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  1. Got some interesting news I was at a bar in Las Vegas and when the usmnt blew the late lead someone yelled out we just pulled a Nebraska. It was just nice to know people are thinking about us and that we have an identity
  2. Be careful Nebraska fans are starting to be in short support the Cornhusker bar in Vegas is no longer supporting the Nebraska watch parties because they don’t want to be associated with them
  3. I’m not even sure we will know this weekend I think part of the reason it is taking so long is they can’t find anyone they want that wants the job
  4. At this point I wouldn’t even care if they brought back Scott Frost cause I don’t care what they do anymore
  5. I am so serious about tearing down the program and putting a soccer field where the football field is. We can make america great again at soccer! Build a powerhouse soccer program like no one has ever seen.
  6. Yeah screw it lets do it. Will be our only chance
  7. This team is an embarrassment to the state of Nebraska and needs to be shutdown ASAP
  8. If I was a high school kid in Nebraska Playing football I go to Kansas over Nebraska
  9. Sit down take a deep breathe and let this sink in Kansas is better than Nebraska
  10. We would go 0-12 losing all of our games on special teams
  11. Scott Frost maybe? Not so much on the field stuff but more off the field and sideline stuff
  12. We are not embarrassing ourselves so far.
  13. Almost 4 mins and we still don’t trail we are playing well
  14. We have gone a full min without allowing them to score improvement is improvement
  15. Hard to disagree I thought Logan looked better last year when he played against Iowa. I sometimes wonder if the people running this football team are the same ones running this board
  16. Agree Although the saying is success is when preparation meets opportunity
  17. What’s your point? Are you now blaming it on luck?
  18. Still mad cause I buried you in several arguments. Sounds like a you problem
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