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  1. I see this guy as a possible WR like a Wes welker type
  2. who do you think will b a stronger opponent Iowa or Idaho state?
  3. I agree I think with the personal we have a 3-4 at least part of the time is a good way to go. Problem with the 3-4 is we don't have a true NT outside of true freshman Valentine. Randle and Peat Jr, would have to due for now. Ends being probably Carter, and Steinkuhler with maybe Meredith Cameron and Ankrah in the mix. your smallest DE's Martin and Moss would have to move to Inside linebacker. Martin, and Compton would have to start of course. OLB would be a combination of Fisher, Whaley, Pirman, and Santos. Man this is really a mess right now with Anderson going down.
  4. I am starting to wonder if any of the people that think MSU is tougher than Mich even watch football!!
  5. I don't think we enter into the top 25 this week in the AP since we are not on one of the coast or Notre Dame
  6. I think this guy is RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Yes I am happy today to see some of the younger guys step up a little hopefully the D will continue to improve into next year. I don't care what the coaches say, but yes I had a heart attack when the blackshirts gave up all those yds, not bc I was judgemental, but bc I have so much respect for the blackshirts. This defense needs to go in the direction of speed and athleticism
  8. I just wanted to make this comment to make a short discussion, but I don't think that Ameers foot hit that ball today, and on a further note does anyone else notice that we don't tend to get the calls??
  9. Martin has to start he is one of the top 5 play makers on this defense!!
  10. This guy to start and should be on the field as much as possible. I know you guys like cam, but Martin is a difference maker!!
  11. The Husker 3-4 defense will be a little more different than most of you think. It will not be a complete traditional 3-4. I am basing these on my knowledge of the 3-4 and the knowledge of the Husker defense. To make it more simple to understand thing of it as a 5-2 I actually think Nebraska is best fit for a 3-3 formation but I don't want to cook your noodles yet. a 3-3 is more less you replace one of the LB in a 5-2 with a DB, of course this is for spread offenses like the one we will face against this weekend. I think your only 3 options at NT are Baker, Thad, and Valentine. Valentine would generally be the best fit, but he is a little young yet. Honestly between this two I wold take Thad. My front 5 from left to right would be Ankrah, Baker, Thad, Meredith, and Martin your linebackers are Compton and Wahley. Of course Martin and Ankrah would be listed as LB;s. I am not going to go into 3, 4, and 5 reciever sets with this but they are all based on this front formation. With our defense Bo is making the correct decision to make this into a 3-4 IMO he really doesn't have much of a choice. Soon we can go back to a 4-3, but we might thrive with a 3-4 we could get a lot of recruits no one else could get,
  12. This was the only person that the Huskers didn't get that upset me. He fit in well here, and could have been a star. Instead he choose a place he will not be successful. I feel that Devin Fuller has thrown his football life away by a bad decision, at least as a QB.
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