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  1. If nothing else we saw that Smothers was pretty decent. Had he won against Iowa I guarantee people would be wanting him next year. The play that actually lost us that game was the punt. If we retain Smothers that's not the end of the world. The problem with that senario is that Smothers is more of an option QB. Not sure that fits with what the new OC wants to do. Although the OC may just have to adjust. I like what they were doing offensively against Iowa and I would love to continue doing that. In case of injury we need to at least get someone who can back up Smothers if we can find someone that can beat him out, but can our new OC run that kind of offense?
  2. Yeah of course and right now this is probably the way to go, unfortunately for run the ball guy, but don't worry I believe the running game will be what the offense will revolve around once our line improves and we can find a mobile QB that can not turn the ball over much
  3. Hire them all on the condition they run the option
  4. Im trying as hard as I can but I can't say No enough. Hardest pass on Rattler I have ever given. The guy is horrible. Martinez 2.0
  5. We should hire whoever does ST at Iowa
  6. You wants the guy who said the ST was fixed before the Iowa game running the ST?
  7. Think there is a good chance he gets two years. He completely re did his offense I think even his biggest critics would be pleased.
  8. Yeah I really would have preferred Quinn
  9. This is what it's sounding like with Joseph, Whipple, and either Quinn or Or Donovan which I think it will be Quinn. I love it. Pretty stunned actually Frost brought in some good guys around him, experience, former head coaches a plus, and guys that I think can recruit maybe even brings guys over and the ability to teach. Gotta feel good right now as a husker fan *Correction looking like it will be Donovan
  10. Thought we were getting the Notre Dame guy?
  11. Yeah ranked 3rd in scoring for Pitt this year but #22 yards per play tells me he can maintain a drive. Isn't that what need big team?
  12. He took UMass to a top 16 offense and your not impressed?
  13. You can just give people a stunner you don't have to save face
  14. Yeah I was actually being sarcastic. I agree at this point it's safe to assume they don't have anyone and were caught with their pants down. Speaking of which what's Avery Moss up to now a days?
  15. Duh that wasn't the point he was making.
  16. At this point we should assume they are still coaching probably in the CFB playoffs or Army Navy
  17. I think we need one or two more lineman in the portal
  18. We should know by know, but truth is they probably don't know
  19. Ok so you aren't worrying cause you don't care. Makes sense. Completely contradicts your point about coming to the board though
  20. Not fretting. What has happened anytime in the past 5 years that you gives you confidence.
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