that 2e were saving blitz for second half to show them something different. Surprised we didn't try to jump some routes. My point us that we were just out talented and it showed. This strategy of 15 off the line will not happen and/or fly the rest of the way.
  18. Speed kills and OSU has it - wisky not so much
  19. Nice that we almost made it to page 2 before somebody went there - in the spirit of this thread it should only be NU related
  20. Glad this is working out for him - win/win for both parties
  21. NU is good enough in the trenches on both sides to go 6-2 or 5-3. Little surprised with our secondary and wide receivers- but hopefully OSU is just that good. Afraid that the big10 will continue to give us the shaft (not talking about opponents players)
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