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  1. MMAHusker

    DE Christian Lacouture [LSU Commit]

    Is that an opinion or for real? I hope it's for real.
  2. Ready for the final round. Lets go Phil!
  3. Bad start for Freddy. 2 over after 2 holes. Phil stuck at -2. Pars on all the holes today.
  4. My darkhorse pick Freddy! Way to go. Lets hope he can hold up. Mickelson had a great round to get back into contention. Watney is playing great so far today too. Fun Masters to watch so far.
  5. Freddy is 1 under though!
  6. Mickelson is 4 over! Driving the ball horrible.
  7. Harrington just eagled the second hole. I spoke too soon!
  8. Course is playing difficult. It is soft from the weather and the pins are in very tough locations today. 1 birdie has been made on the entire course so far and they are 1.5 hours into the tourney!
  9. MMAHusker

    Big name recruits

    Some of the highly rated targets have been leaving our big board recently. I have faith we will get our share of big names still. I mean I hope!
  10. I guess your right about Keegan. He's not the first tier of choices for many people but probably in that second tier.
  11. Nice post. I love golf. So obviously next week is a huge week for me! I like Mickelson to win. Great course for his game and he is putting very well this year. 3rd on tour for strokes gained putting. If he can hit even 60% of the fairways he will win. Tiger is rounding into form so wouldn't be surprised to see him win either. I have 2 darkhorses. Fred Couples. He always plays well here and won on the senior tour last week. He is playing with the big boys this week as a tune up. If his back holds up he could be there with a chance on Sunday afternoon. Keegan Bradley is my other darkhorse. He's long and straight off the tee and putts pretty well with the belly putter. No matter who wins it should be fun to watch. I would love to visit that course before my lifetime. Most beautiful piece of land for golf IMO of course.
  12. MMAHusker

    Ron Brown

    Anyone see the article in the Huffington Post regarding coach Brown? They are calling for him to be fired because of his religious beliefs. The article is written by Cyd Zeigler. I am not a computer guy so I don't know how to post the link. Maybe someone can do it please! Needless to say I do not agree with the article.
  13. MMAHusker

    S Su'a Cravens [USC Commit]

    Agreed. Need to land some these huge recruits this year and I think we will get our fair share. With the legacy kids alone! They may not be as huge of recruits as some of the others we are going after but they are almost as sought after.
  14. MMAHusker

    Offers to Big Names?

    I dont know exactly what it is but it does seem the highly touted prospects seemed to be more interested in us this year. Sounds good to me.
  15. Penn State ran away with their 2nd straight title. The title was locked up before the finals began. They had 5 guys in the finals! 3 won. Cornell also had 3 champions. Like I said before we are young but the bad news is, so is Penn State. 1. Penn State 143.0 2. Minnesota 117.5 3. Iowa 107.5 4. Cornell 102.5 5. Ohio St. 68.5 6. Oklahoma St. 66.0 7. Illinois 62.0 8. Lehigh 61.0 9. Northwestern 42.5 10.Oregon St. 40.5 11. Michigan 39.0 11. Virginia Tech 39.0 13.Oklahoma 38.0 14. Binghamton 36.0 15. Pittsburgh 35.0 16. Stanford 33.0 17. Edinboro 32.5 18.Clarion 32.0 19. American 31.0 19.Wyoming 31.0 21. Appalachian S. 28.0 21.Nebraska 28.0