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  1. Not everything can be as flawless as our oline
  2. Not sure what you guys are talking about this line is awesome! I’m not sure how the big is going to be able to play defense against us
  3. I learned that the big ten refs are top notch! the offensive line is top notch can really build around them we can expect our special teams to our the other team by at least two a game!
  4. What I’ve learned so far 1. special teams much improved especially punt unit and blocking 2. offensive line is something we can build this team around 3. offense is explosive!
  5. These refs are a mess. Defense is running on fumes
  6. Well they over turned the catch didn’t they?
  7. Color commentator is dumb thought that was a catch earlier he that Palmer had an offensive pi
  8. Brainwashed and naive! Want to buy my magic beans?
  9. Pretty bad when you don’t even have a play for 3rd and 1. Smh
  10. Yes that exactly what I said. What I saw was a bad call the announcer sold it and you pulled out your wallet
  11. Oh look a play action! Probably why I have a such high rating on hb
  12. You can offensive or defensive pi on any play.
  13. Refs are pretty bad man. If you lived here in Vegas you’d know
  14. How has Nebraska not ran a play action off of Grant yet it’s mind blowing. Ametuer coaches
  15. It a real luxury knowing anytime we walk onto a football field we are going to have the advantage with special teams!
  16. Our special teams have really improved im really impressed
  17. They have a better an than us wish we could recruit guys like that
  18. We need Meyer! People say he has baggage. That’s exactly why I want him. Do you know why Ohio State hired Meyer cause they knew he’d cheat
  19. Learned this coaching staff can make in game adjustments and can coach during a game something we never saw from Frost Bernhart absolutely can not do the job at tackle. He can’t do it RB and WR are good OLine and QB not so good needs to be better especially the oline. defense has potential we can make plays on special teams with Iowa and Wisconsin down the West is wide open.
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