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  1. true - however kids that are impatient to play will just go down a couple notches so that they can play - similar to the recent departures from NU.
  2. Yes discuss the current staff and the 150+ players that are preparing for OSU
  3. Attitude means something and one of those guys didn't have it 7 days a week - we will see in time if that number goes to 2.
  4. Wow is Omaha now part of Iowa - some of those questions took some real high IQ's
  5. Reimers is going to be a stud here. I think the young guys that left were homesick and Covid didn't help - but seeing a guy like Reimers as a current walk-on probably helped these guys decision to go back to lesser schools in Florida.
  6. Not seeing it - he wasnt even the best rb on the field for ISU. That attempt at leaping the defender in the 3rd quarter looked like a young kid trying something he saw on tv for the first time. No thxs.
  7. If you stated the big ten west you would be accurate. going to be awhile before OSU has to - atleast 25 days or so....
  8. I hope you didn't just say that the pass opens up the run... this is nebraska playing big ten football.
  9. So win total is now a stat that is considered cherry-picking? just wow and as mentioned above head to head is the ONLY thing that matters in this conversation
  10. I don't see either side being bitter - so what's the point
  11. At first glance JD was a top 3 WR talent. However I think Lubbick and company are really wanting 2 big receivers on the field at all times. With that said it would be hard to put JD in front of Wandale.
  12. There is a lot to this. JD was rumored to be so so on being a husker and wandale is over the top excited. It's possible that JD was going to be a OR here and decided to finally jump for what felt like greener grass.
  13. I'll go with ccoach speak over some dumb ranking based on random stats - actually would prefer to go over current results but we are a few weeks away from that.
  14. That is a valid concern with the trend you mentioned - however these are the times where all programs have started to see more transfers and it will continue as long as the system is the way it is. Nu has also benefited nicely from the transfer portal since last season so it is a win win for all. When guys don't see a culture fit or a path to early playing time they will consider that path. MF probably sees that we will use 6-8 receivers often and he will fit into that group.
  15. He probably also learned from a couple mistakes and didn't do those things at his next gig.
  16. a guy that doesn't have money for gas and insurance.
  17. Nice answer - the question was pretty straight forward
  18. How do you think mills looked thru the first 4 games?
  19. It would be nice to have jd's talent on the field - his desire to not be here may make it good that he is gone. MF would be a disappointment if he doesn't make it. However, AB should be a stud from day one and the Michigan transfer could provide nice relief if we have a injury issue.
  20. Sounds like AD has lost the excitement of going to minny. Good chance that staff has picked up on that are moving another direction.
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